Who wants to bet that US government had something to do with Putin's pipe?

away and then takes to cop to the house of the dispatcher who allegedly had the relationship with the cop. Then the Chief calls the cop's wife and she goes to pick up her husband. No report, no EOD, no designgnated psychiatrist recomandation, no biweekly psychological progress reports. Inspite of the uninformed nature of the cop's absence, 6 weeks and a $6000.00 psychiatrist receipt and letter of fit for duty the cop came back to work arresting people and making sound judgment calls. And now he works as a Deputy for Canadian County Sheriff's office.

So, I know a cop I used to work with who allegedly had a relationship with a dispatcher. The cop's wife allegedly caught her husband with messages on his cell or something like that. what is not alleged is that another dispatcher came to work for the 07:00 hrs shift and saw the co in his blue BMWin the driver seat at the PD. She said she approached the vehicle to speak with him but to her surprise the cop was crying and he had his .40 cal glock service pistol on his lap as if he wanted to commit suicide. The dispatcher said she notified the Chief "who in his wisdom less mind" takes the weapon

in the next few days I am going to download my confessions as a successfully retired police officer well before my time because of a dirty police chief. Believe it or not. Laugh or not. your prerogative.