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Disabled Gulf War eteran

Did FBI & DOJ Help In Hunter Biden Laptop Coverup? Former Intelligence Director Says He Thinks So

I wouldn't trust the FBI with my wife's tampon! That's how incompetent the DFBI is! Now with them being used as a political tool by the Democrats means we need to defund the FBI! This is not a policing-type agency! this agency has proven by willfully and knowingly violated the constitution, federal laws, evidence tampering, hiding evidence, violating people's constitutional rights!! This is now the Democrat's FBI is used to spy on Republicans and American citizens who have different political i

I agree!! I will never forgive this liar!! I hope when it's bidens time to go that it's as painful and drawn out as it can be. biden deserves to suffer as much as he has made all of the American people suffer and for pushing planned parenthood on the American citizens!

This is ridiculous!! now we use skin color to hire or appoint supreme court judges now? What abt the most qualified person?? and white people are racist?? plus she believes pedophilia is not a crime!! why hasn't anyone from Epteins island been prosecuted??

Outrage as North Carolina medical school BACKS woke medical student who tweeted about deliberately injuring patient for mocking her pronoun badge

I guess who cares right? I mean Politicians in congress take an oath and shit all over it. So why not let a medical student?? Let her hurt a patient because of some words?? What happens next time when it's something more important than a pronoun?? Maybe next time she will kill a patient because she doesn't agree with the way a patient may be rising their gay daughter or son?? I guess we will have to let her get away with killing someone!! This is

White House admits they gave illegal immigrants cell phones and other electronics

I am going to start writing down my predictions! I bet the next thing will be biden trying to give our social security money to the illegals and you the so-called Americans will give up their 401K, IRA's, and retirement accounts to the illegals!! Why so we will have less and rely on the govt for everything!! This is how the govt controls you!!!

“Roughly 40 percent of the country appears convinced that the current illegitimate President was elected fraudulently and that the election was rigged” Obama began, before claiming 50-55% percent of the country refuses to get the vaccine, BECAUSE THE FDA AND CDC LIED!! PLUS THEY PUT OUT MIS-INFORMATION ABOUT THE MEDICINE HOSPITAL STAYS SIDE EFFECT OF THE VACCINE! EVERY TIME BIDEN OR HIS ADMIN OPEN THEIR MOUTHS THEY ARE PUTTING OUT MIS-INFORMATION EVERYDAY!! PLUS BIDEN PASSES NOTHING BUT BAD BILLS THAT ONLY FOCUS ON HELPING EVERYOONE EXXCEPT THE AMERICAN CITIZEN!!

Welcome to the new America where liberal Democrats told their new illegal constituents to turn America into their new home and to make it look like their home town from their country and this what America is going to look like! Now with that child molesting new supreme court embarrassment, say good bye to the constitution! We need a civi war to save America!! When are we going to take back this country?

Bombshell Evidence: Pennsylvania Election Fraudsters Caught on Camera

This is all great but if they don't do something soon it will be to late!! At the rate biden's going he's going to have this country destroyed by 2022!!! #BidenResignNow #ImpeachBiden #SaveAmericaDeportDemocrats

Need I say anything? Well maybe, please all liberal Democrats don't for get your 3rd injection and boosters!!


Fake covid lockdowns will come back, biden and the liberal Democrats in congress are getting ready to steal more fcceedoms and liberties away from the American People!
#Bid3nForPrison #BidenIsEvil #BidenResignNow #ImpeachBidenNow

Biden administration considering pulling health care from veterans to treat illegal aliens

The Biden administration reportedly is diverting doctors from the Department of Veterans Affairs to treat the massive inflow of illegal aliens expected at the southern border. This after everything illegals do for this country! Which is nothing and illegals deserve the something!! Why do illegals deserve so much for contributing nothing to America except more crime and higher taxes!