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Pennsylvania to count undated ballots, election official says, despite US Supreme Court ruling

My profile picture is an old man like me that isn't me. We are starting to look a bit alike so this is the closest I will get to face recognition. Take ten years off this guy and you've nailed me.

The scenic is, however, my backyard as I am old enough to have been able to afford a nice piece of property decades ago. Yes, I worked my tail off for it in my own business.

I don't have what Joe Biden has because I actually worked, scrimped and saved without public tax payer, or treasury assistance and have the scars to prove it. Enjoying being on Mumblit. Thanks for the follows.

Thanks Mumblit for making the change so that I can paste Memes, gifs, photos, etc direct into my timeline, without having to first save them to my desktop!!!!

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NICE! Those are great improvements that add more flexibility and convenience for Mumblit users! 👍

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It over due time to put this MR/DD man in a Goodwill program.

-- Walt Disney Would Be Disgusted – But People Are Pushing Back

Republicans Should Focus on America, Not Ukraine

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"Let's Go Brandon...and the blue donkey you rode in on...jackass!"

Barr says Biden 'weakened' US economy by 'stopping' energy production before Russia's war on Ukraine

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Boy does the looney-crazy-radical-left have a problem on their hands worldwide! They have to choose between remaining silent in the face of true fascism (effectively supporting it) OR they have to fight it. But let's be real people...what do phony cowards USUALLY do in these situations, hmm?

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