Ben Serna


Christian, Conservative Texan

We need a U.S. President just like Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s new Prime Minister. She could destroy all our pinkos in DC who merely suck their thumbs and play tidily-winks day in and day out with the other elected enemies of America.

BREAKING -- Elon Musk Has Reinstated President Trump On Twitter. Thousands are starting to follow him by the minute.

Open Carry Provides Instant Justice To Cockroach Criminal. Now, THAT’S the America we need, not the mamsy-pansy democrat pro-crime policies.

Vaccine Centres, are being closed down by the UK by patriots….. “If the police are incompetent in their duty in law then we the people have the right to take that power back”.

The alleged offences were:
•Misconduct in public office
•Grievous bodily harm
•Gross negligent manslaughter
•Corporate manslaughter