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--------our tyrant bassards, O'Biden and Fausti, apparently plan on mandating vax "passports" even for work and school.
Even the euro position is arguable, but understandable ( recently tested negative for COVID-19 ).....and what if you test that you have anti-bodies (prob better longterm immunity than the very questionable "vaxes"
I only have a couple of 0.22s, but I am ready

you may call me crazy, but if you do the math, you will understand. America could return with one action: NO VOTING BY WOMEN Again, pls do the math.
Biden got 52% (?) of the vote, Trump 48 ?
Of that c. 52, white women made up about 15. *
Black women made up about 6.*
Hispanic women made up about 8 *.
That 52 would be down to about 23.
(the subtraction from Trump or conservatives in general (say congressional) races would be relatively make the extrapolations).
** white women, 30% of total vote, voted 15% leftist- -
black women, 6% of total vote, voted close to 100% leftist- -
hispanic women, about 10% of total vote, voted (my estimate) about 80% leftist
The margin of victory for the sane could be further embellished by those with IQs below 80 not allowed to vote, govt workers not voting in the realm of employment, those who extract more govt benefits than pay in only getting 1/2 vote, no voting for anchor babies nor illegals nor offspring