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Applications of E-Paper Displays - Microtips Technology

E-paper displays are already on the market. These displays have found use in various applications across multiple industries due to their low power, lightweight, and flexible qualities.

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4 Top Beneficial Features of 12.3-Inch TFT Displays

TFTs are active matrix LCDs, wherein each pixel is attached to a capacitor and a transistor in their active state. Go through this infographic for the features of 12.3ʺ TFT LCD displays, making them popular among various LCD displays.

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Round Displays are great for small applications such as wearables, handheld instruments, and gauges. Get started with the round display offering vivid colors and a wide viewing angle.

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The Best LCD Display Module Suppliers - Microtips Technology

Microtips Technology brings in the best display panels that can match your electronic devices extensively. With our market experience of 30+ years, we bring in the best display modules matching today’s technological advancements.

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Functioning Of EPD (Electronic Paper Displays) Screen | Microtips Technology

E-paper has proven that it can serve as a foundation for the development of original and comprehensive ideas, much like traditional paper. Presenting the functionality of an E-paper which is a technology that mimics the appearance of regular ink on paper.

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