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According to economists, the persistent dollar shortage in the economy is having the worst impact on banks and enterprises.

Over trading a sure way to blow your account

We have all been there. Spending too much time on the screen, drawing and putting on too many objects and instruments and it seems like you are getting more confused by the minute.

The Rudland connection: a gold export strategy

There is evidence linking the infamous Rudland family of Zimbabwe, which is attempting to take control of Tongaat Hulett, to Rappa,

Gold 'scam' robs SA of billions, says SARS

A comprehensive secret investigation into the second-hand gold market by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) revealed what seems to be a staggering multibillion-rand tax evasion operation.


The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, or LCCI, issued a warning yesterday, stating that unless immediate action is made to address the economic growth, Nigeria runs the risk of entering an economic stagflation.

From MetaQuotes: "The Issue Against Apple Is Fixable"

According to prominent sources in the Retail FX and CFDs brokerage market, MetaQuotes has quietly let its clients know that the situation with Apple is fixable and that it is working on restoring both MT4 and MT5 on the Apple App Store "as soon as practical."

Wintersnow Ltd: 10% Deposit for Anti-Money Laundering?!

Scam forex brokers are capable of making excuses or justifications for tricking their uninformed trading clients into making payments which are unnecessary in the first place.

Forex Trading in South Africa for the Long Term

These days, forex trading is quite well-liked in South Africa. Social media profiles that include pictures of profitable forex traders truly appeal to many people.

WikiFX Scam Alert: Beware of RVTH (Revolut Trade Hub)!!!

RVTH (Revolut Trade Hub) was officially exposed as a scam by the British regulator FCA, which issued a warning against the brokerage.


The United Bank for Africa (UBA) has showed that 200 exporters accounted for 95% of the $4.2 billion Nigeria generated from non-oil exports in 2021.

Enable the ForexPay Wallet, and get 1 USDT!

A new reward campaign will start from October 1st to November 30th. Every new participant can get 1 USDT as long as you met the requirement. Keep reading for more details.

Brokers from St Vincent & The Grenadines: Should you avoid them?

There have been many brokers registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in recent years.

Top Causes of Forex Trader Failure

With an average daily trading volume of more than $5 trillion, the foreign exchange market is the biggest financial market in the world.

WikiFX Review: Something you need to know about STORM AGE CAPITAL

STORM AGE CAPITAL is an online forex broker offering a series of financial instruments. Is this broker reliable in your country?


Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the Nigeria Export-Import (NEXIM) Bank, the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA), and Heritage Bank PLC, have reaffirmed their commitment to production in order to increase the nation's export revenues.

MT4 and MT5 Alternatives That You Can Use

As both MT4 and MT5 got banned from the Apple App Store, new users have no choice but to seek another alternative to trade forex on the go.

The Story Of MetaTrader And The Developer, "MetaQuotes"

MetaTrader is popular among retail and speculative forex traders. In 2005, MetaQuotes Software released MetaTrader 4. Foreign exchange brokers authorised to use the program.

South African Central Bank hikes its interest rate by 75 basis points

The South African Central Bank has once more increased its interest rate by 75 basis points during its committee meeting last week.

The similarity between Wintersnow Ltd and Bullet Global Investment Ltd (BGI)

Wintersnow Ltd and Bullet Global Investment Ltd(BGI) both are notorious forex brokers, which endanger investors’ assets.

What is Forex Withdrawal Scam? How to Prevent Failed Withdrawal?

Forex trading is not only about making profit, but also about ensuring your capital safe. If you are stuck  a broker that won't withdraw your money, what's the point of making profit?

Could We Be Seeing A One-Currency World Soon?

What would happen if the world imposed a single currency for all financial transactions? With the removal of MT4 and MT5 off Apple’s App Store, many are starting to wonder if this is the sign of a one-currency coming soon.

Is MetaTrader 4 Still The Most Widely Used FX Trading Platform?

There are several trading strategies from which to pick. The sudden surge in popularity increased the number of useful platforms suited and pleasant for all traders, regardless of expertise or trading abilities.

Asia's Currency Falls Due To Recession Fears And Dollar Pressure

On Monday, most Asian currencies sank dramatically against the US dollar as concerns about a worldwide recession and increasing interest rates in the West weighed heavily on risky assets.

Did Retail Brokers Save Football?

The pandemic caused a crisis in football with matches canceled or played in empty stadiums, However, online brokers spent $125 million in the 2020-21 season on football deals.

Highlights of Wiki Finance Expo Dubai 2022

The Wiki Finance Expo Dubai 2022 has taken place as scheduled in Dubai on Sep 25-26. 2022. And we are glad to announce that the Expo has wrapped up successfully.

Is This The End of Forex Trading?!

This weekend, social media was ablaze with reports that Apple removed the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading apps from its App Store sometime late last week.

The MT4 And MT5 Apps Are No Longer Available On The Global App Store

Apple has been removed MT4 and MT5 on their Global App Store. Read the full article below


It is advisable to understand as much as you can about how financial markets operate, gather data on the assets of your choice, and eventually adopt some rules or discipline if you want to become a trader with a detailed strategy.

The top 11 factors that cause forex traders to lose money

A South African study found that the majority of new Forex traders ultimately lose money and give up, with losses ranging from 70% to 80%.