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No nonsense conservative.

All that money wasted.

Meh, it's commie money anyhow.

Fantastic day at the river yesterday!
The level is WAY up from all of the rain we've had...

Do conservatives, gun enthusiasts, the right wing, and the NRA have a viable plan to keep guns out of the hands of criminals?


But here’s the flip side of that question: Do liberals, gun control enthusiasts, the left wing, and Handgun Control Inc have a viable plan to keep guns out of the hands of criminals?

Answer: No.

Conservatives say, “No matter what you do, the criminals are going to get guns. There is no way to un-invent the gun. Therefore, peace-loving people need to also have guns so they can defend themselves against criminals.”
Liberals say, “If all the law-abiding people give up their guns, the criminals will just naturally and inevitably be overcome by the wonderfulness of it all, and will throw away their guns and with tears in their eyes embrace the people they had intended to victimize, and the unicorns and the fairies will frolic in the meadow.”

WHY is it that everyone here is some kind of spam artist or ADVERTISER for some stupid business????

Guess who bought another ban on FascistBook?

? ? ? ?

If you are stupid enough to go out into traffic, you get what you get.
Darwin award winner! ? ? ?

Trumpsters: The House Republicans are mostly focusing on getting even with the Bidens, and the J6 Commission. Is that really what you voted them in office for?

What if they did?

What fucking right do you have to complain?

No leftwing person in the country has any business complaining about partisan political investigations with the only goal being petty revenge. Because that's what your side has been doing constantly since 2016, without interruption or hesitation.

You don't get to complain about it now.

Was President Biden really raised by Puerto Ricans as he claimed?

Biden was raised by Puerto Rican coal miners in Scranton PA. He drove an 18 wheeler to earn good money to get an excellent education so he could become a full professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He taught graduate level courses in plagiarism and fiction.