Emerson Thomas


Retired, Conservative American

THink how great this Country would be if the democratic men would, 'take the dresses off.'

On the Abortion issue, it seems that democrats are better Baby Killers than the accused Viet Nam Vets.

It is a shame that democrats have no sense of humor, because they are so much fun to laugh at.

Democrats must be the most moronic imbeciles on Planet Earth. Empty store shelves, $5 plus dollar per gallon for gas, and they still vote for those who ruined the economy. Can't get much more stupid.

Democrats must feel so very proud that Editor-in-Chief for the Chinese state-run China Daily newspaper Chen Weihua, praised Biden for his economical disaster.

Am I the only one who comments on here ,or am I missing something?

"Abortion disproportionately affects Black and minority women. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Black women account for 38% of all U.S. abortions, even though Black Americans make up just 12% of the US population." Democrats are pissed that they may not b e able to continue to kill their largest voting block. Insane!

I find it hilarious that the party who believes there are 52 genders, and that Biden got more votes than any other President in history now has a Ministry of Truth to fight 'Disinformation. Talk about demented morons.

Regardless of your feelings toward our Vice President, you have to admit, every time she speaks, she vindicates Dan Quayle.

Democrats are horrid despicable people, but RINO's are so much worse.