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The 5 Best Ways to Use LED Lighting
#1 : Uses in the home every day
Domestic Electrician Melbourne says that LED lights could help you save money on your electricity bill.
There are many different kinds of LED light strips, such as recessed lighting and watt/lumens conversions for general use.
When the bulb in a regular light fixture, like a lamp, burns out, it can be replaced with an LED bulb.
Specialty bulbs, like those used in appliances, can be replaced with LED bulbs that look the same.
Floodlights that light up porches, driveways, patios, decks, and back yards can also be made with LED bulbs.

Industrial ElectricianWhy Should Your Business Install A Power Generator?

Ev Charging/ Charging
Requirements for EV Charger Installation
Each charger ‘should’ have its own socket outlet and be on its own circuit.
As many consumer incoming mains are in the 35A to 50A range, even one added 16A charging socket-outlet can cause an overload. So, when an EV charging point is added, the electrician should do a maximum demand assessment. This can mean a consumer mains upgrade.
It may also go further, requiring upgrading of the distributor lead-in from the street, especially if there is more than one EV and they are on separate socket outlets, as in AS/NZS 3000 Appendix P. Switchboard upgrading or replacement may result, and additional AS/NZS 3000 requirements may apply.

Residential Installations
For residential installations with PV there may be some benefit when charging an EV. However, as most cars used for travel to work or used at work will be away during the day, this may not be a solution unless a battery system is installed.
These issues may be exace

Caravan Camper-Trailer-240V Electrical
Choose Reeves Electrical for Caravan Electrical Services in Melbourne
In order to enjoy life on the road, you need to ensure your caravan or camper trailer is equipped with all the necessary mod cons. Keep Reeves Electrical in mind for all your caravan electrics needs in Melbourne to ensure minimal downtime and inconvenience. With almost 30 years of industry experience, our qualified electricians provide a variety of camper trailer electrical services in Melbourne including:
 General electrical repairs
 Solar panels – the most sensible way of powering your caravan
 Battery chargers – essential for enjoying comfort and convenience on the road
 LED lighting – a fantastic energy saving option for caravans
 Wiring – an essential component of safely travelling with your caravan or camper trailer
 External repairs and installations
Today, caravans, camper trailers and RVs are far more complicated and technologically advanced than they use

Data Cabling/ Cabling
Melbourne’s Commercial Data and Network Cabling Professionals
Keeping your office securely connected to its data network is essential to ensuring that your employees can remain efficient and productive throughout the work day. Over time, existing cabling can require repair or reconfiguration, depending on how the needs of your office change.
Here at Reeves Electrical, we are proud to offer comprehensive data cabling solutions for businesses in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Whether you require a complete overhaul of your current cabling, or simply need some maintenance work down, we can keep you connected all year ‘round.
Get in touch with us today to organise your free quote!

Why is data cabling so important to your business?
When you have an office full of employees, ensuring that everyone is connected to the same network can be a lot trickier than it might initially seem. This is where we come in; the Reeves Electrical team can take care of all of your co