A story that tells the world liberal media are nothing but liars and make you scratch your head while saying WTF.


So, on the agenda for the coming week both the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization will be holding major summit type meetings to advocate for multiculturalism, open borders, mass migration and , "global government". Or more simply put, meetings of the lunatic fringe hell bent on trampling the rights of not only people, but entire nation's rights to self determination. Most ironically these power grubbing attendees will be holding these meeting in, of all places, Switzerland. A wonderful, safe nation where they abide by some of the strictest immigration laws, have tightly controlled closed borders, the most strict right to privacy laws in the world and, have a population that is 95 percent white.

Ironically, this 75th meeting of the World Health Assembly is titled “Health for Peace, Peace for Health”. Don't get me wrong. I'm in favor of peace. I'm also in favor of health. But they are two entirely separate disciplines. Both good in their own playing field. But whe

Welcome to the "Dystopian States of America".

As the Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes song went:
But please realise
You'll probably be surprised
For it's the land unknown to man
Where fantasy is fact
So if you can, please understand
You might not come back

The linked article is beyond chilling. It reeks of the days of WWII and the enemy we then fought to keep freedom alive.


The Other Side Of The Mask

First a little background for context.

Thankfully, most people have abandoned the masks and we're slowly getting back to the only truly effective use of them being the tool of armed robbers. Sure, there are still some who wear them and they look quite silly. Out for a walk

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Welcome To The New World Disorder

So, the running scared Twitter board of directors has voted to adopt a poison pill to prevent a "hostile" takeover of a publicly held company. Key words here are "publicly held". The board's job, its' obligation to shareholders, is to maximize shareholder value. In that sense they are to represent ALL of the shareholders above and beyond their own individual self-interests. They have a lawful fiduciary duty to the shareholders.

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In the breaking news of the day ... "Anthony ‘Science’ Fauci Scores His Very Own Collegiate Science Complex". And I scored the very first picture of his new digs! A very rare, one owner, facility built and owned by some dude named Frankenstein. Fauci, according to press reports, calls this facility "My childhood dream come true."

An interesting, fact full, read citing CDC information and studies.


The story of the day seems to be Jen Psaki leaving her White House job and moving over to MSNBC. I wouldn't call that "leaving" or "hiring". It's simply the same old job but working out of a different building. She'll still be taking her marching, (or would it be mouthing?) orders from the same people.

About the only change is she'll be able to tell even bigger lies without the White House taking the heat. Of course she'll have far less of a reach since her face will only be on NBC owned channels, and who watches any of those anyway? Her big win is no more tough questions from Peter Doocy.

Read an article yesterday that left me trying to decide if I should laugh or cry. It quoted Biden as saying "There’s going to be a new world order out there and we have to lead it”. Biden was said to be disclosing information he received from a top military official in a “secure meeting.”

Imagine, a man who could eff up a one car funeral thinking that he's going to be the leader, has the required mental and cognitive abilities to lead, a "new world order".

Like Ray Liotta's line in Goodfellas... "These are the bad times."

Let's take a trip in the old "Way Back Machine" for a visit to the 1970's and remember those heady times of the birth (pun intended) of the "Women's Movement". And let's not forget to pay all due homage to their incredible slogan "Any job a man can do a woman can do better!" Now let us fast forward half a century to current times. (Truth is we had the Way Back Machine double parked on Nostalgia Road and the meter maid had spotted us and was on her way.) But here we are, back in the present, where the "Woman of the Year" is… a man. And the fastest woman swimmer in the world is, yep, also a man.

I read a post on another forum and couldn't decide whether I should laugh or cry. (Truth is I did some of both.) It read:

"Future generations will be puzzled by how our civilization welcomed secret a... View More At

So Putin summons his top General for a Ukraine war update…

Putin: "How goes the invasion?"

General: "Good morning Vietnam!!"

Funeral arrangements will be announced as soon as the corpse can be located.

And here we have the first promo still shot for the new movie "Return of the Zombie Woman"

In response John Richards to his Mumbl

We patriots noticing these kinds of changes/flip-flops by Democrats and RINO's and spreading what they are doing far and wide online will HELP to insure they are voted out and lose their power and illegal payoffs, so SHARE posts like this and make your own folks! ;)

Just read a heartwarming story on the CNN site of all places. Western businesses are bailing out on their Russian investments and business partnerships. Their market values of businesses for many have crashed up to 50%. On top of all that the Russian ruble is down to about one cent per ruble. Big oil is seeking to divest their holdings and others are saying there will be no new investment deals made with the Ruskies. Actions do indeed have consequences.

Leaves me to wonder when they're going to try to hold westerners at these Russian entities hostage for ransom.

Damn! Double damn!! The low washer fluid warning light came on in our Outlander on the way home so I stopped to get some before it ran dry only to find out the liquor store has pulled Kamchatka vodka from their shelves to protest that putz Putin.