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White-label VoIP Softphone with WebRTC and Auto-provisioning

Boost Remote Team Productivity with Asynchronous Communication

As the modern workplace evolves, so do the methods of communication and software used by teams. Finding the appropriate ways to support the constant changes in teamwork communication within a virtual environment can be challenging.

The implementation of asynchronous collaboration tools has emerged as a potential solution for the difficulties faced by remote teams. However, relying on one type of communication exclusively can also present limitations.

The key to successful team communication is finding a balance between different approaches. Rethinking your virtual collaboration tools and finding one that is customizable to your team’s preferences can go a long way in ensuring smooth collaboration in a virtual dimension.

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Top Microsoft Teams Alternatives for Remote Collaboration and Communication

There are several features that make Microsoft Teams a crowd favorite. But is the most popular platform always the best in every business use case? The short answer is no, there are #alternatives that work really well for other use cases. Let us start by looking at the features that made Microsoft Teams popular and then consider the alternatives to #MS #Teams available today.

#1 . Tragofone
#2 . Ringcentral
#3 . Dialpad
#4 . Zoom
#5 . Nextiva
#6 . GoTo Meeting
#7 . Cisco Webex
#8 . Slack

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Top ZoiPer Alternatives for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac

Though ZoiPer is one of the best softphone apps out there for desktop users, not to forget it has a mobile app too, the good news is it is not the only one. When it comes to softphones one is really spoilt for choices. Let’s look at some equally good and in some cases even better ZoiPer alternatives for Windows and Mac. Here are our top picks for ZoiPer alternatives, we have also mentioned what it is that they bring to the table. Let’s dive in!

-> Tragofone
-> RingCentral MVP
-> Dialpad
-> CloudTalk
-> Bria by CounterPath

Tragofone is a great alternative to ZoiPer if you require a user-friendly, customizable, powerful and adaptable communications platform.

Best Practices to Enhance Team Collaboration via Video Meetings

The recent series of events, technological advancements, and a shift in the business landscape have led most organizations to have a distributed workforce. #video #meetings of course emerged as one of the most preferred tools for these distributed team mates to collaborate. However, this also meant people had to push out of their comfort zone and learn and adapt to new technologies. But following certain #best practices can make this transition a lot easier and ensure a smooth #collaboration and a seamless #user #experience .

#1 . Choose a video communication tool that fulfills your requirements.
#2 . Train your employees to use the video conferencing software and hardware.
#3 . Record your meetings and share highlights with the team.
#4 . Engaging and interactive video meetings.
#5 . Seamless transition between varied communication channels.

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Why do you need a Hospital Phone System for Healthcare Business?

The #Hospital #Phone #System aims at providing a quick and easy means of internal and external #business #communications . A growing number of healthcare businesses are investing heavily in reliable and #user #friendly phone systems because of the efficiency these systems bring to business operations and #Customer #service .

In today’s digitally connected world an advanced feature-rich hospital telephone system plays a vital role in various day-to-day operations such as:
#1 . Providing assistance to patients
#2 . Eliminating information silos
#3 . Enhance internal communication
#4 . Streamlining commercial transactions
#5 . Leveraging the power of data

How phone systems for healthcare drive business efficiency
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6 Benefits of Video Conferencing for Finance Advisors and Banks

#1 . Making the unimaginable a reality
When we think of banking transactions we imagine walking into a bank to the cashier and withdrawing or depositing cash. However, there are many other dealings we do with a bank like investments, insurances, taking a personal or home loan, etc. Though a cashier still needs to be physically present in a bank to discharge duties a lot of other roles like that of an investment manager or a #Financial #advisors or an insurance agent can be discharged online through #video #conferencing . VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and easy availability of the internet has now made it possible for financial advisors to connect with their customers on a video call in a safe and secure digital environment.

#2 . Video conferencing is a better alternative to communicate
#3 . Helps you stay ahead of the competition

10 Reasons Why Your Financial Institution Needs a Modern Contact Center

What does a #Financial #Services #contact #center do?

A financial services contact center offers assistance to customers and prospects in understanding different products, services, and processes. A customer may reach out to a contact center of a financial service provider for queries, complaints, or concerns regarding the following:

Status of policy/ cheque/ deposit
Renewal of scheme or policy
Application for loans
Tracking the status of loan application
Theft or misplacement of debit or credit card
Activation of credit or debit card
Information related to credit cards such as available limit, credit limit, used credit, annual fees, etc.
New services or products introduced recently
Blocking debit or credit card
Current purchase and refinancing rates in case of a mortgage, etc.

How VoIP is Transforming Better Enterprise Communications

9 #Enterprise #Communication #Trends for 2023 and Beyond
The ever-evolving communication with our employees and colleagues never halts. The following are the trends that will take #Enterprise #communications to new heights in 2023 and beyond:

#1 . The rapid shift towards hosted VoIP/cloud PBX
Due to their affordable cost and need for less maintenance, hosted VoIP services are becoming more and more favored by businesses. #businesses that are in the process of switching from conventional business lines to IP enabled technologies can benefit from this scenario.

#2 . The prominent growth of UCaaS
Cloud-based enterprise unified communication infrastructures are the wave of the future.

Desktop Softphone App: How to Call a Phone from a Computer?

What is a Desktop Softphone?
A #desktop #softphone is a #software #Application that businesses use to #make #Phone #calls over the internet via their computer or smartphone. #PC softphones refer to the computers that are configured for calling.

The Softphone has all the features of a desk phone, plus advanced features such as call transfer and call whispering. Besides allowing you to make calls from your computer, they also allow you to travel with your work phone.

You can use your business phone on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to take advantage of its robust features and seamless connection. It simplifies mobile work because you can continue working on your portable device.

Call Center Analytics: Improving Collections with VoIP Softphone

#call #center #analytics can be understood as the collection, measurement, and reporting of performance metrics within a contact center. Tracking call data, agent performance, agents efficiency in handling inbound or outbound calls, all of these and more come under the purview of call center data analytics. These analytics take into account metrics like how agents handle calls and the overall customer experience. Such data is accessed and utilized using specialized analytics software inbuilt in most VoIP softphones.

Earlier such data access was available to managers and supervisors, however modern day VoIP softphones also provide real-time data points relevant to agents to help them boost productivity and deliver customer service that makes an impression.

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Virtual Phone Number: Why Does Your Business Need One?

What is a virtual phone number?

A #virtual #Phone #number is a #DIGITAL #telephone number that customers can dial to get in touch with the business. Unlike traditional landline numbers, it does not restrict the location for receiving or making a call. In fact, a virtual #cell phone number can be linked to #multiple #agents . Confused?

Suppose, A and B dials a normal contact number. What happens? Both get a busy tone. Now, what happens when A and B dial a virtual number of a business at the same time? The connection is seamless for both, even if A is located in India and B is located in Africa, and both dial a virtual telephone number of the #USA .

A virtual number can be used to receive as well as make calls to different devices, such as phones, VoIP desk phones, landline numbers, #VoIP #softphone

Best Windows Softphone App for Business: A Complete Guide

What is a #windows #softphone #App ?

In the simplest terms, a softphone is a #software and not an actual physical telephone instrument that enables a user to place telephone calls via the internet using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone. The user needs to install the softphone app on the device they wish to use for making such calls. However, using a #WebRTC softphone such as Tragofone does not even require installing an app. The user can directly launch the softphone in their browser, login using their credentials, and they are good to go. Most of the softphones including Tragofone are compatible with #windows , #Mac , and #android operating #systems . This makes #Tragofone as one of the best softphones for windows and a great softphone in totality.

VoIP Softphone App: Effortlessly Adapting to Business Rhythms

How do you make a call on a softphone?

You might be wondering, "How do I make an outbound call on a softphone?" The solution is as straightforward as they come. #softphone #App operate much like regular phones. To use the app, simply launch it, dial a phone number on your #computer or mobile device, or choose a contact from your contact list, then wait for a connection.

#VoIP #softphones can be adopted for both professional and domestic calling. The difference between a business softphone and a standard audio/video calling application can be distinguished by someone who receives and makes a lot of calls, especially long-distance and nationwide calls. Separate personal and company phone numbers are needed for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Why is VoIP Dialer Important in a Call Center?

What is a VoIP dialer system?

#VoIP #dialer refers to a #software that #contact #centers use to simplify and #automate the process of outbound #Calling . In other words it is an automated system that places calls to customers. VoIP dialers are used by both #outbound and #inbound #call centers. The early generation of dialers were actual physical hand held dialers but these have now evolved into a software or a #Calling #App also known as VoIP #softphone .

The new generation VoIP dialers are essentially dialer software that can be installed as an app on any mobile device such as a #smartphone , tablet, laptop, or Why is VoIP Dialer Important in a Call Center?#desktop. #WebRTC softphones like Tragofone can also be launched directly from your favorite browser.

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WebRTC Architecture and How does it Work – A Layman’s Guide

Simply put, #WebRTC is a simplified way of #real -time #web #Communication via the web. It is primarily used for peer to peer connection on the web where a connection is established between two browsers. Users can share different data forms such as audio, live video stream, and more. Zoom is a classic example of this form of communication. Since its inception, WebRTC was designed to enable direct communication between browsers.

While on the face of it all of this appears seamless there is a complex WebRTC #architecture in the background that runs the show. A basic infrastructure on the server side is a prerequisite of any WebRTC #Application for exchange of signalling messages. WebRTC #Apps that support media exchange like #Tragofone , involve a more complex behind the scenes architecture.

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Real-time Communications Monitoring: Business Game Changer

#Realtime #communications #monitoring is the act of monitoring and recording all communications in real-time. This includes all forms of communication such as phone calls, emails, text messages, and chat messages. WebRTC monitoring is essential for businesses as it allows them to keep track of all communications and ensure that they comply with regulations.

Real-time communication monitoring is facilitated by the features of call center software such as call analytics, activity dashboard, reporting etc. Usually, transcripts of conversations are automatically generated by the software that can be later reviewed by the manager. Moreover, integrating speech analytics into the call center software further enhances the RTC monitoring process.

Top 10 Call Center Employee Retention Strategies for 2022

Call centers have struggled with call center employee engagement and retention. This problem is difficult to ignore because the high annual turnover is significantly higher than that of other businesses.

Poor communication

Negative comments from managers

Metric norms that are illogical

Underdeveloped technology

Aggressive clients

Employee turnover is a serious issue, irrespective of whether you’re a small business or a giant corporation. Below are 10 tips and strategies organizations can follow to increase call center retention rate.

What is Cloud Calling? How does Cloud Telephony Work?

#Cloud #Calling or cloud #telephony is a form of unified communication for businesses that facilitates voice-based communication through the internet. The primary difference between cloud telephony and other telecommunication solutions is that it is hosted in a cloud environment giving the business access to a broad network.

Cloud telephony offers a wide range of communication and collaboration features such as video conferencing, IVR, speech analytics, etc. It provides flexibility and mobility for employees to work from anywhere.

Redefining Finance Communications with Business Softphone App

A cloud-based #business #softphone #App like Tragofone helps #finance #service #Companies significantly reduce operational expenses, optimize, and improve productivity and efficiency. Being in the business of handling people’s money, clients of finance service professionals expect 24×7 availability, instantaneous response, and a great customer experience every time. With features like push-notifications, call forwarding, and intelligent call routing business softphones ensures that you don’t miss a clients call or message even during off-business hours. It facilitates finance professionals to up their customer engagement game, nurture long-term relationships, build trust, and deliver customer service par excellence every single time.

What is Latency in Business VoIP – How to Fix Low Latency?

Latency refers to the lag in response time between action initiation and the corresponding action completion time. The data transfer from one endpoint to another gets delayed or takes longer than we had expected resulting in latency. One of the most common examples of latency is a slow loading web page or the time taken for a video to buffer and play smoothly on YouTube.

#Latency #in #business #VoIP refers to the delay that occurs when a caller speaks and when the receiver on the other end of the line hears what is being said. VoIP data basically are compressed digital files made of raw audio which are transmitted via data packets. These data packets are delivered in a sequence through the device being used to make the call, a router, VoIP platform’s server, a carrier network, and finally, to the recipient’s device.

WiFi VoIP Phone System: Simplifying Business Communication

On-premises phones typically function via a Private Branch Exchange (PBX). It is simply a small telephone exchange designed just for your company’s needs, equipped with complicated installation requirements such as central server systems, network carrier connections, and copper cables before even getting to the desk phones themselves. As you might expect, setting one up takes significant expenditures in hardware and infrastructure, as well as ongoing maintenance and direct involvement for any updates or expansions. In actuality, they can present a myriad of challenges for managing telephonic operations, particularly for an organization with limited resources.

How SIP Client is Shaping a Brighter Technological Future

A #SIP #client is a program that allows users to make and receive calls on a virtual phone that utilizes the open-source SIP protocol. A user can communicate audio, video, chat/messages, availability status, files, and more, thanks to the protocol.

Best Customizable Softphone App for Call Centers that Make an Impact

VoIP is a technology that makes it possible to make calls through WiFi or a broadband internet connection as opposed to a standard, analog telephone line. It operates by converting analog signals into digital signals that are transmitted via the internet.

Particularly with regard to virtual call centers, VoIP has transformed how call centers operate. By connecting numerous small call centers and agents that work from home spread across various places, a virtual call center is created. Softphone apps for call centers, Business softphones, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), and CTI (computer telephony integration) are typically used for this.

When compared to a standard PBX phone service, #Customizable #VoIP #softphones #App for #call #centers are equipped to manage higher call volumes...

What is VoIP Client: A Comprehensive Guide

VoIP is a technology that lets you use the internet to make and receive phone calls as well as video calls instead of traditional landlines. You can call anyone if you have an internet connection without using a traditional local phone service. High-speed internet and a VoIP service provider are all you need to make calls. When installed on a user’s computer, a #VoIP #client is a software application that enables voice over internet protocol calls. #Soft clients are sometimes referred to as softphones in the business world.

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Softphone System: Communication Way in Insurance Companies

A #softphone #System is like your regular phone using which you can make and receive both audio and video calls over the internet and do much more. But guess what, it is not a physical phone but a #software #Application that’s installed on an internet-connected device such as a laptop/desktop/smartphone/tablets. A #VoIP softphone app is provided by a VoIP #provider and is a user-friendly interface that functions much the same way a regular phone does. A SIP softphone enables users to access dialling and all the features that come with a VoIP solution which is not possible in case of traditional phones with adapters. Most VoIP providers develop a softphone system interface along with a VoIP #Phone #service .

What is VCaaS? Video Conferencing as a Service Features

#video #conferencing as a service works on cloud technology which means, a business can buy video conferencing services on a subscription basis from a #VCaaS #service #provider . Being an as a service offering, VCaaS gives users a lot of flexibility and mobility. Your employees can access and use the video conferencing apps anytime, anywhere provided they have an internet connection. What’s more, VCaaS #Apps are compatible with not only computers but also smartphones and tablets, multimedia desk phones, and plug-and-play meeting room kits.

WebRTC to SIP calling - How to Call from a WebRTC Browser?

WеbRTC is a platform-agnostic tеchnology that allows browsеrs to dirеctly connеct to еach othеr and еxchangе data using modеrn wеb standards. This makes it possible for dеvеlopеrs to build cross-platform communication applications without having to struggle with diffеrеnt tеchnologiеs or codеcs.

#WеbRTC #calls support is built into most modеrn browsеrs like Chrome, Firefox, etc. It’s commonly used for various functions such as video calling, voicе chat, and rеal timе collaboration.

UCaaS vs VoIP: What is UCaaS and How It Works? Pros & Cons

#UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) is a term used to describe a cloud-based model of business communication systems. As the name suggests, UCaaS unifies a myriad of business communication tools, such as instant messaging, chat, email, video conferencing, and more on a single platform. The use and implementation of UCaaS varies from one organization to another.

What is Telecommuting: Telecommuting Definition and its advantages?

As per #Telecommuting #Definition , it is typically a work arrangement where employees work outside of the office space. This may involve employees working from a co-working space, home or even remote areas. Work from home is the most common term that represents telecommuting.

Telecommuting works when an employee’s work can be done from anywhere irrespective of the location. Because of the flexibility of location, telecommuting removes the need of commuting to work every day. The employees usually rely on telecommunication technology back by a robust wi-fi connection to do their work remotely. Communication and collaboration are important for effective telecommuting. Remote employees make use of VoIP phone app or collaboration software like Slack and Zoom to communicate with their team, employers or even clients.

VoIP Apps are Reliable Partner for Emergency Services

A feature that made VoIP apps popular was the ability to make calls from any device or location which implied that a user could seamlessly switch between multiple devices and make calls using the same number while on the move. However, this feature proved to be a challenge for VoIP services to support emergency services calling. The recent technological advancements in VoIP have changed things for good. Let’s understand the relevance of VoIP apps in emergency services from two perspectives:

-> Is it possible to make emergency calls on VoIP?
-> How can one make emergency calls using a VoIP app?

To answer these, we first need to delve into the process emergency services follow and the tools they use to track people. Let’s walk through it.