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Freshman orientations push DEI ‘propaganda’ over free speech, nationwide survey finds
Almost all — 91 percent — of university freshman orientation programs across the country emphasize diversity, equity and inclusion topics, a recently released investigative report found.
By contrast, free speech and viewpoint diversity topics are only mentioned in about 30 percent of orientation programs, and are often “strikingly absent” from the conversation, the Speech First survey found.
Speech First, a 4-year-old nonprofit that advances free speech on college campuses through advocacy and litigation, obtained the results by filing Freedom of Information Act requests to over 50 public universities asking for freshman orientation materials.
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This is why this ideology should never be allowed to be established in America. EVER!
Pakistan: Teen girl forced to lick shoes, her hair is chopped for refusing to marry her friend’s father
There is, of course, domestic violence in all cultures. So to post this is just “Islamophobic,” right? Wrong: there is domestic violence in all cultures, but only in one does it have divine sanction. Islam doesn’t teach that man may kill his wife, but once you’ve allowed him to beat her, accidents will happen.
In a ghastly incident in Pakistan’s Faisalabad, a teenager was tortured, humiliated and sexually harassed for refusing to marry an older man, who is the father of her friend, media reports said.
A video of the abuse that took place on August 9 surfaced on Wednesday morning and went viral on social media. In the video, the girl could be seen being tortured while a woman’s voice can be heard in the background.
The culprits made the victim lick shoes, her hair was chopped and eyebrows shaved

Private Girls School Is Open To Boys Who Identify As Girls
An elite, prestigious Nashville area all-girls private school will be an all-girls school no more after announcing last week that it will be accepting boys who “identify” as girls.
Harpeth Hall, located in the wealthy Belle Meade suburb outside of Nashville, released a statement on “Gender Diversity Philosophy at Harpeth Hall,” describing its decision to admit biological boys.
In the statement, the school claims to “uplift the female voice,” but explains that it must evolve “as the world evolves,” adding that “gender has expanded and deepened over time.” Therefore, the school’s faculty, administration, and its committee on “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” have decided to allow anyone who “identifies as a girl” to apply to the school.
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9,000+ Left Behind: America’s Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal Last Year Was Entirely Biden’s Fault
Joe Biden abandoned as many as 9,000 American citizens in Afghanistan following the administration’s botched withdrawal in August last year, a new report recently released by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee revealed.
“Even taking the most conservative estimates from the F-77 report, this meant the United States left at least a few thousand people behind,” the report concluded.
“The Afghanistan disaster of exactly one year ago was the most embarrassing, incompetent, and humiliating event in the history of the United States,” former President said.
Wokeness broke our military. The military brass was too busy imposing Critical Race Theory and transgender madness on the troops to formulate a coherent strategy for leaving Afghanistan. The chaos in Kabul in August 2021 was created by a U.S. military that has been politicized and distracted by concerns that the military has no busi

Kentucky Supreme Court allows pro-life laws strictly limiting abortion to stand pending review
After the U.S. Supreme Court knocked down Roe v. Wade’s precedent on abortion rights with its Dobbs decision in June, several states, including Kentucky, swiftly enacted so-called “trigger” laws that automatically banned most abortions, which has led to more legal fights at the state level.
The Kentucky Supreme Court on Thursday declined to grant a requested block on two pro-life laws and instead allowed those laws to remain in effect, even as the high court agreed to take up a challenge against those laws by abortion advocates and providers, the Conservative Brief reported.
Needless to say, the two abortion clinics that have challenged the two laws, as well as pro-abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union that support their lawsuit, were quite displeased with the court’s ruling and vowed to continue the legal battle.
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The World Economic Forum and the Great Reset, Part 4
The direction that the WEF is going is towards totalitarian enslavement. A quote from Klaus Schwab: To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism. The problem they have with capitalism is it gives everyone that is willing to work an opportunity to attain wealth. The WEF does not want you to have that opportunity. They want you to be enslaved to them.

This is why the WEF is calling for the Great Reset. What is really disturbing is our government is going along with this plan to destroy our way of life. The Great Reset is caused by government manipulation, with the guidance of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United N

Parental Rights Demand Parental Responsibilities
What rights do parents have in determining their children’s education? That question has been at the forefront of widely publicized debates in Virginia, Florida, and a public school near you. Political analyst Madeleine Kearns believes those rights come with a lot of responsibility.
As Governor Ron DeSantis argued in defense of [his state’s parental rights] law, schools should not “be a playground for ideological disputes.” Let kids be kids — shielded from such disputes — and ensure that teachers teach only the approved curriculum. This is sound thinking. The trouble is that parental rights also demand responsibilities, and when it comes to sex education, many parents have already outsourced the imparting of values and moral guidance to schools. Content to trundle along with the status quo, such parents have disempowered themselves and given radical activists a foothold.
It is no coincidence that states with the greatest respect for p

Parent Sues School Over Transgender Brainwashing
California parent Jessica Konen is suing her local school district for secretly indoctrinating her 6th grade daughter into the cult of transgenderism, convincing her to change her gender identity, all while urging her not to discuss the situation with her mother because she could not be “trusted.”
The behavior of these woke teachers matters not only because parents - as opposed to the government - are supposed to be in charge of raising their own children, but also because transgenderism is a treacherous ideology that threatens the very underpinnings of both our society and Western civilization as a whole.
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Wind Turbines Are Destroying the Planet
New York, along with other states, is moving forward with massive wind turbine projects.
The push for "9,000 megawatts of offshore wind energy" comes at a high price, not only for families who are left dependent on expensive and unreliable energy, but for the planet.
Wind turbines require massive amounts of rare earths for their generators and motors. A single wind turbine eats up tons of rare earth metals. Rare earth mining carried out in China is horrifyingly destructive to people and the environment. One story described radioactive lakes, high cancer rates and villagers whose "teeth began to fall out" and "hair turned white at unusually young ages". "Children were born with soft bones and cancer rates rocketed."
A recent Associated Press story about rare earth mining operations in Burma told of a world where "birds no longer sing, and the herbs no longer grow. The fish no longer swim in rivers that have turned a murky brown."

More proof the FBI is the Gestapo arm of the Democrat party.rnFBI Agent Pleads Guilty to Destroying Evidence to Frame Pro-Trump Political PrisonerrnFormer Arkansas State Senator Jon Woods was the first elected official in the state to endorse President Trump in 2016.rnTwo years later U.S. District Judge Timothy L. Brooks of the Western District of Arkansas sentenced Woods to serve 18 years in federal prison, in addition to three years of supervised release and ordered Woods to pay $1.6 million in restitution.rnYesterday, the lead FBI Agent in his case plead guilty to destroying exculpatory evidence that could have proven Woods’ innocence.rnRead more here: https://www.thegatewaypund...

Democrats Should Be Held Accountable for Failing to Comply with the Stock Act
According to Business Insider, which reviewed the members’ financial disclosure forms, four Democrat House members appeared to violate the STOCK Act of 2012, also known as the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act. House Democrat Reps. Josh Gottheimer (NJ), Mary Gay Scanlon (PA), Susie Lee (NV), and Brad Schneider (IL) all failed to adequately disclose their stock transactions within the allotted time required by the STOCK Act.
Members of Congress must submit periodic transaction reports within 30 to 45 days after making stock transactions over $1,000 on their behalf or on behalf of their spouses under the STOCK Act. Despite the $1,000 threshold, lawmakers are not required to give specifics about the trade, only a broad range.
In November 2021, Gottheimer and his wife “exchanged” up to $15,000 worth of Meridian Bancorp, Inc. stock for Independent Bank Corp. stock. According to Insider, the disclosure

Nadler Receiving Legal Services from Staffer
We are about to find out how just our justice system is.
A watchdog report surfaced this week outing Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) making use of legal services from one of his staffers.
This is against House rules, but let’s see if he gets punished for it.
That Is a No-No
Nadler is one of the high and mighty in the Democrat Party.
Pelosi has called him the “conscience” of the Party.
Yet, it appears that Nadler’s district director Robert Gottheim was providing fiduciary services as an attorney for Nadler between 2019 and 2021.
He has provided services before, but he did not meet the senior staff threshold at that time.
Post-2018, he did, so this would be a violation.
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There was no excuse for these actions by the FBI. None.
Baby Dead After FBI SWAT Team Raids Home Over Jan. 6
Enrique Tarrio, the international chairman of the Proud Boys, was at the Capitol on Jan. 6. He has been called a white supremacist for his involvement with the group despite the fact that he is black.
In the film, Tarrio describes the experience one member of his group had when the FBI arrived at his house after learning he was in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6.
“They flashbanged his house, his pregnant wife, she had a miscarriage shortly after,” Tarrio said.
In a statement to the Gateway Pundit, Annette Kuehne said she was the person who lost her baby. Her husband, Christopher, was arrested for his involvement in the events of Jan. 6.
“For a second, I didn’t realize that there were about twenty FBI SWAT Team members with semi-automatic rifles pointed at my son and I because I was distracted by the bright red lasers pointed at our faces, chests, and various points on my 4-year

Google Employee Union Petitions Search Engine To Suppress Results for Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers
Employees at Google's parent company are urging the search engine to suppress results for pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, according to a petition sent Monday by the company union to Alphabet Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai.
In the wake of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, more than 650 employees at Alphabet Inc. signed the petition, which demands that Google remove "results for fake abortion providers" and what the union considers "misleading information" about reproductive health care services. The petition also demands that Google stop collecting users' data on abortion-related searches, saying that users' data would be "used against them" in states that have banned or restricted abortion.
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NBC News admits sodomy, not skin contact, is fueling monkeypox… so how about those children and those dogs?
Sex between men, not skin contact, is fueling monkeypox, new research suggests
The claim that skin-to-skin contact during sex between men, not intercourse itself, drives most monkeypox transmission is likely backward, a growing group of experts say.
Since the outset of the global monkeypox outbreak in May, public health and infectious disease experts have told the public that the virus is largely transmitting through skin-to-skin contact, in particular during sex between men.
Now, however, an expanding cadre of experts has come to believe that sex between men itself — both anal as well as oral intercourse — is likely the main driver of global monkeypox transmission. The skin contact that comes with sex, these experts say, is probably much less of a risk factor.
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1,100 scientists, scholars: 'There is no climate emergency'
Led by a Nobel Prize laureate, more than 1,100 scientists and scholars have signed a document declaring climate science is based more on personal beliefs and political agendas than sound, rigorous science.
The World Climate Declaration states climate science "should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific."
"Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures," the declaration reads.
The declaration was organized by Climate Intelligence, an independent policy foundation founded in 2019 by Dutch emeritus professor of geophysics Guus Berkhout and Dutch science journalist Marcel Crok.
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Big Brother Thought Police?
U.N. recruited 110,000 'information warriors' to police internet
The United Nations recruited 110,000 "digital first responders" during the pandemic to battle "misinformation" on social media platforms and internet forums, according to the global body's communications director.
The U.N.'s Melissa Fleming made the disclosure in an October 2020 episode of a World Economic Forum podcast called "Seeking a Cure for the Infodemic." But Fleming's remarks resurfaced Thursday on Twitter.
"So far, we've recruited 110,000 information volunteers, and we equip these information volunteers with the kind of knowledge about how misinformation spreads and ask them to serve as kind of 'digital first-responders' in those spaces where misinformation travels," she said.
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If FBI Omitted Documents or References to Previous Mar-a-Lago Visits from Affidavit — FBI Committed Fraud on the Court
1. Where is the May subpoena for Mar-a-Lago records, and where is the June inventory receipt the FBI would have given Trump lawyers Corcoran & Bobb, who VOLUNTARILY handed over docs from Trump’s storage to investigators?
Let’s see those docs, along with the affidavit
2. And where is the June subpoena and inventory receipt the FBI would have furnished Trump’s lawyers who VOLUNTARILY handed over surveillance footage to investigators?
Let’s see those docs too
If these documents or references to them are missing from the affidavit for the August search warrant, then the FBI omitted exculpatory evidence of prior Trump cooperation from the court, which would be a fraud on the court similar to the fraud on the FISA court the FBI committed in the Crossfire Hurricane case
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US Judge BLOCKS Florida law that prohibits teachers from toxic raced-based ideologies to students
A federal judge on Thursday blocked a new state law backed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis that restricts how educators teach race-related concepts in public schools or as it applies to workplace training, reports The Hill.
Tallahassee U.S. District Judge Mark Walker, an Obama appointee, said in a 44-page ruling that HB 7 bill, also known as the Stop the Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees, violates the First Amendment and is impermissibly vague. Walker also refused to issue a stay that would keep the law in effect during any appeal by the state.
“Florida’s legislators may well find plaintiffs’ speech repugnant. But under our constitutional scheme, the remedy for repugnant speech is more speech, not enforced silence,” Walker wrote in his ruling.
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27-Year-Old High School Varsity Basketball Coach “Dies Unexpectedly” of Cardiac Arrest
On Tuesday, high school officials in Comstock Park High School (CPHS) in Michigan confirmed the death of the team’s varsity boys basketball coach, News 8 reported.
Coach Tyler Edwards, 27, died unexpectedly on Monday of suspected cardiac arrest, according to the school’s associate principal and athletic director, Kendra Faustin.
“Words cannot express the loss we feel by the passing of Coach Tyler Edwards. Tyler invested wholeheartedly in our kids, families and community. His genuine care for others and his infectious smile will live forever in the many lives he touched.
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America’s Wealthiest Celebrities Took Millions in Tax-Funded PPP Loans During COVID Pandemic
The Payment Protection Program (PPP) was initiated to help struggling businesses hit by the COVID pandemic, and it cost US taxpayers $953 billion. Not only were 15% of PPP claims found to be fraudulent but it has also been revealed that multi-millionaire celebrities also benefitted from major loans that, most of the time, they did not have to repay.
Multi-millionaire and billionaire celebrities such as Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Khloe Kardashian received millions in government PPP loans for their businesses, taking funds that were intended to be allocated towards small, struggling businesses.
It has been reported that, after just the first round of PPP loans, up to 90% of ethnic minority business owners were unable to get a loan and were placed at the ‘end of a line.’ An Associated Press survey also indicated that there was a disproportionate amount of white people in rich areas being approved

Teachers’ Unions… vs. America
Has there ever been a worse idea than allowing public school teachers to unionize? Nothing springs to mind—except maybe the Soviet Union.
Teachers’ unions are dead set against Racism—right? Let’s see how right.
After a two-week teachers’ strike some months ago, the Minneapolis School District and the city’s teachers’ union have signed and just ratified a new contract… which is outstanding for its blatantly racist provisions.
According to the terms of the agreement, whenever the district has a need to reduce its teaching force, “white” (whatever that means) teachers are to be laid off first… and re-hired last. Because there have to be “Educators of Color protections” to make up for whatever “systemic racism” was practiced by other people in the past.
Normally, for years and years, everywhere in America, the standard for executing a reduction in force (“RIF,” in union parlance) was seniority.
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Praise the Lord. We need 49 more states to offer the Gadsden Flag.
NPR Claims Florida’s New Gadsden Flag License Plates ‘Symbolize Dangerous Far-Right Extremist Ideology’
As if Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis doesn’t make Sunshine State liberals cringe enough, they will now have a new reason to need a safe space. On Wednesday, he tweeted out the image of a new Florida license plate that depicts Revolutionary War-era Gadsden flag depicted on it and the famous phrase, “Don’t Tread On Me.”
Despite the flag dating back to the colonial era, a new report from NPR claims that now, the flag is synonymous with “dangerous far-right extremist ideology.”
NPR Agenda
Gov. DeSantis stated that all proceeds for the license plates would go to the Florida Veterans Foundation, and invited residents to pre-order them. But helping veterans was not a good enough agenda for NPR.
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Many Young, Healthy Adults Falling Dead May Trigger a Black Swan Event that Collapses World Society!
We now know there is a mass of contradictory information regarding COVID after irreversible damage has been done following the vaccinations. Over 80% of Americans were baited, bullied, badgered, browbeaten, or blackmailed to get the jab without thorough knowledge and thoughtful consideration. We were assured by "the scientists" and "revered health officials" that the rushed vaccines were "safe and effective," only to learn they are not safe nor effective.
The Expose on July 22, 2022, revealed that since the beginning of 2022, "the vaccinated population have accounted for over 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths in England, and a shocking 91% of those deaths have been among the triple/quadruple vaccinated." That is super serious, even shocking, and scandalous. No honest person can assert that the vaccines are "safe and effective."
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Announces 20 Arrests For Voter Fraud
Fort Lauderdale, FL – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) on Thursday announced 20 individuals across the Sunshine State have been charged with voter fraud.
20 people were arrested for voting illegally.
“The majority of these people illegally voted in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade although there are others in other parts of the state,” Governor DeSantis said.
“These folks voted illegally… They are disqualified from voting because they have been convicted of either murder or sexual assault!” DeSantis said.
DeSantis delivered the news from a courtroom in the Broward County Courthouse.
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World Economic Forum Leaders Call for the End of Private Car Ownership
Falling in line with the World Economic Forum’s well-documented plan to usher in a world where “you’ll own nothing and be happy about it” the globalist organization is now looking to stop you from owning your own vehicle.
Under the guise of “going green” the WEF is pushing to eliminate private vehicle ownership altogether, claiming this is an effective way to reduce global reliance on critical metals.
Winnie Yeh, who is described as WEF’s “lead” for “responsible sourcing,” argues that car ownership is not “resource efficient” demanding more vehicle sharing as an alternative.
Yeh has pointed to “car sharing” apps such as Getaround and BlueSG which allow people to rent vehicles on an hourly basis.
All of this, she said, is “part of broader transition from ownership to usership.”

This attempt by the WEF to restrict your free will is not only un-American to its core, but it would also have a catastrophic impact

San Francisco Is Charging Taxpayers $20,000 A Piece For Trash Cans
Due to the increasing cost of housing in San Francisco, it faces a significant homelessness problem with almost 8 percent of the population living on the streets.
The city’s excellent solution to these problems is to create trash cans that will cost taxpayers $20,000 a piece.
There is no justifiable reason given for the price tag, but taxpayers should feel reassured knowing that once the trash cans are mass-produced, they will only cost a measly $3,000 apiece. What a bargain.
Rather than addressing the city’s high poverty rate, part of the reason for the rollout of the expensive trash cans is to prevent homeless people from digging in the trash.
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Reminder: World Economic Forum Is Using Climate Change Excuse To Take Over
This is one of those things that must be shared, again and again, because the plans have not changed for Earth’s Globalist overlords – they are still running full speed at their ultimate goal – total world domination and depopulation.
The World Economic Forum wants us to sacrifice. They want us to sacrifice our homes, our careers, our families, our health, our freedom – to somehow create a “fairer” world.
That is complete bulls**t.
Why exactly should ordinary, everyday people sacrifice everything they have, to give to those who have less – while the people telling us to make these “sacrifices” have more than any of us combined.
And yes, they really expect you to eat this crap sandwich – and love it.
“You will own nothing, and you will be happy” – says Klaus Schwab, WEF boss and one of the richest men in the world.
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TRUE THE VOTE TO RELEASE NEW INFORMATION at Private Conference — Watch Live-Stream RSBN Video from ‘THE PIT’ HERE AT TGP
True the Vote, the creators of the “2000 Mules” documentary, will showcase numerous presentations today for conservative media personalities and media organizations with new bombshell information about the massive voter fraud in U.S. elections.
Most of this information will be broadcast live from “The Pit” on Right Side Broadcasting Network’s Rumble page.
The broadcast is set to begin at Noon Eastern.
True the Vote’s bombshell 2000 Mules documentary used geospatial data and dropbox footage to expose the nationwide ballot trafficking ring that Democrats used to steal the 2020 Election from President Trump.
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List of Tax Hikes Just Passed by Democrats
$6.5 Billion Natural Gas Tax Which Will Increase Household Energy Bills
The bill imposes a regressive tax on American oil and gas development. The tax will drive up the cost of household energy bills. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the natural gas tax will increase taxes by roughly $6.5 billion.
$12 Billion Crude Oil Tax Which Will Increase Household Costs
With gas averaging more than $4.00 per gallon across the country and only weeks removed from record-high prices, Democrats have included a 16.4 cents-per-barrel tax on crude oil and imported petroleum products that will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher gas prices.
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