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Casey has had a wide range of work experiences including racecars, racehorses, cabinet draftsman and Production Assistant for The Runners (2020). I highly recommend the this superb motivational and autobiographical work:
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"The 23 Enigma" #Enigma23 #The23Enigma #Year2023 #AD2023
In appreciation of the coming New Year 20*23* ...
e^π ≈ 23.14 note that this sequence makes up the first four natural numbers.
My blog post from a few years ago on the 23 mystery >>
If you love to look for patterns, have you considered the Titius-Bode Law regarding our planetary neighbors?
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Everyone keeping up? What are YOU doing about it?

isn't that the truth! these criminals will never be prosecuted! why are they above the law?? bc they own the system that's forcing Americans to live under a communist regime!