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Artha Solutions is a premier enterprise data management company.
MDM Solutions USA - Artha Solutions

With a trusted 360-degree view of master data across the enterprise, MDM solutions enable business and IT users to cooperate and develop. Through self-service analytics, MDM allows you to obtain insights into large amounts of data about your products, services, customers, and transactions. An MDM solution is a data organization and consolidation procedure that results in a complete and accurate representation of a business's data.
Talend Consulting Services - Artha Solutions

We offer businesses that offer both Talend Consulting Services and Talend Professional Services to our clients Talend Consulting Services such as data strategies to install and support. With our experience with the Talend product line over the years, we have been a part of the Talend ecosystem for more than ten years.
Data Governance Consulting Services - Artha Solutions

With our Data Governance consulting services, we help enterprises overcome these challenges and implement sustainable data governance solutions. Now, enterprises realise data as an asset that can provide long-term value with data governance services. We partner with Amurta Data Insights Platform, a leading data governance platform. Using the Data Insights Platform, we accelerate implementing your data governance journey to provide better-trusted data for data-driven insights and overcome the challenges of complying with regulatory mandates.
Data Governance As A Service - Artha Solutions

Data organisation within a more comprehensive data management approach is defined by data governance as a service. We collaborate with Amurta Data Insights Platform, a top platform for data governance. We expedite the implementation of your data governance journey using the Data Insights Platform to deliver better-trusted data for data-driven insights and get over the obstacles to comply with regulatory requirements.
Talend ETL - Artha Solutions

We provide Talend ETL such as data strategies to implement and support to we offer enterprises that provide our clients with both Talend Consulting Services and Talend Professional Services. As a Talend’s master re-seller in India, Artha is often involved in the modeling of ETL processes, and data integration.
Master Data Management Solutions - Artha Solutions

Our master data management solutions, with Talend & Amurta & data insights platforms, help make data reliable, consistent, and form a single source of truth.Master Data Management is one of the most important steps towards meaningful, data-driven decision making. The Journey typically begins with the creation of master data, which is mostly unique, current data spread across the organization.
Big Data Analytics Services - Artha Solutions

Artha Big Data & Analytics services assist in the development of intelligent data-driven business solutions. Businesses can use Artha's Big Data Analytics services to detect specific patterns, correlate data points, and unearth hidden insights in massive and diverse data sets. Visualizing big data analytics allows business leaders to quickly make sense of information and provide real-time insights to identify new opportunities.
Data Governance Services - Artha Solutions

In order to help you reach your data governance goals, our data governance services team works hand-in-hand with your enterprise to capture your business objectives, review current compliance levels, and limit the risk of poor data quality while following data protection protocols. Enterprise data governance assists businesses in implementing the appropriate processes and ownerships in order to achieve data quality and security.
Data Migration Service USA - Artha Solutions

We provide Data Migration service and ETL Migration Services with rapid and robust solutions. Our experts can handle complex issues and deliver successful data migration with high quality data in reduced time and cost.Our ETL migration experts help enterprises successfully migrate their data accurately and as required for data modernization.