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elon musk may be stepping down as CEO of twitter

Funny how the word “Equitable” sounds like a nice way of saying “We are going to use experimental gene therapy on a third world country”.

Candace Owens - Delete your PayPal account

Candace Owens - Delete your PayPal account#candaceowens #paypal *****************************************I have the heart to reach the lost and proclaim the ...


“Gospel” is one of the most common words in a Christian’s vocabulary. But what does it mean in the original languages of the Bible? In this video, we’ll disc...

If you do not like public schools then send your kid to a private school or home school that does not accept state or federal funding. Once a school accepts state or federsl funding it is at the mercy of the NEA or the OEA which is the same thing. The OEA or NEA are progressive groups that are designed to indoctrinate your child into progressive thinking.