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Know anyone who dropped/mailed their ballot? Call them NOW! #BREAKING #Arizona Abe's race is down to 19 votes different now. He just called me.
Today Wednesday at 5pm is the deadline to ensure YOUR vote counted. Go to That's Click on your county to see if your vote was counted!
IF NOT, immediately call the number to cure your ballot and resolve the discrepancy. This is VERY IMPORTANT. Some races are only 20 votes apart. Cure you your ballot. Make sure your vote gets counted. Go to

Please repost!

AZ - Did you witness suspicious activity or were you or someone you know denied the right to vote due to tabulator/printer/box 3 shenanigans?

Report what happened at

Hey AZ...

If you were kept from voting, had your ballot not scan, were told to put your ballot in box 3 or were told to go somewhere else to vote please report what happened to you to or call 855.585.2022 and tell your story!

Do you believe that the covid jabs are bio weapons? Are you ready to see those who lied to us about the safety and efficacy of the shots prosecuted?

Here's a potential way to strike back at what I believe are meglomanical murdering psychopaths.

Check out the following web site and contact your governor and attorney general...

Want to know how Maricopa county screwed MAGA over AGAIN? Watch now or the replay.

The crooks are everywhere!

Watch JovanHuttonPulitzer™ #JovanHuttonPulitzer live on GETTR.
Cut The Crap Show - Culture, Race and American Politics w/ JovanHuttonPulitzer™

Just released...

Federal judge lifts gag order on 32 terabites of 2020 election data in Mike Lindell's posession!

Proof of international interference in the 2020 (s)election plus other manipulation that fraudulently put Biden in the Whitehouse!

Tune in to for updates. This news from Mike Lindell on at the Arizona Trump rally!

Brennan and others to be subpoenaed!

Watching RSBN coverage of PA TRUMP RALLY. Trump addresses the attendees at 7:00 pm Eastern time. Tune in now!