Kari Lake master trolls Liz Cheney, thanks her for record donations off of her anti-endorsement


OK, fine! Don't let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you!
Your loss, our gain.

The Pelosi story doesn’t make sense at all. No random person can just break into the home of the 3rd in line to the United States Presidency. There’s more to this: Paul Pelosi was attacked by his gay lover after a domestic dispute. So much for the far right extremist bullshit.

So much for being a "Good Catholic."

Letsgo Brandon Elon Musk Buy Facebook tweet

Dog Recorded Casually Trotting Down Mexican Street with Most Gruesome Trophy (A human head), yet Biden doesn't seem to think this is a matter of border security.

Over 340,000 people have been killed since the Mexican army began operations against the cartels, the report said, and the Department of Justice in 2018 called the Jalisco New Generation cartel, “one of the five most dangerous transnational criminal organizations in the world.”

With Rail Strike Looming, Wyoming Has The Coal To Ship But Can’t Get Enough Trains

Paul Pelosi was attacked by his gay lover after a domestic dispute.
If I had a wife like Nancy, I'd be looking elsewhere too, but not with a faggot.

Alexandria Occasional-Cortex on Inflation

Alexandria Occasional-Cortex on Inflation

Kari Lake Exposes How FAKE NEWS is Made
Yesterday's Press Conference after NBC Fake News accused Kari Lake of break-in when they new damned well it was false. Kari Lake hands them their asses! You GO, girl!

I'd bet DuhWalt would pay good money to keep these photos off the Internet.
You know what to do!

The First Honest Ad From the Democratic Party Ever!

An Honest Ad from the Democratic Party in 2022 - YouTube

#news #politics #democratsAn Honest Ad from the Democratic Party in 2022

"Where's Nancy?" Paul Pelosi's assailant was looking for Nancy.
New York Times Live Updates: Intruder Seeking Speaker Pelosi Attacked Her Husband With a Hammer

The assailant was yelling “Where is Nancy?” according to a person briefed on the assault. Her husband, Paul Pelosi, was hospitalized with a skull fracture, and the police said the suspect would be charged with attempted homicide.

Better luck next time.

Joe Biden’s brother and son took huge sums, $11m, from Chinese Communist Party linked firm, records show

I identify as naturally immune.

Conservatives don't use hammers. If we've got a proverbial axe to grind with someone, it usually has an AR stock on one end, not a hammer handle.

Hit the Road, Jack!

El Endoso de la Muerta: The Endorsement of Death
This video was LIVE about 3 hours ago on Facebook.

Fearless with Peter Vivaldi
Puerto Rico's politicians in Orlando. Crist's campaign insults Latino voters.

Your calls and comments
(863) 250-1150

Sin Miedo
Los politicos de Puerto Rico en Orlando.
Campaña de Crist insulta votantes latinos.
Sus llamadas y comentarios

(863) 250-1150

A new poll shows that Hispanic voters in Florida prefer Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis over Democrat challenger Charlie Crist – and this includes registered Democrats.

The poll, from Telemundo/LX News, surveyed registered Hispanic voters who said they are likely to vote in November's election. When asked who they would vote for if the election were held at the time, 51% said DeSantis, compared to 44% for Crist, 1% other, and 4% undecided. The survey was taken from Oct. 17-20. More information below the video on the channel.

Hit The Road, Jack!
Elon Musk takes over the reins at twitter, begins by firing all of the top executives; Including the #beeotch who permanently banned Donald J. Trump.

North Idaho PAC Accused Of Lying, Misrepresenting Itself, Candidates, As ‘Conservative’

Freebird Revisited

twitter Employees on Their Way Out
buh bye, #bitches !

2000 Lying Dogfaced Pony Soldiers
(2000 Mules Rebranded)

Hit Me With Your Death Shot mRNA!

Loser, Loser! Nobody cares what you think DOUCHEBAG!

Meta fined $24.7M for campaign finance disclosure violations

2000 Lying Dogfaced Pony Soldiers
What you think it is about, it's about.

Build Back Better Stacey Abrams Edition