Is that a promise or a threat?
P.S. I've been celibate for 27 years. If I can do it, so can you.

“I would never invade America. There would be a gun behind every blade of grass.”
— Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

Look where playing nice has gotten us. Do you think the democrats care that their their violence is met with forgiveness? No. They laugh. Do you think Christians are supposed to just sit back and do nothing when the world is on fire?

Ned Flanders isn’t going to change the world. An Eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth.

Tell me how complacent early Christians were against pagans. Run their asses off the road!

RINOS who voted for gun control.
Now we need to post all their home addresses and get people to start posting Gun Free Zone signs for a city block around their homes. Gun Free Zones for RINOS & Liberals in Congress: An idea whose time has come! After all, every mass casualty shooting since the Gun Free Zones law was passed during the early 1990's occurred in a "Gun Free Zone."

Refuse the CLOT SHOT!

Destroys Covid and the spike proteins it leaves behind. Beats cancer, viral colds and flus. It even stops Rosacea! Doctor recommended #1 source. Hundreds of 5 star reviews. Every household should have a box on hand. Safe and effective. Nobel prize winning!

You won’t believe the fraud they just uncovered in Nevada!

Explain to me how a RINO so hated he couldn’t show up without getting booed because he’s also the same guy that covered up the Las Vegas shooting, beat a guy who was leading rallies and filling rooms?


PROTESTORS OVERTAKE FREEWAY in Los Angeles, assault vehicles refusing to stop. THOUSANDS are now marching on the 110 Freeway North. Happening Now In Los Angeles.

Democrats have been greasing the rails for domestic terrorism with BLM/Antifa and inciting hatred through every media outlet. This is exactly the outcome they want.

It may be time to lock & load in your home areas.

Don't let them make you a victim! We may need to call out the Rooftop Koreans!

Breaking News! Hell Adds Extra Hot Section for Baby Killers
California, Oregon And Washington Create A West Coast Coalition To Provide Access To Abortions

Let's post "Gun Free Zone" signs within a block of all RINO and Liberal politicians homes!

Gun Free Zones for RINOS & Liberals in Congress: An idea whose time has come!

For those who don't understand why, virtually every mass casualty school shooting since the "Gun Free Zones" around schools was implemented by Joe Biden in the early 1990's have been in "Gun Free Zones."

2 yrs ago! You know when that trash talking loud mouth was running the country. And you could afford bacon and gas, and feel good about splurging sometimes, and your 401 was actually growing, and you didn't have to worry about your 3 yr old being indoctrinated or your baby starving because there is no formula. Yeah I remember those days and I miss that loud mouth, Twitter trash talking orange man that was running our country pretty good and making our country great again. If you can say we are in a better place because you voted for the dementia ridden man in office now, something is wrong with you!!!!

Join the #REDPILL #WalmartBOYCOTT !

#SHARE this to your profile walls, as well as download and repost this meme & link ALL OVER the Internet!

I remember a time when you had to go to a carnival freak show and pay to see shit like this.

Vote With Your Wallet: #BoycottKroger Foods!
The Kroger Co. Family of Stores includes all of the following:
City Market
Food 4 Less
Foods Co
Fred Meyer
Jay C Food Store
King Soopers
Metro Market
Pay-Less Super Markets
Pick’n Save
Smith’s Food and Drug
Boycott Kroger Nationwide

Interesting #DIY Channel on YouTube
Repair Broken Plastic Parts with Epoxy
134,567 views Aug 4, 2019
Next Level Carpentry
304K subscribers

Repair broken plastic parts so they're STRONGER THAN NEW with this simple but unusual method. "Rebar" provides an extra measure of strength that far exceeds the strength of epoxy alone! Regardless of the type and brand of epoxy you prefer add this slick trick to your arsenal of #DIY/Pro hacks.

Repair Broken Plastic Parts with Epoxy - YouTube

Repair broken plastic parts so they're STRONGER THAN NEW with this simple but unusual method. "Rebar" provides an extra measure of strength that far exceeds...

#TuckerCarlson Discusses #AshleyBidens #DiaryFromHell and #PedoJoes #Incestuous Relationship

Tucker Carlson discusses Ashley Biden's 'Diary From Hell' and why did her incestuous #Pedophile father Joe take showers with her?

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Tucker Carlson covered the curious case of Ashley Biden's diary on his Friday night broadcast. I have included his segment here. I don't think that this is the last we have heard of Joe Biden's creepy showers with his daughter Ashley when she was a young girl, but the feds are working fast and furious to cover up the story, including harassing the woman who found the diary, all the while she never committed any crime when she found it.

Never trust a fed. They are the modern equivalent of the KGB and they absolutely do not care about American citizens' constitutional rights or due process of law.