I Never sugar coat anything, never have and never will.

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You can still get baby formula with no shortages from Canada. So, this looks like it's a US only shortage, which makes no sense at all. Definitely a manufactured crisis.

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The next update will allow this, and should be ready to go in the next few days.

Thank you to Latham Saddler & Kelvin King for sharing your US Senate campaigns with @GeorgiaLogCabin . Thanks also to Buckhead Republicans & Brenda Smith for co-hosting.

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When you see the view from another vantage point, it's easier to not only find good people on common ground but easier to understand the enemy

Meet Utah Third District Judge Douglas Hogan who sentenced three African migrant criminals, to just 48 months probation, for the gang rape of a 14 year old Utah girl which left her unconscious. They videotaped their crime showing the unconscious 14 year old girl.
If you're in trouble with the law in America, color matters!
It's judges like Douglas Hogan who give our judicial system a bad name. Let's begin giving these rogue wok justices the publicity they deserve. If you agree with this post, Light up his life and pass it on.