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Biden’s WHO Amendments Removed
The amendments were publicized only last month, and it was the advocacy of independent researcher James Roguski that alerted the public to the implications for U.S. sovereignty, prompting a groundswell of popular opposition, largely in the past week.
Roguski, who has been monitoring the WHA proceedings, which began Sunday, said the withdrawal appears to be the result of “the massive response from people all over the world in opposition to the amendments to the International Health Regulations, along with legal actions in the U.K. (and a whole lot of prayer).”
Along with the fact that the amendments can be resubmitted in the future and WHO’s ultimate objective is for the leading nations to sign a global pandemic treaty, “now is not the time to relax,” Roguski wrote on his Substack page dedicated to the issue….
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More proof democrats hate America. They associate with scum that hate America.
US Congressman Crist Visits Boca Mosque Linked to Terror and Anti-Semitism
Former Governor of Florida and current US Representative Charlie Crist is running for Governor again, so he is on the campaign trail looking for votes. Unfortunately, one of the constituencies he is seeking support from is the radical Muslim community. In Florida, this group is sizable and politically active. Last month, Congressman Crist found himself at the Islamic Center of Boca Raton (ICBR), a mosque that has substantial links to terror and bigotry. Given his own history, one can surmise that Crist did not just wander into this particular mosque, as he has embraced Muslim extremists in the past. This article was written to expose a dangerous tendency of Crist.
ICBR was founded via the Muslim Student Organization (MSO) at Florida Atlantic University (FAU).
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A member of the House with BRASS!
Florida House Rep. Randy Fine Tells Biden: ‘Try to Take Our Guns and You’ll Learn Why the Second Amendment Was Written’
Rep. Fine said that efforts to do so will show Biden why the “Second Amendment was written in the first place.”
“I have news for the embarrassment that claims to be our President — try to take our guns and you’ll learn why the Second Amendment was written in the first place,” Fine tweeted.
The tweet naturally sparked a meltdown and panic from the left.
“Are you threatening president Biden ?because it sure sounds like it,” washed up actress and activist Rosanna Arquette tweeted.
MSNBC medical contributor Ebony Hilton tweeted at the FBI, CIA and Secret Service.
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Governors Say ‘No Way’ to Biden Plans To Empower Pro-China Health Organization
Republican governors Ron DeSantis (Fla.), Glenn Youngkin (Va.), and Kristi Noem (S.D.) denounced the Biden administration's proposed amendments to the World Health Organization's International Health Regulations.
"We in Florida, there is no way we will ever support this WHO thing," DeSantis said Monday. "No way."
The amendments would change WHO's surveillance methods, allowing the organization to "develop early warning criteria for assessing and progressively updating the national, regional, or global risk posed by an event of unknown causes or sources." WHO would provide member nations with assessments that indicate "the level of risk of potential spread and risks of potential serious public health impacts, based on assessed infectiousness and severity of the illness."
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Biden is one sick POC!
Biden To Take Poor Kids Free School Lunches If Their School Doesn’t Let Boys In To Girl’s Bathrooms
Biden Administration to require all schools receiving federal funding for school lunches to allow biological males into little girls’ bathrooms
Remember when school bullies would take another kid’s lunch money? Well, Biden plans to more or less do exactly that–but for trans rights!
According to the Biden Admin, all state and local agencies receiving federal Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) funding–which includes schools–will have to fall in line with an Obama-era interpretation of Title IX. This newer interpretation expands gender discrimination prohibitions to include not allowing transgender students to use the locker rooms, showers, and restrooms of their preferred gender.
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Biden’s Anti-Policing Policy to Be Unveiled on Anniversary of George Floyd’s Death
President Joe Biden is expected to issue an executive order Wednesday to limit the use of chokeholds and no-knock warrants by police as a way to mark the two-year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.
Biden’s executive order also will restrict the Defense Department from providing surplus military equipment and vehicles to police departments, The Associated Press first reported, citing three anonymous sources.
Relatives of Floyd, who was 46, are expected to be present for Biden’s signing of the order, AP reported.
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Senate Republicans Block Domestic Terrorism Prevention Bill – Chuck Schumer Changes Vote to ‘No’
Senate Republicans blocked the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Bill on Thursday pushed by the Democrats in the wake of the Buffalo shooting that killed ten people.
The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act was passed in the U.S. House of Representatives last week, designed to establish “new requirements to expand the availability of information on domestic terrorism and the relationship between domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”
“The act seeks to create offices in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice to monitor and track potential domestic terrorism threats. If signed into law by President Joe Biden, the bill would direct the FBI to assign a special agent at each field office to investigate hate crimes related to domestic terrorism. Federal agencies would also be required to produce biannual reports on white supremacy and neo-Nazis in

World Economic Forum Panelist Demands ‘Recalibration’ Of Free Speech.
ustralian eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman called for a “recalibration” of free speech while speaking on a panel during the opening day of the World Economic Forum, Monday.
Inman discussed the prospect of re-envisaging what freedom of speech means, while speaking on a May 23rd panel for the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting in Davos focused on “Ushering in a Safer Digital Future.”
Inman, who also served as the Director of Public Policy for Twitter in Australia and South East Asia, explained how “we’re going to have to think about a recalibration of a whole range of human rights”:
“We are finding ourselves in a place where we have increasing polarization everywhere, and everything feels binary when it doesn’t need to be – so I think we’re going to have to think about a recalibration of a whole range of human rights that are playing out online –
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Court Orders F.B.I. To Reveal Names Of Those Involved In Russiagate
Judicial Watch just made a major announcement…
According to the organization, a federal court recently ordered the F.B.I. to disclose the names of those involved in the Russia collusion hoax.
The legal watchdog states that this latest development “is another step forward in accountability for the worst government corruption scandal in history”….
I couldn’t agree more, this blows Watergate out of the water, and those responsible are still at large.
Durham is pursuing a narrow indictment, but what he’s exposing is far larger: an unethical Clinton campaign, a biased government bureaucracy, and an insouciant class of Beltway insiders who figured they could get away with anything.
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ATF never stated why the took them in the first place. Proof thatall our guns arein danger of over zealous government agents.
ATF Seizes 600 Guns from Amish Farmer
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has seized 600 guns from an Amish dairy farmer in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, but it’s unclear if the man even broke any laws. Reuben King denies any wrongdoing and no charges have been filed yet, though the ATF says it is still investigating the matter. Attorneys who focus on firearms law say that the ATF might actually have a very difficult time with the case if they decide to prosecute Mr. King.
It was a massive collection which required a reported 15 ATF agents to remove over a five hour period, but the bureau seems to be struggling to find something to charge the farmer with.
An individual who is “engaged in the business of dealing in firearms” is required to possess a Federal Firearms License, which Reuben King does not have.
The problem for the ATF is that the bure

Woke University Forced to Give Canceled Professor His Job Back
The University of Central Florida is being forced to reinstate a professor who was fired in 2020 for saying “black privilege is real.” Charles Negy will get his job back thanks to a ruling from an arbitrator who found that the university did not show “just cause” when it fired the tenured psychology professor in January 2021. Dr. Negy challenged the firing, which was prompted by outrage and protests from students and administrators.
Dr. Negy’s long career at the University of Central Florida came to an abrupt end at the height of the 2020 BLM riots when he dared to publicly state what many Americans were privately thinking.
On Twitter, Negy pointed out that black privilege is far more real in modern America than white privilege, and that problems in the black community tend to have easily identifiable sources within that community.
These comments, and Negy’s argument that whites are wrongfully under siege in the United

Teacher Berates Young Student for Wearing Pro Police Mask
All it took to trigger the far-left rampage was an American Flag mask sporting one thin blue line in the middle. According to the County Superintendent, not only did the radical sub get canned, “the incident is under investigation.”
Daring to support the police in today’s woke society was enough to trigger the socialist substitute teacher.
“That’s not the American flag, that’s the new confederacy flag,” he screamed at the young Lyman Gilmore Middle School student. Both the parents of Lucas Lillar “are in law enforcement” and he frequently wears the mask to school.
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It also shows that someadults are pathetically stupid.
UK: London council claims infants as young as 3 months old may be racially biased
Children as young as three months old may be racially biased, a major London council has claimed, as parents raise alarm at “activist educators” in the nursery sector.
A poster shared by Islington Council’s under-fives department included diagrams of babies each year through to age six, titled: “Children are never too young to talk about race”.
The poster claims that “at three months, babies look more at faces that match the race of their caregivers”. It then says that “children as young as two years use race to reason about people’s behaviours”, and “by 30 months, most children use race to choose playmates”.
The graphic adds that “expressions of racial prejudice often peak at ages four and five” and that “by five, white children are strongly biased in favour of whiteness, and have learned to associate some groups with higher status than others”.

Republican Governor Vetoes GOP Bill Preventing Mask Mandates in Schools
New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) vetoed a bill on Friday that would have prevented mask mandates from being implemented in schools.
Republicans began advancing the bill through the state legislature earlier this year after the state revised its guidance in February to no longer advise requiring masks in schools, and the state’s Department of Education directed schools to end their mandates.
Despite these changes in guidance from the state, several school districts claimed at the time that the state had no legal authority to prevent them from implementing mask mandates if they chose to do so.
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Federal Judge Orders Title 42 Workaround
The judge in Washington DC enabled the entry of migrants who would be turned away under Title 42.
Documents obtained by NBC News show the new guidance to Customs and Border Protection states that migrants who display a verbal or nonverbal “manifestation of fear” of being expelled should be released into the US with a court date or sent to an asylum officer.
A Department of Homeland Security official anonymously told NBS that the new ruling is “the first nail in the coffin of Title 42.”
DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a Twitter video that “the restrictions at our Southwest border have not changed. Single adults and families encountered will continue to be expelled, where appropriate, under Title 42.”
However, ACLU attorney Lee Gelernt says that in practice, many migrant families who would have been refused entry will now have a chance.
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The Fauci Bombshell we Have Been Waiting for
Freshly disclosed emails indicate that Dr. Anthony Fauci intentionally concealed information about where coronavirus came from and deliberately understated the Wuhan lab leak theory.
Fauci fudged reports
Republicans control the House Oversight Committee so they weren’t shy about breaking a major announcement on January 11. According to their official statement, what they released were “never before seen emails showing Dr. Fauci may have concealed information.”
Not just any information, bombshell evidence “about #COVID19 originating from the Wuhan lab.” And for good measure, Dr. Deep State apparently “intentionally downplayed the lab leak theory.”
As an added bonus, they tweeted out that lawmakers James Comer and Jim Jordan “want Fauci under oath,” because its “time for answers.”
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Leaked Document Between Bill Gates And WHO From 2021 Correctly ‘Predicted’ The Exact Day Monkeypox Outbreak Would Begin
According to a leaked document from 2021, Bill Gates and the World Health Organization “predicted” a monkeypox biological attack on May 15, 2022, which just so happens to be the exact same day as the current monkeypox outbreak.
That’s quite the cooicidence.
In a November 2021 report, NTI looked at the outbreak of the monkeypox virus in the fictional country of Brinia on May 15, 2022, which was the focus of the March biowarfare game.
Under their fictitious scenario, “the initial outbreak was caused by a terrorist attack using a pathogen engineered in a laboratory with inadequate biosafety and biosecurity provisions and weak oversight.”
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Home schooling: here’s what our masters say
“Elizabeth Bartholet, the director of Harvard Law’s Child Advocacy Program, described the ‘homeschooling phenomenon’ as a ‘threat’ to society, claiming that conservative parents ‘homeschool because they want to isolate their children from ideas and values central to our democracy’, ‘promote racial segregation and female subservience’, and ‘question science’.”
“Her paper called for a ‘presumptive ban on homeschooling, with the burden on parents to demonstrate justification for permission to homeschool.’ These views are not fringe.”
Of course, this elite Harvard titan, Bartholet, knows which ideas and values are central to our democracy; and the place to drill them into children’s heads is public school.
Which pretty much sums up what public schools are for.
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Unbiblical and Unconstitutional Welfare State Now Has 59 Million Dependents
First off, I would say that by no means am I saying that there are not people that do need our help. There are legitimate poor people in this country, no doubt (Galatians 2:10).
However, the point that I am going to make here is that there are more that are taking advantage of a system that is, in fact, taking advantage of the good intentions of people that are looking out for them, and there are those who are taking advantage of a system that is unbiblical, as well as unconstitutional called welfare (Psalm 94:20).
Let’s start with the welfare system. We have been looking at a system strategy that was created by two persons that has been titled “Cloward Piven,” which was created to produce an economic disaster. Prior to Cloward-Piven, the government back in 1935, in the middle of the depression, set up a system of welfare in which the government illegally steals from those who work to give to those that do

The ‘Mary Poppins of Disinformation’ Inadvertently Spills the Truth About What the Board Was Going to Do
Nina Jankowicz, the self-proclaimed “Mary Poppins of Disinformation” who was up until recently supposed to become the chief of Joe Biden’s Orwellian and ominous Disinformation Governance Board, can’t seem to stop herself from stepping on rakes. She has complained, now that the Board has been “paused,” that the Board itself was a victim of “disinformation,” which casts into question how effective it could possibly have ever been, if Jankowicz couldn’t even manage to counter false statements about what it was supposed to be doing. On Monday, she made matters even worse by remarking off-handedly that the Board was meant to do something that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas had said it would not be doing: countering “disinformation” not just from foreign sources, but from Americans.
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“We Will Come For Your Family”: Child Victim Threatened By Cops For Reporting Mayor Raped Him
Contrary to what many disinformation agents will lead you to believe child sex abuse is not reserved to the the Deep State, Democratic party, and Hollywood. Republicans are regularly caught committing the same acts and as we’ve shown, there is no difference between a blue child rapist and a red one.
What’s more, while elite politicians are caught committing these child sex crimes like former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, the scope of the problem is far greater. A potential reason this problem has reached epidemic proportions is the lack of punishment these monsters face after hurting children and law enforcement’s role in failing to prosecute or even investigate the predators.
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Top 10 DRUG, CHEMICAL and TOXIN delivery devices used for population reduction and genocide
Most people do not believe that their government, especially the US government, is interested in drastically reducing the population of their country or nation using insidious methodologies, including medical “interventions.” Why in the world would the government want fewer people to be healthy, and more people dying, and what goals would be accomplished in that process?
Most consumers live their shortened lives in the dark because they don’t understand what’s happening to them, how, or why. Nearly everything from medicine to vaccines, from food to personal care products, and from cleaning products to food packaging, is manufactured with toxins that lead to chronic, expensive health issues, diseases and disorders.
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Major Health Organizations Planned For Monkey Pox Pandemic
It appears Monkey Pox may be the new Covid-19.
Last year in March, the NTI partnered with the Munich Security Conference to conduct an exercise that simulated a bioterrorist attack using an unusual stand of monkeypox.
NTI simulated a major monkeypox outbreak and came to the conclusion that an engineered stand of Monkey Pox would be able to kill over 270 million people worldwide and over 3 billion in total would contract MonkeyPox.
At the moment, with cases popping up in Europe, Canada, and even here in the United States, the NTI’s simulation has become a reality.
Here’s what the NTI data revealed:
Developed in consultation with technical and policy experts, the fictional exercise scenario portrayed a deadly, global pandemic involving an unusual strain of monkeypox virus that first emerged in the fictional nation of Brinia and spread globally over 18 months. Ultimately, the exercise scenario revealed that the initial outbr

This is not how you plan for national readiness.
800 Sailors Removed From Navy Over COVID Rules
As of May 5, the US Navy has discharged over 800 sailors for not complying with the Pentagon’s vaccine mandate.
According to the Navy’s COVID update, 796 active duty and 66 reserve sailors have been honorably discharged for failing to get vaccinated, while there have been 22 Entry Level Separations, bringing the total number of Navy personnel discharged to 884.
Entry Level Separations are given to personnel who separated from the Navy before completing 180 days of active military service.
The US Navy required all active-duty sailors to be fully vaccinated by November 28, 2021, while reserve personnel had until December 28, 2021.
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Leftists Piled on Black NFL Legend as ‘Racist,’ So He Hit Them with the Perfect Response
The bipartisan Responsible Fatherhood Initiative will set aside more than $70 million to help struggling Sunshine State fathers play a greater role in the lives of their children. Much of the funding will go to nonprofits like Dungy’s All Pro Dad foundation that assist fathers seeking employment, readjusting to life post-incarceration and learning parenting skills.
Regrettably, a vocal group of leftist political commentators, including former sportscaster Keith Olbermann, sought to use Dungy’s support for responsible fatherhood as a political football. They took to Twitter to hurl epithets like “racist” and “fascist” at the first black head coach to win a Super Bowl.
Dungy cited a politician who once said, “Children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of schools and 20 times more likely to end up in priso

Money Trail For Biolabs Points To George Soros, Bill Gates, And Hunter Biden
On Wednesday, the Russian military stated in its latest bio lab briefing that Democrats in the US worked with pharma corporations and foundations led by George Soros and Bill Gates to set up bioresearch in Ukraine, utilizing the initiative to generate more cash for elections.
According to Russia Today, Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov, the director of the Russian Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Protection Force, it needs to be mentioned that the ideologues of US military biological research in Ukraine are Democratic Party elites.
Kirillov said that the US government set up a system to pay military bio-research directly from the federal budget and utilized official assurances to attract cash from non-governmental groups controlled by the Democratic Party leadership.
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New Domestic Terrorism Law Will Criminalize Conventional Conservative Thought
Criminalizing American thought. It’s coming down fast. This is a coup.
”The greatest threat of domestic terrorism in American today is a corrupt federal government weaponizing its intelligence and law enforcement agencies against innocent American citizens that speak out against its tyranny” DC Draino
The current laws already clearly defined terrorism with no exceptions. It’s the politicization of law enforcement.
How interesting that the familiar array of Islamist-apologist and left-wing groups, notoriously opposed to U.S. counterterrorism efforts, has lined up in support of congressional Democrats’ latest push for a “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act.” Could it be because the proposed legislation goes out of its way to shield domestic terrorists who are catalyzed by foreign jihadist organizations?
You needn’t read far into the bill to hear the alarm bells.
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Voting Machines Found During Michigan Drug Raid
A western Michigan township has been raided by state police per an investigation into previous reports of there being access to unauthorized voting machines following the 2020 presidential election.
CNN reported that the agency began an investigation back in February after learning about an unnamed third party being granted access to the voting machines in one county of Michigan.
Now, the investigation is being expanded to numerous other counties after police were notified of other breaches, as stated by Michigan State Police Lt. Derrick Carroll.
#michigan police took custody of a voting machine as the state expands its investigation into what it’s described as possible unauthorized access to election equipment.
The seizure was done pursuant to a search warrant.
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New Footage Shows Elections Workers and NASTY Work
The five videos (as of this writing) depict staffers illegally possessing electronic devices in restricted areas where they are not permitted. They also show the EXACT reason that this is the case, as one staffer is clearly shown photographing the ballots, two other women are seen taking a brand new flash drive and unwrapping it for use in a secure location and destroyed equipment is left open and unsecured for days at a time.
“This is video of election workers using personal cell phone in secure areas that they are not allowed to have phones in. Second part also shows one reason why that’s not ok. She is taking pictures of ballots with her phone… These videos are to show the blatant disregard for any laws, rules or statutes and is a clear indicator that there is plenty of willfully negligent and potentially unscrupulous people involved in our elections.”
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Canada: Muslims enraged over International Day Against Homophobia poster depicting hijabbed Muslimas
A Western University social media post supporting the fight against homophobia included an illustration of two women in hijabs about to kiss – sparking a backlash from London’s Muslim community that forced school officials to delete it.
The image, posted on the school’s Instagram account Tuesday to mark the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, was met with a firestorm of criticism from people who were offended by the imagery.
They said the post was “inappropriate” and “disrespectful” because the hijab, an Islamic veil, has religious and spiritual connotations. Wrote one person: “Shame on you Western for such an insulting mockery post to my religion.”
One Muslim community leader, Iman Abd Alfatah Twakkal, said the London Muslim community was drafting a response to the images, which he called “inappropriate.”
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