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I am Emily Wilson, independent home and office interior designer with partnership of Swivel UK London.

7 Best Sofa Trends Recommended by Interior Designers

The most significant piece of furniture in your living room is without a doubt the sofa. The trends for 2022 include swivel UK modern designer furniture chairs, circular furniture, mirrors, artwork, and more.

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6 Great Tips for Choosing the Perfect Modern Design Sofa

There appear to be an infinite number of designer sofa possibilities, just like there are for everything else in this age of limitless choice. Use these six suggestions by Swivel UK Modern Designer Furniture to acquire a clear sense of what you want (and what you need!) before you start the search to save time, money, and potential buyers’ regret.

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What Benefits Do Solid Wood Dining Chairs Offer? How do I decide?

One of the most important pieces of furniture for the home is a solid wood dining chair. Despite the wide variety of furniture types and materials, many individuals choose to use solid wood dining chairs. Swivel UK Modern Designer furniture Online Shop is an excellent option if you want to get a solid wood dining room chair online.

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Dekton Tables: The Absolute Cutting-edge Tables

You need a special Swivel Uk Dekton table that is robust enough for family life. At Swivel UK, we complete the project by making the ideal custom frame to complement the surface and aesthetic. These frames can be made in any colour, in brushed steel, and with any of our lovely designs.

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What Benefits Does the Eames Chair Offer? How to Purchase it?

Nowadays, many young people like furniture with personality. These days, you may choose and buy your favorite Eames chairs from an internet retailer that sells home furnishings. The replica Eames lounge chair made by Swivel UK closely follows the original design in terms of inclination angle and seat depth, ensuring that the dimensions of each space are ergonomically correct and that the chair offers the highest level of comfort.

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TOP 5 Reasons for Purchasing Modern Designer Furniture

The benefits of modern designer furniture are numerous. The biggest benefit is unquestionably the likelihood that those contemporary pieces of furniture will endure through the ages.

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The 11 Best White Dining Table Designs for 2022

We understand your desire for a white dining table! We at Swivel UK modern designer furniture can help if you’re looking for a new white dining table but haven’t discovered the perfect style. With that, I’ll leave you.

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6 Creative Coffee Shop Decorating Ideas & Designs

You will find some original coffee shop décor ideas that you can apply, regardless of whether you want to create a new store or update the appearance of an existing one. Read on and choose the one that suits your business the most!

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Elegant 12 Garden Corner Furniture Ideas

Every outside area has possibilities, from terraces and balconies to large gardens with lots of quiet spots. Here are 12 of our favourite modern design furniture outdoor garden ideas. Each image has been carefully chosen by hand so that you will be entirely inspired. Choose specific components from each image to build the ideal garden corners.

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Status Symbol: The Eames Lounge Chair

The Eames lounge chair and its matching footrest ottoman may have achieved a level of adulation, must-have status, and success unmatched in the world of furniture design.

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7 Times We Spotted the Iconic Eames Lounge Chair on TV

The Eames Lounge chair, one of the most sought-after designs by Charles and Ray Eames, was prominently featured in American history, and the Library of Congress has conserved and restored old videos that will help keep the heritage of this and other Eames innovations alive for many years to come.

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Specialties About the Eames Lounge Chair

Swivel UK has established itself in the modern designer furniture market as a reliable Eames lounge chair seller. This new premium version takes the quality and the assurance up a notch. So that customers can buy with confidence. If you’re looking for that perfect Eames chair, browse through our collection of Charles Eames lounge chairs and ottomans now.

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The Advantages of Contemporary Office Furniture

Your customers, workers, and even you will feel happy at the office. Contemporary office Swivel UK furniture has emerged as a popular option for businesses looking for new office furniture due to the variety of styles and colours it comes in.

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5 Stylish Ways to Make a Bedroom Look and Feel Modern

It could be time for an overhaul if your bedroom has started to seem a little dated and worn out. So, if you’d like to learn more about your possibilities, stop by our gorgeous Swivel UK Modern Designer Furniture showroom for a cup of coffee and a discussion so we can get things started.

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What is Contemporary Style of Furniture Design?

If you’ve read up on furniture design, you’ve certainly noticed that the terms “contemporary” and “modern” are sometimes used interchangeably. Then head to SwivelUK Furniture in your hunt for the ideal modern items for your family room, where you’ll discover quality without compromise.

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The Influences of the Eames Lounge Chair

The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is a family chair that will last a long, long time. If you want to buy Eames Lounger chairs then we recommend to visit Swivel UK Store in London for the best quality Modern designer furniture with a variety of lighting collections.

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Classic Chairs Design Ideas to Decorate Your Living Room

Finding the ideal classic chairs and designing it might be difficult with so many options available for living room layouts. Here, we at Swivel UK London examine each form and offer decorating suggestions for living room accent chairs to enhance your sense of style.

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Lounge Chairs | Swivel UK

The lounge chair is our specialty. Born from a desire to create lively, homely and welcoming spaces, without ever compromising on quality, we have put together a carefully-crafted and engineered selection of the world’s best lounge furniture. We want to create pieces that will last a lifetime.

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Hans Wegner Chairs - Iconic lounge chairs | Swivel UK

The Hans Wegner Chairs are the finest chairs designed by Hans J. Wegner. Discover why Wegner's chairs are regarded as some of the best in the world.

Swivel UK is the destination for modern design furniture and home accessories. We are passionate about creating new, high-quality furniture design.

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Eames Chairs | Swivel UK

Swivel UK based modern designer furniture store sells classic Eames chairs that give you classic comfort at your workplace. Buy now at the best price.

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Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman | Swivel UK

The Charles Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is a classic design from 1956 and it's become one of the most significant, classic designs of the last century.

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Swivel is a modern design furniture store that epitomises the very best of contemporary furniture design. With huge stocks across all of our furniture supply centres, we guarantee that you will be able to find the furniture items that you are looking for.

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Discover the best Modern designer furniture at Swivel UK London. Our Furniture Brands and Interior Design Partnerships come together to bring you exclusive ranges of quality furniture, allowing you to buy stylish products online.

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