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BuzzFlick, founded in 2016 is an animation studio providing video production & animation services in Dover, Houston, California

Animation and Its Impact on Business

Learn how you should use animation to help your business performance, and the impact animation will have on your customers visual attention.

Benefits of Animated Educational Videos for the Tech Industry.

Animated educational videos provide a visually engaging and effective way for the tech industry to simplify complex concepts, enhance engagement, and deliver high-quality training for employees.

How Can Motion Graphics Support Your Business Strategy?

Cisco says that by 2022, 82% of all internet traffic will come from viewing videos.

Best Animation Software for Everyone - Space Coast Daily

You can already see a spike in the number of brands entering the web 3.0 space. Meanwhile, one trend has picked up steam too.

Motion Graphics Animation Services: Freelancers vs Studios.

The most important and vital source of business news and analysis on global business, finance, and economic platforms

Why Do You Need an Educational Video Production Company?

Educational videos are fun and are easier to absorb. Though these serve a purpose they do not come without a cost.
You could choose to do it by yourself, or hire an educational video company.
But since cost matters to every business, it would suit us more.

The Top 15 Animated Video Production Companies!

Businesses are booming with videos. There’s video production everywhere.

Useful Video Editing Tips for Newbies - My Quotes Web

you are done shooting your very first vlog, music video, or movie. It was a tiresome journey, indeed. But hold on.

TOP 7 Educational Video Editing Software - SolutionHow

The attention span of our students has dropped to 8 seconds. It is a real problem, particularly in our post-pandemic world.

Video Production: How to Build Career Skills?

For anyone wanting to start a career in video production, there are multiple options to kick off.
You could start from anywhere.
You could even choose to follow guides on YouTube and help yourself.
But, it’s important.


5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Use Animation in Marketing

Over the recent decade, video animation production companies have come into the limelight for conten.

Video Production: How to Build Career Skills?

For anyone wanting to start a career in video production, there are multiple options to kick off. You could start from anywhere.
You could even choose to follow guides on YouTube and help yourself.


The Future of Motion Graphics

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Best Video Production Courses On Skillshare

Are you eager to learn some best video production courses on Skillshare? Well, hang on with us till the end!

Top Animated Motion Graphics Video Companies

Struggling to find the best animated Qualitymotion graphics services company? Well, this article is for you then!

Top Training Video Production Companies -2022 - Glancing Fashion

We all are familiar with the fact that training a team is a highly challenging.

Animation tips – Do’s and Don'ts

Top animation companies in the UK are raking in big money by curating explainer videos with amazing animations. But, that’s the top companies with seasoned.

How to Become a Motion Graphics Animator?

If you have a flair for design or would love to make a living out of your passion for it, then enter motion graphics.

Production Process for Creating Educational Videos

Undoubtedly, the internet has transformed educational content.
It is important to be aware that the way educational content is delivered for the digital age differs from contact teaching as instructors compete to increase their digital footprint.

What is Motion Graphics, and When To Use Them?

Disney Wire is a blog that discusses all latest updates related to Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, for travelers planning to visit Disney theme parks.

Difference between 2D, 2.5D & 3D Animation

Understand what is the difference between 2d, 2.5d &3d animation video with examples and find the best tools for 2d, 2.5d and 3d animation photo.


We all know that the TV movie industry, gorgeous beaches, and Hollywood stars all make Los Angeles a popular vacation spot and city.

A Short Guide to Education Video Production

If you are an educationist or an avid learner, you should closely read this article!

7 Useful Video Marketing Ideas You Should Use

Video content is playing an increasingly important role in marketing strategies. Check out these great video marketing ideas for your brand!

Motion Graphics vs. Graphic Design: What’s the Difference?

You are about to find your answer to a million-dollar question arising from a company that offers motion graphics services

The Benefits of Educational Videos

This article will serve as a wonderful reference if you are unsure of what Educational Videos truly are or why they are growing in popularity.

What Is A Homepage Video? – (Explained)

Homepage videos can help you engage the user right from the very top of the funnel. Learn more about what homepage videos are and why you need them?

Read This Before Choosing Whiteboard Animation For Your Business!

Looking for a whiteboard animation video? Read this guide to know the process of getting a whiteboard animation video made to get stellar engagement.

Inspiring Video Marketing Examples Marketers Should Try Out in 2023

Looking for new ideas for your next video marketing campaign? Read out our blog to explore the best video marketing examples.


Get Inspired by 8 Examples of Brand Videos

The 8 outstanding examples of brand videos that helped companies to achieve marketing milestones. Check these videos and learn more about the brand videos.