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Dear CNN: These are not real news stories, but rather satire.
War In Ukraine Ends, Biden Shifts Funds to Activist Group
Biden decided Friday to cut off funding to Ukraine and give $4.23B to the Diversity League.
Former Miss Climate Girl of 2022 Sheds Crown and Joins Inuit Tribe
Gretta “how dare you” Thornburg (b. 3-3-03) has gotten tired of climate and has joined the Inuit tribe.
No More Crop Cicles “R” Us
The very last #CropCircles “R” Us location has finally closed in Gravity, Iowa.
Vulkinz Adopt Young Earth Minority Report
Aliens land in Cleveland and declare that Young Earth Science is real!
In a joint meeting with ALF, Ross Perot’s stunt double stated, “Young Earth Theory Intelligence is rockin’!” #YETI
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NEW - Net Zero initiatives of governments and private organizations are scientifically invalid and will lead to worldwide impoverishment and starvation if implemented, according to a paper published by the CO2 Coalition.

The 46-page paper details how the objectives of Net Zero to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and the emissions of greenhouse gases are "based on analytical methods that violate fundamental tenets of the scientific method which originated more than 300 years ago."


RFK Jr: The CIA Has Made a Conscious Decision to Weaponize Itself Against the American People

About ten years ago, the Obama administration overrode a law that made it illegal to propagandize Americans.

"The CIA has gained all of these increasing powers to propagandize American people and to use these techniques on Americans. And more and more, we're seeing the control of the press in our country — the old resurrection of Operation Mockingbird."

Full Interview: https://bit.ly/RFKJr-Part2

Or You Can Call Me Ray (Cosmic Quest edition)
Ma Bell (The Telephone Company) created a super cool film series on scientific topics. I just dug The Strange Case of Cosmic Rays (1957) directed by Frank Capra:
The film references using isotopes for medicine. John Joly, the physicist who was a pioneer in this area, actually rejected radiometric dating as a reliable geochronometer because of discordant results. I document this in my prior book:
Ice cores are brought forth as a friendly witness to an old earth. The impact of cosmic rays on certain isotopes should vary during magnetic reversals. However the findings do not match mainstream expectations.
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Actor Dies Unexpectedly at Age 28, No Foul Play Suspected

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University Left in Shock After Football Player's Untimely Death: 'Incredible Person, Student and Teammate'

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Sikh & Ye Shall Find (Origins Option)
The term Sikh ("seek") is from the Sanskrit siksati - a disciple. Of the 26 million Sikhs on this planet, more than 24 million live in India. Adi Granth (Punjabi - First Book) also known as Granth Sahib is the sacred text of Sikhism. The Adi Granth is the central object of worship in all gurdwaras (Sikh temples) and is honored just like a living Guru.

Ranjit Singh (d. 1839) aka Sher-e-Punjab was the first Maharaja of the Sikh Empire which ruled the Punjab region in India. Britain took over India in 1858. You may be astonished at how the Sikh worldview compares and contrasts with the Biblical teaching on origins. We read this in their sacred scripture: "No matter how much anyone tries to explain and describe them, the actions of the Creator cannot be counted. ... The names and the colors of the assorted species of beings were all inscribed by the Ever-flowing Pen of God."
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Protests In Iran Turning Into A Full Revolution
In the past two months Iranian protesters have made it quite clear they consider the regime unreformable and are pursuing its demise, without a clear leader.

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(★★★★★) Casey E. Williams is known as the "Innovation Draftsman." He wants to help you have a great life and succeed in your long-term goals. Catch the hot new strategies found in his book The Codes of Self Innovation.
Casey has had a wide range of work experiences including racecars, racehorses, cabinet draftsman and Production Assistant for The Runners (2020). I highly recommend the this superb motivational and autobiographical work:
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"The 23 Enigma" #Enigma23 #The23Enigma #Year2023 #AD2023
In appreciation of the coming New Year 20*23* ...
e^π ≈ 23.14 note that this sequence makes up the first four natural numbers.
My blog post from a few years ago on the 23 mystery >>
If you love to look for patterns, have you considered the Titius-Bode Law regarding our planetary neighbors?
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Our latest video covers the Jesus Revolution of the 1970's, von Daniken, Thor Heyerdahl, #TRACED and tons of other cool topix >>

Young Earth Today 2027 - Youth of the World UNite - YouTube

Young Earth Science is NOT like saying that the Reptoids rule Earth from the Martian underworld. Youth of the world unite! Support the real UNDarwinism and ...

Catastrophic Contagion: #BillGates , Johns Hopkins, & The #WHO Just Simulated Another #Pandemic (Video) - #DoNotDisarm - https://thewashingtonstand...

The Forgotten Trinity - Nicene ReMyx

Queen Victoria & Dr. Who:

Obama’s Brother Endorses Republican Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania Governor Race

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Former Pres. Trump holds rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. https://www.oann.com/forme...

Fascistic Biden: He CONCEDED There's NO Medical Emergency but Refuses to Drop Emergency Powers Dr. Robert Malone: "Biden acknowledged that COVID's over. He spoke about 'as we're coming out of COVID.' And yet, just as Bobby Kennedy predicted on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial last January, they continue to maintain a state of medical emergency. Biden essentially conceded there is no medical emergency last night, and yet he recently renewed the state of medical emergency through the election. This is not circumstance."


LOL! White House Runs Damage Control After Marjorie Taylor Greene Hammers Joe Biden On “MAGA Republicans” Statement [VIDEO]

“I don’t respect you for leaving our border wide open, allowing an invasion & deadly drugs in daily. Arming the Taliban, wrecking our economy, killing our energy independence, & supporting killing the unborn & genital mutilation of children. Go to hell, Joe.”

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"Our government is actively working to harm us, to dismantle modern society and enslave all people in a digitally-controled totalitarian world."

An important message from Dr Mike Yeadon
It’s the inability to believe it’s happening that really stops people objecting when they should, when the evidence is unmistakable but has not yet quite reached their door, their family.