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A 25-year-old earns $30,000 a month from his Shopify apps. Here's how he built his business.
• Mat De Sousa's two Shopify apps generate nearly $30,000 in net revenue a month.
• He shares his insights about building Shopify apps with a growing audience of developers.
• De Sousa said the community's helpfulness was his favorite part about Shopify.
Mat De Sousa, an entrepreneur in France, runs two Shopify apps, WideBundle and WideReview, that together generate nearly $30,000 in net revenue a month. Now that he's found success, he shares his business tips in his newsletter and in tweet threads that get shared widely among the e-commerce app development company.
But De Sousa's Shopify-app career was not an overnight success.

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Outsourcing and automation increasingly integrated
Labor shortages began before the pandemic, and accelerated once it started, which has led firms to consider their options for meeting client demand. Generally, two common solutions had been automation and outsourcing, but changing economics has led to new models that demand integration between the two. As time has gone on, outsourcing and automation are less of an either/or proposition as firm leaders find new synergies between the two practices.
Driving this synergy, at least in part, are the rising costs of IT Outsourcing Services Company labor. Enrico Palmerino, founder and CEO of Botkeeper, said overseas accounting professionals doing outsourced work for U.S. practices have been seeing double-digit raises on a biannual basis in countries like India, a favorite for firms looking to offshore routine work.
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