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Auspicious Ivory Blooming Lotus Antique Brass Floor Lamp

This lotus floor lamp with a sturdy iron frame in antique brass finish and light cotton fabric will give a calm and relaxing ambience to your room. This floor lamp will make your space shine with prosperity.

Price - 13775

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Pegasus Seahorse Lustrous Crinkle Glass 3-Lights Small Chandelier

This beautiful hanging fixture is inspired by the pegasus seahorse. It creates a traditional feel & reminds of a colorful life under the sea. It features three hand-cut lustrous golden crinkle glass shades. The sparkly glass creates an elegant pattern of light. With its traditional look & great design, this light fixture will be the center of attraction. It will bring a delightful feeling to the room it decorates.

Price - 9260

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Contemporary Metal Wire Cage Diamond Pyramid Table Lamp with Golden Fabric Shade

This table light is stylish, durable and generates a great sense of contemporary & modern design. It features a metal wire welded in a diamond shaped frame that gives a look of a pyramid along with the tapered golden fabric shade. It emits a perfect amount of warm & ambient lighting and adds a bit of spark, charm & glamour to your bedroom, living or dining room.

Price - 2128

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Classy Swivel Chrome Bedside Wall Sconce

Class yet functional, this wall light with its single movable arm makes an ideal bedside reading lamp without taking up any table space. The fixture comes with an easy to reach switch.

Price - 2202

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Vintage Antique Golden Outdoor Wall Light

Constructed of durable cast aluminium and finished in antique gold, this classic outdoor design incorporated a beautifully styled arm holding a vintage lantern. Light the pathway to your door or install it on sides of your entrance gate.

Price - 2424

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Pegasus Seahorse Lustrous Crinkle Glass 1-Light Wall Sconce

This beautiful wall light is inspired by a pegasus seahorse. It creates a traditional feel & reminds of a colorful life under the sea. It features a single hand-cut lustrous golden crinkle glass shade. The sparkly glass creates an elegant pattern of light. With its traditional look & great design, this light fixture will be the center of attraction. It will bring a delightful feeling to the room it decorates.

Price -2498

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French Farmhouse-Style Distressed Yellow Wooden Rustic Floor Lamp with 14 Inch Gold leaf pattern Tapered Fabric Shade

This French farmhouse style Floor lamp comes with a hand-carved wooden pole with a distressed yellow finish on a square base and a single off-white tapered fabric shade printed with golden leaves. It is a unique and trendy fixture that will create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. This floor lamp will complement any rustic decor and provide bright lighting to your bedroom, hall, living room, or dining room.

Price - 8714

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Transitional White 21-Lights Triple-Tiered Luxurious Steel Candelabra Chandelier

A luxurious ceiling light that has a stunning design and can be the center of attraction for your place. Constructed of mild steel, this chandelier features some amazing attributes like nicely curved arms, bobeches, 21 candle-like lights, and a white finish. It is a highly decorative fixture that is exclusively handmade by a skilled craftsperson. This chandelier will enhance the beauty of your bedrooms, halls, or drawing rooms.

Price - 72354

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Zenith Crackle Glass 10 Inches Flush Mount Brass Ceiling Lamp

Illuminate your home with this simple hand-finished brass ceiling lamp with frosted crackle glass. The fixture has 2 bulb holders and is lacquered for durability.

Price - 4059

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Cosmic Rays 12 Light Antique Gold Chandelier

This futuristic and gorgeous chandelier resembles an explosion of cosmic rays, provides plenty of light to any space.

Price - 11260

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Classic Rounded Black Outdoor Bulkhead Light

Black water resistant bulkhead light fixture in cast aluminum.

Price - 1339

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Retro Green Spot Light

Featuring retro lines with modern colors. This wall light in green features an adjustable shade to angle the light as required. Add color and life by installing it as a bedside lamp or in a study room. The spotlight can be installed on the wall as well as on the ceiling.

Price - 1118

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English Farmhouse Style Antique Gold Pendant Light

Influenced by old fashioned farmhouse style lanterns, this hanging lamp gives your home a vintage industrial feel. The cage frame will contrasts boldly against any contemporary decor. Flank your balconies or porch with these hanging pendants, or make it a feature lamp of your entrance ceiling.

Price - 1658

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Contemporary Black Textured Steel & Glass Single-Light Square Ceiling Pendant Hanging Light

A modish pendant hanging light suspended from the ceiling that will add a bright illumination to your place. This fixture is constructed from mild steel, finished in coal black, has four black translucent glass panels, and a suspension chain & cable. It will provide a modern edge to any space when used in the dining room, bedroom, or above the kitchen island.

Price - 2699

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French Farmhouse-Style Distressed Red Wooden Rustic Floor Lamp with 14 Inch Off-White Gold Rim Tapered Fabric Shade

This French farmhouse style Floor lamp comes with a hand-carved wooden pole with a distressed red finish on a round base and an elegant off-white tapered fabric shade with gold border rims that will surely add some serenity and peaceful ambience to your decor. It is a unique and trendy fixture that will create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. This floor lamp will provide bright lighting to your bedroom, hall, living room, or dining room.

Price - 11775

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Classic Antique Green Outdoor Wall Light

Recreate 19th century with this rustic green exterior wall sconce. This stunning light is made from cast in aluminum and other body in frosted acrylic, ensuring that the lamp is stylish and sturdy.

Price - 2700

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Modern Antique Gold Loop Wall Hanging Lamp Fixture

Glam up your space with this elegant ball-shaped light perched gracefully in a loop in wall mounted wall sconce. Experience the smooth polished finish of this sleek wall light in antique gold finish with opal glass shade.

Price - 2928

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Contemporary Steel & Gold Luster Glass Single Light Pendant Hanging Light

An antique-gold-finished ceiling hanging that comes with a vertical-patterned translucent gold luster glass shade suspended on a sleek mild steel cylindrical base will complement any contemporary decor. It provides soft bright light & the glass shade creates an exciting pattern of shadows that will stir up a relaxing environment in your room. This stunning fixture will add a touch of elegance and is a must-have for any home decor.

Price - 2975

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Modern Rounded Square Aluminium LED 4-Lights Up Down Left Right Grey Outdoor Bulkhead Wall Light

This decent exterior wall bulkhead light is made of aluminium and features a round & square shape in grey finish with four LED Lights arrangement. It brings a style quotient to your home. The simple yet graceful design is the main highlight of this modern light. This fixture emits a bright beaming light from all four sides to illuminate your space which will provide an awe-inspiring experience for its viewers.

Price - 4575

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Round Antique Brass Finish Diamond-Cut Glass 18 Inch Ceiling Hanging Light

An antique ceiling light that is adorned by a diamond-cut patterned glass would be perfect for the traditional decor. The fixture has 4-lights arrangement in antique brass finish suspended by three brass chains. The handcut glass with diamond patterns produces a prismatic effect that will provide a mesmerizing glow to your interiors. Best suited for halls, bedrooms, living, or dining rooms.

Price - 41679

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14 Inch Handwoven Wicker Cane Dome Single Light Natural Beige Pendant Hanging

A natural beige finished pendant light that serves as an ideal choice for standard home decor. Featuring a 14-inch handmade wicker cane dome shade in beige and a single light, this fixture is enough to illuminate your place with warm and soft lighting. This genuine ceiling fixture can be used for most settings like bedrooms, halls, kitchens, or dining rooms.

Price - 6875

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Small Black Oval Geometric Pendant Light

This oval pendant light is made of many small metal triangles with fine gaps between them through which the light is emitted with a subtle glow. The lamp is open from the bottom with majority of the light focused downward. This is perfectly suited for a cosy ambience.

Price - 3379

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Contemporary 7-Light Multicolor Glass Globes Cluster Hanging Light

With this multi-color lighting, you can easily bring a touch of glamour to your home without having a huge budget. The exotic textures & colors create beautiful light transparency and a warm atmosphere. These multi-color glass marble globes balance on a minimalist steel frame in brass finish. It can also be hung on a sloped ceiling and is best suited for an open space like a stairwell, foyer, living room or drawing-room.

Price - 15104

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Hundi Line Cut Glass Bell Jar Hanging Lantern

Lanterns have been hand-made and mouth blown by skilled artisans practicing crafts dating from centuries. Unique design has been hand-cut with great precision and detail.

Price - 6278

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Contemporary 3 Inch Golden Beaded Glass Bowl Tealight Candle Holder

A decorative candle holder stand that will provide ambient, warm lighting to your space. Featuring an outstanding bowl-shaped glass base in gold finish with embellishing beadwork exclusively made by skilled artisans, it will add a bit of glamour and elegance to your decor for special occasions such as parties, weddings, or get-togethers. This light fixture will work wonders for any dark corner of your place.

Price - 195

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Contemporary Embroidered Flowers Red Fabric Conical Pendant light

The decorative ceiling light uses the best quality material and expert workmanship ensuring a delightful product. It features red colored fabric that will give a regal touch to your home with this patch & embroidery work. It has the fine & intricate embroidery details, that is eyeful for the art lovers. This ceiling hanging has the ability to add spark, charm, & glamour to any corner of the house.

Price - 6184

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Prismatic Dome 12 Inch Industrial Pendant Light

Clean and sleek with an industrial edge, the Prismatic Dome Pendant is a modern update on a classic light. This polycarbonate pendant light will command attention over a kitchen island, dining table, or antique pool table. Designed to maximize illumination, this industrial pendant light features a metal fixture in antique brass finish and a prismatic polycarbonate that diffuses light throughout the pendant to reduce glare and enhance visual comfort. Suitable for any minimalist or industrial interiors

Price - 4824

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12 Inch Tall Golden Steel and Glass Candle Lantern (Without Candle)

This steel lantern in gold finish will add a charming look to any decor, from traditional to contemporary and from indoors to outside! The lantern is perfect to burn your favourite candles. It features sleek lines and clear glass panels that are a great way to add timeless chic to your living space. A smaller 10-inch lantern also available.

Price - 2596

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Aluminium Rectangular Single 3 Watts LED Light Outdoor Wall Light

Constructed from cast aluminium, this bulkhead light features a rectangular base in a grey finish, and a single 3 watts LED light that provides a perfect beaming glow for your exterior walls. It has a fine blend of durability and sophistication. Its cool and sleek appearance is the result of its simple modern design. It has dust and water resistance and can be used in corridors, hallways, patios, stairways, or entryways.

Price - 1375

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Nautical Copper Finished 12-inch Steel Pendant Hanging Light

Crafted from mild steel and glass, this stunning pendant light is finished in shiny copper and suspended using an adjustable chain. Mount this Industrial hanging light above the kitchen island in pairs or a trio, bars, restaurants, or in offices.

Price - 5219

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