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Banjo-Tooie Stream Today!

Banjo stream today at 8 pm! Come stop by! This might be either the last or second-to-last Banjo stream!

Final Fantasy I Continues! ... momentarily

I underestimated the difficulty of Chaos. In my defense, the game was incredibly easy until this boss. So I decided that I'm gonna go and do the extra content and then take on Chaos later. Then once I'm finished, I finally start my playthrough of Tales of Symphonia!

Final Fantasy I Stream Today!

Today I will be continuing my playthrough of Final Fantasy I. Come stop by later today at 8 pm EST.


Tales of Symphonia

I decided that Tales of Symphonia will be the next rpg I play once I'm finished with Final Fantasy I due to popular demand by the chat. This game is a hidden gem from the Gamecube days and I will be playing it for the first time. I have the steam version, but I heard that version runs at 30 fps so I will be modding it to have it run at 60 fps like the original game.

Star Fox Assault This Saturday!

I had forgotten how short of a game Star Fox Adventures is. Well, I guess that means that next Saturday's stream will be the last of the Star Fox Saturday streams since I am unable to stream Star Fox Command without issues and I have little interest in playing Star Fox Zero. Prepare for Star Fox Assault on Saturday!

Star Fox Adventures Stream Today!

Time for more Star Fox Saturdays! I'll be continuing Star Fox Adventures later today at 8 pm EST. Come stop by and check it out!

Final Fantasy I Stream Today

I will be playing Final Fantasy I for PSP today at 8 pm EST.

Moemon Stream Today!

Time for more Moemon! It's likely to end in disaster... or maybe it won't! Tune in to find out! The stream starts at 8 PM EST.


Star Fox Adventures

Continuing with Star Fox Saturdays, I will be beginning my playthrough of Star Fox Adventures. The stream begins at 8 pm EST. See you there!


Beat Star Fox 2

Now I'm gonna play some Star Fox 64 and beat it a couple of times. The stream will resume in 10 minutes. Come join the chat!


Star Fox 2 Today

We're continuing Star Fox Saturdays with Star Fox 2 at 8PM EST.


I defeated Erika

But again at what cost...? I lost so many Moemon. My Nidoqueen was the only survivor. I later revived my Swoobat, but then it died again in the Lavender town tower making it permanently dead. My Ivysaur never even got to reach Erika and is now permanently dead too. Luckily I did manage to catch a Ghastly and train it up to be a Gengar, but I'm not sure how long it will last. I'm currently in Fuchsia City right now which means Koga is next, but I'm not sure if I should take him on immediately next Moemon stream. I'm honestly surprised I managed to beat Erika first try honestly. I have absolutely no idea how I'm gonna beat Sabrina if I manage to beat Koga. Nuzlockes are tough...

Moemon Stream Today!

Believe it or not, this is post-Surge. Which means new challenges over the horizon! Stream will begin in 3 hours!



After so many Nuzlocke attempts, I finally defeated Lt. Surge! But at what cost...? Everything... Well no, more like my Bonsly and Marshtomp who couldn't make it. My Marshtomp was the MVP though, she took out Emogla and weakened Raichu a great deal. Unfortunately in Moemon MegaFireRed Version, Lt. Surge's Raichu knows Grass Knot. Which is a grass type move in which the damage is calculated by the weight of the opponent. Marshtomps aren't lightweight and it didn't help that grass is 4x effective on Water/Ground types. Luckily Emolga's defeat was all that was needed to set up my Nidorina for an epic win.

I now have three badges and I'm ready to train a new batch of Moemon I had been keeping in the PC. Hopefully these ones survive. I don't know what I'm going to do for the run if I lose Ivysaur or Nidorina...

Moemon Stream Toaday!

Will Timeline 6 be the run? Probably... but come stop by anyway!

Stream starts in 3 hours!


Moemon Stream Today!

I'll be playing more Moemon at the usual time today. Stop by at 8PM EST to watch my Nuzlocke and see cute girls.


Star Fox

Holy shit! I didn't expect to play this game for six hours! I thought I was gonna be done with it in 2 or 3. This game is way tougher than the Nintendo 64 remake. Seems like Star Fox Saturdays is gonna last a bit longer than expected. Expect Star Fox 2 next week!

StarFox Saturday!

Today I'll be giving Smash Bros a break and will be playing some StarFox games! The original StarFox and StarFox 64 to be more precise. I also have StarFox 2, but I'm going to have to find a translation for that game real quick. The version I have is still in Japanese.

I may begin a playthrough of StarFox Adventures as well if I feel like it.


Moemon Continues!!

Well everyone, I had a total of TWO more failed playthroughs of Moemon. Nuzlockes are tough... but I'm not giving up! I'm going for a fourth time! I will keep playing Moemon into June if I have to!

Artist: BakashiArt

Two hours until stream starts!

Moemon stream will be starting soon!

Vote for my starter if you haven't already: http://www.strawpoll.me/46...

Squirtle & Charmander are my only options.

New Moemon playthrough today.

I'm either gonna choose Squirtle or Charmander as a starter since I already tried with Bulbasaur. Click this link to vote: http://www.strawpoll.me/46...

If no one votes or it ties, I'm leaving it up to a coin flip.

I will be attempting another Nuzlocke tomorrow on Thursday. This time I will pick a different starter and be a little bit smarter when it comes to matching up my Moemon. And hopefully this time around I won't mess up in catching Moemon too.

Death Counter: 11
Badges: 2
Revives used: 0

Since I used Ivysaur last time, my only choices are Squirtle and Charmander. Which one do you think I should use? (2/2)

First Nuzlocke Run Failed...

Welp, it happened. I failed the Nuzlocke. My team wasn't prepared for Lt. Surge and everyone died as a result. Moemon MegaFireRed Version doesn't only cover the first generation of Pokemon games, but it goes up to the sixth generation as well. Lt. Surge hit me with an Emolga (electric/flying) and a Luxio (pure electric, but it can learn Flame Fang) and took down my team which comprised of an Ivysaur, Parasect, Nidorino, and a Corsola. He also managed to paralyze everyone that I sent out. While my Moemon were quite strong, most of them having a shared weakness of flying, ground, and fire really made things difficult in certain match-ups. It also didn't help that there were some Moemon I simply failed to catch like the wild Mudkip (which would've have been amazing against Surge if I evolved it) and the Skorupi. Add it my recklessness when it came to some of the newer Moemon I managed to catch and now everyone is six feet under. (1/2)

Moemon in 2 hours!

The RPG stream will begin in 2 hours! Watch me do my damnest to make sure my Moemon survive!