I am an old time conservative, today we are known as Ultra conservatives or radical conservatives.

Want a book to read that will stimulate your hart. Try this one, it goes way back with Biden and son.

What does the criminals father say if his son is shot during a home invasion.

And lets compare the lame steam democrat propaganda machine coverage of two young men.

Brain washed children chant about guns, but nothing about birth control.

Washington state passe more stupid gun laws this year, making honest citizens criminals.

And how many times has gun control helped citizens?

The democrats want gun control like the English did in 1774

this is another look at abortions. You can go to jail if you break these eggs.

Abortions for those who do not understand. It is about population growth. Remember the democrat will not kill a killer that has killed other people but think this is ok.

and the democrats say President Trump was inappropriate?

And who is really running our country. Any questions why Biden won?