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Not much to tell. Vietnam vet, photographer, writer of short stories. All around human being who came late to lunch. Glad to be here.

So, I've been wondering, just what is Biden good at? It sure as blue blazes isn't the job he is doing now! Did he ever catch a limit of trout? What was his handicap at golf? How good was he at adultery? Did he ever do anything to benefit America? Anything whatsoever?

When you come right down to the brass tacks, Biden is not good at anything that I can see. Except, switching his opinions on a yearly basis and lying through his teeth. It's gotta be in his genetics but that may not be fair to his predecessors. Did he have any predecessors? Would his mother and father approve of what he's doing? Hunter certainly does and that makes one unless you throw in Jill. I don't know a thing about Jill so I'll leave her out.

Do you enjoy the term, "Loser?" I believe we've found the definition with a pulse.

It's an interesting word in these times; the image following. It revolves around other modifiers such as, "only," "what" and others that we have all used. It applies to elections also. The problem with this word is that it shouldn't have to be used at all. It points to our imperfection.

A time ago I got the idea to share my Bible study with those who are searching for some stability based on understanding what life is about and how perverse it has become over this end of an epoch we are living in. Rather than be preachy I settled on conversation as my approach.

To do this I have spent months finding palatable resources to link to where consistency is an attribute. A place where Chapter and Verse are easily looked at a piece at a time. Everything worthwhile is built a piece at a time so this is what I chose.

The result of this is here: And, in the last few days I have put up a companion site where discussion can be had should anyone want to speak of what they know or have learned. That website is here: It is just now open for registration. Peace to all here through the Christ in God's name.

Assuming the pundits are correct and 2022 is a landslide moment for Republicans, then what? Just what type of Republicans are we going to get and, more, what will we then do about this Progressive anarchy?

These people are enemies of the Republic. These are not true Americans except for the fact that they were born here. Are they, then, enemies of the state? It certainly appears to be that because if you look at a frog you don't call it an eagle. Actually, this is what progressives do, calling a frog and eagle, and this stands against the logic of survival for America.

America was built on "can do." If one can't do and then goes against "can do" what good are they as citizens? They're not good citizens they are enemies of what we love: our Republic.

I've been working on a social website that is oriented toward Scripture. Our times appear to be the times of Matthew 24 given the melee, the pestilence and even now, the King of the North and South. I made it quite similar to In keeping that theme it is at It is only just now up but you are welcome to join and we'll see how it goes.

I watched about three minutes, it was all I could stand, of Biden fumbling and stumbling words about the Roe v Wade decision. I wasn't surprised when he blamed Trump and his SCOTUS appointees for the decision. I had to turn it off when he said that Roe was a Constitutional right. I've read the Constitution more than once and can't remember anything mentioned about abortion.

When doing wrong is declared a right, especially something so egregious as killing the unborn, the morality of a society has dropped from the face of the Earth and lights a neon sign in Heaven crying, "Please God, stop this madness." We are reaching a nexus of tension between right and wrong. Right will prevail but at a very high cost to the world as we know it. When the final foul drops of our society are wrung out, this change will be of Heavenly goodness. Until then, however, buckle up as it is going to get seven shades of awful.

Is it just coincidence that DEranged and DEmocrat begin with the same two letters?

I put together a lot of consideration this morning in an article here: It is up and published should you care to take a look.

It's going to take all of us who love America to straighten out this mess the Progressives are making. A lot of unwelcomed guests need to be sent packing until they learn to do it right. That should sort out the undesirables if they need to work to be citizens. Maybe we can use the free money for student loans to finance getting rid of these unwanted non-citizens.

Otherwise, we aren't going to have any safety and that is the reason we have a Constitution last I took civics in 1957. Things were only a bit different then. Then came acid, hippies, slugs and termites and all landed in the Universities and Deep State; nicely intertwined.

The past few months I've been writing a story online. Today I finished and have published chapter five. The story is called, "Into the Woods," and is at This has taken me away from politics and the subterfuge of our country to a place of imagination for just a short while. With the publication of chapter five I have time to get back here.

So, if a person goes out and kills two police officers in L.A. that's fine. If Kamala Harris and her cronies find someone has said they don't like progressives on line, they go to jail.

The good news is that my wife and I bought our first house at 17% interest in 1980. So this hike in rates isn't all that bad. The awful part is that it was the same party in office then as now: Democrat. Imagine if the ticket had been Biden, Carter! Two men with brains the size of peanuts. Old peanuts and quite stale.

If you add the two eras up you get lousy life plus lousy times and you come out with the sum total of Democrat policies as pertains to making life livable at 0. Actually, if you add in the misery index it is in triple digit negative numbers.

Anyone who grew up in the 1950s will tell you that this is not the country they were born in. It is far more of a socialist country now. You don't have to look for socialism, you're in it up to your lower lip. Add to this "Globalism" (which I term Goblinism) and we end up staring at the Anti-Christ. If you wonder why people are so against we of Faith look no closer than to God's archenemy. He and his brethren are on the Earth right now or its vicinity. Have been since a week or two before World War One. World War? Ring a bell?

I'm going to be generous and give odds that the Democrats WON'T cheat in 2022 and 2024 about 2%.

Concerning Republicans who do win I'm about 50/50 on whether they will be TRUE Americans or socialists in Republican clothing. The Progressive infiltration into the Republican ranks reminds me of the Brown Shirts in Nazi Germany and how they hung to the party line from either rabid agreement or threat of death.

They'll be coming after Christians also and that will be a great sign of good to come. Nothing is easy.

I held a high security clearance in Vietnam. It was for the job I had to do aboard a rather threatening, nuclear capable and armed ship. The job was Electronic Warfare. When I finished my service after two tours of combat over there I had a lot of knowledge concerning what was going on over here.

I've known about communist infiltration of our colleges since that time. This is the threat we face as communism is globalism and Nazism combined. Hence the deflection using Trump as a so-called Russian asset. It is all smoke and mirrors and all goes right back to Eastern Europe and the Soviet Block. It has morphed in name and function but it is the very same it has always been. Diabolical. You can bet China is directly involved also but at the time I was made aware China was still agrarian.

Came up with this page today. If this doesn't get me committed I am safe to continue on. It is part irony and part word salad that makes sense if you take your time and consider the source.

I was trying to recall who the last honest Democrat was. It has to be when the South decided to fight the North so that they could keep the slaves. Lee comes to mind but Jefferson Davis dressed up in women's clothing to try to hide from the Yanks. That about sums up the Dems both then and now!

The first LGBTQ+ specimen. Just don't ask him his preference! He throws dirt. (know what I mean?)

Considering the America we know I wrote this article this morning. Buoy up!

Well, I got to thinking today, and that has the potential to be dangerous. I'll be 74 the end of this summer and I realized that I am still a work in progress.

There was a time in my life that I wasn't worth a plugged nickle and a time in my life when I found myself in plugged nickle territory, said enough, and pulled myself back into reality. I guess Vietnam had a lot to do with all this but I can't put my thick head on my service. I put it on me.

This only means that if Joe Biden faced reality, ever, he would follow the path I did. What we see in him is a person who doesn't have his life in order. Probably never did once he left his family. In a way it is sad to see. However, he should have known better than to put him, and therefore us and the world, in this position.

Ego drives him and a good woman would not have let him go this route. At least, that is my opinion.

Yes, I do ask myself what do I know. So should Joe.

An article I wrote today concerning what we are all going through.

Joe Biden has, since his start in politics, been a segregationist and the only person in the room who is aware and smart enough on every subject to be the one who is always right. With this attitude is it any wonder that he is the only one who is wrong about everything?

Smart is a loaded word as it has no relationship to IQ. A smart person is one who can work efficiently and correctly because they see cause and affect. Without this knowledge one is usually wrong about most everything.

Then you have high IQ. These are the ones set apart from the average person and most of the time this intellect comes with a basket of social problems and even a lack of practical knowledge. Joe seems to kiss anything female so high IQ is not his problem.

He is, however, totally inept. He lacks the equation of cause and affect to the degree of stupidity. He wouldn't be president were it not for cheating in the election. You and I are smarter than he and I doubt any of us would want to be presiden

As we watch the Democrat party we are made aware of why tribalism was soundly defeated by civilization. Western Civilization to pin it to the wall for all to see. We are witnessing the rebirth of tribes laced liberally with ignorance of what civilization stands for and why it was so important in order to take us out of the Stone Age.

We are also witnessing the end of two party rule if something isn't done. A monarchy is in the offing of Chiefs and braves, prisoners and slaves. It is all so obvious that many can't see the "Handwriting on the Wall."

I am getting up there now and it is amazing to a guy who grew up with black and white TV and huge antennae on the roof, that had to be put back up in storms, how far this world has come since 1948. 1968 I was on my way to Vietnam, yet another amazing thing as I came home unscathed . . . physically. (But for a messed up back but that's another story.)

People have changed more drastically with the advent of the internet than anytime before. I've been considering this for some time and the more tentacles the internet threw out among us the more paranoid and untrusting people got. Untrustworthy balances that last out nicely.

My first association with computers was in the service. Univacs as large as industrial freezers and reel to reel magnetic tapes. All very hush hush back then. What it did for us I still won't speak of. got a lot of the enemy taken out.

It is, as I stated, amazing and quite unexpected as to the populations reaction to all of this.

Call this part one . . . ?

Welcome and Enjoy! These are good people here.

The Worst Case. A scenario avoided.
It occurs to me that almost everyone who is in authority including Republican Senators and Representatives are not able to grasp "Worst Case Scenarios." They refuse to go there and this is what confounds all of us.

There isn't a Progressive who doesn't lie! It is in their DNA! It is how they get their way. It is the blight on Christianity, Judaism, and our Constitution. That takes in just about all the philosophy on which America was founded. They simply lie and Republicans in office get the hook caught in their mouths each time. These are the dumbest trout in the river and they deserve to be filleted.

Or, is it going along to stay in office? That would be even worse than falling for the lies. That is living a lie. It is against all America stands for and we've stood for it too long! Heck and tarnation, I put my life on the line for truth and was lied to!