Para Goal


Paragoal is registering a company for you, my dear friend, who wants to Obtain Dubai residency.

Paragoal Holding’s home electrical and mechanical appliance repair department can restore and repair any electrical and mechanical appliance, from heating and cooling systems (A/C Services) to toasters, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, etc. By performing appropriate and timely maintenance, the devices work with the least problems and the highest safety.

Benefits of registering a company in Dubai
Receive legal privileges from the UAE.
Support the laws of all parties of the company
Having 100% ownership in commercial areas.
Obtaining representation from natural persons on the basis of having a reliable and stable system.
Obtaining government credits such as bank loans and required permits.
Having a free trade system.
Tax exemption in joint stock companies.
Selection of company managers of any nationality (the manager can be a legal or natural person).
Having an online bank account without the need for a visa.
No need to submit annual inspection reports.
Buying a property without the need for a passport or visa under the title of an international company and exemption from paying the transfer fee.