I am an old time conservative, today we are known as Ultra conservatives or radical conservatives.

leaving mumblit as there is not very many people and no inter action. Do not see many peoples posts and very little interaction. So thanks for the ride see you some day on another website. GAB is my new one.

If anyone thinks the fight in congress is new, take a look at this fact.

He gets it. Dinesh D'Souza is politically smart. Went to jail for standing up to the government in this commie country.

Think of this as the RINO's want to install a RINO as speaker of the house.

think about this. And most of these are in sanctuary states like California and Washington

Remeber Paul Ryan was the RINO that fought against President Trump for his 1st two years as speaker.

This is what you get for lobbyist as they get into offices of congress and senate. NOT for the people but for big business.

And for those that wonder about what sex you are think about this.

do you still think illegals are not voting? I know Washington state is allowing them to register no questions allowed. And now this.

Remember, Musk is not a citizen but does love this country.

Has any lame steam democrat propaganda machine covered this killing? Nope, But if it was police on black it would be front page.

This is OH so true, they have taxed us so much that now they are going back and adding FEES, same thing but this time they are calling them fees instead of taxes.