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Banjo-Tooie Stream Today!

Banjo stream today at 8 pm! Come stop by! This might be either the last or second-to-last Banjo stream!

Final Fantasy I Continues! ... momentarily

I underestimated the difficulty of Chaos. In my defense, the game was incredibly easy until this boss. So I decided that I'm gonna go and do the extra content and then take on Chaos later. Then once I'm finished, I finally start my playthrough of Tales of Symphonia!

Final Fantasy I Stream Today!

Today I will be continuing my playthrough of Final Fantasy I. Come stop by later today at 8 pm EST.


Tales of Symphonia

I decided that Tales of Symphonia will be the next rpg I play once I'm finished with Final Fantasy I due to popular demand by the chat. This game is a hidden gem from the Gamecube days and I will be playing it for the first time. I have the steam version, but I heard that version runs at 30 fps so I will be modding it to have it run at 60 fps like the original game.

After Star Fox Assault, my Saturday streams will go back to being just random games that I play for a bit. I mentioned this some time ago, but I "acquired" some Japanese retro games with English patches and will be playing those soon.

Star Fox Assault This Saturday!

I had forgotten how short of a game Star Fox Adventures is. Well, I guess that means that next Saturday's stream will be the last of the Star Fox Saturday streams since I am unable to stream Star Fox Command without issues and I have little interest in playing Star Fox Zero. Prepare for Star Fox Assault on Saturday!

This week's schedule:

Tuesday 6/21 - Final Fantasy I

Thursday 6/23 - Final Fantasy I

Friday 6/24 - Banjo-Tooie

Saturday 6/25 - Star Fox Assault

Sunday 6/26 - Final Fantasy I

All streams begin at 8 PM EST


Star Fox Adventures Stream Today!

Time for more Star Fox Saturdays! I'll be continuing Star Fox Adventures later today at 8 pm EST. Come stop by and check it out!


Final Fantasy I Stream Today

I will be playing Final Fantasy I for PSP today at 8 pm EST.

This week's schedule:

Tuesday 6/14 - Final Fantasy I

Thursday 6/16 - Final Fantasy I

Friday 6/17 - Banjo-Tooie

Saturday 6/18 - Star Fox Adventures

Sunday 6/19 - Final Fantasy I

All streams begin at 8 PM EST


Moemon Stream Today!

Time for more Moemon! It's likely to end in disaster... or maybe it won't! Tune in to find out! The stream starts at 8 PM EST.


Star Fox Adventures

Continuing with Star Fox Saturdays, I will be beginning my playthrough of Star Fox Adventures. The stream begins at 8 pm EST. See you there!


Timeline 7 almost ended in DISASTER, but luckily it's still going. I only have two good Moemon though, the others need training.