Liz Vicious


Yes, I am the one and Only Liz Vicious.& I am so glad to be back on this site! I can't wait to dive in & start having a good time.

Two Girls and a Vortex lol I've just been playing around with my Video Editor

Hey Fuckers! @AngieBonita
Now has her own Model Channel on Xvideos So I will no longer be Posting her Videos to My Model Channel How Fucking cool is that! Check her out here

I am finally getting something really special that is about to take place. as soon as I work out a date & times & what website to use for the event or possibly I could make use of Discord for this Live event & of course what platform will help me make some money as well.

if the changes on Xvideos work out as well as I hope I will no longer be selling access to the Dropboxes where for a 1 Time Fee you get access to everything I have ever done or will do I only started doing that out of a NEED TO! the loss of future income doing it sucks

Xvideos has made it possible for me to FINALLY charge a Membership fee to my Channel, this will allow me to do the same thing as "Just For Fans" with Luck soon I won't need Just for fans at all. Anything new can be provided on Xvideos & not FREE hoping I get a lot of Views.

Xvideos Has made some super awesome changes to their website and I urge All Models and content producers to look into the changes they have Made I won't try to explain them here it would be best for you to go to & check them out for yourself. xvideoscom

Hi, Guys & Gals Yes it is me, Liz Vicious I am so glad that this site is still here, I am a Big Supporter of Free Speach & I hope all my friends will also join this site.