I am an old time conservative, today we are known as Ultra conservatives or radical conservatives.

This is to true. FBI and DOJ are to busy raiding Trump and preistes.

Ever wonder why the lame steam democrat propaganda machine has NEVER vetted Bill Clinton, Obama, Hillary Clinton. But has gone all out to vet President Trump? They are not the press they are, like the FBI and DOJ, tools of the democrat party.

And the leader of the pandemic Fauci is making money had over fist.


And the federal FDA hides this type news along with the lame steam democrat propaganda machine.


The state of our educational system self explained in one picture. Here are just some of the teachers.

ever wonder why the lame steam democrat propaganda machine is not talking about Biden family and Harris family children??

Trump Supporters Launching MAGA Inc. Super PAC Amid Mainstream Vilification
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And how about voting rights? All the stuff you need ID for but if you require a voter ID it is suppressing a persons rights?

As the illegals invade us think of this and how much the tax payers are paying the federal government to protect us?

Washington state had a 13 Billion dollar surplus last year and passed raised in taxes and fees all over the place. Hope some Washington state citizens see this. In 10 years governor Inslsleez who said he would not pass new taxes doubled the state income with taxes fees and passed a capital gains tax.

This oh so true, sad is that if bankers did this they would be in jail.

BOOM: Hungarian FM Calls Hungarian-US Relationship “Best Ever” Under Trump in Clear Call for Return of the Donald

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FBI hero paying the price for exposing unjust ‘persecution’ of conservative Americans