BREAKING: Biden uses SOTU speech to push MAGA style policies on infrastructure, manufacturing, jobs


Jack Posobiec
Biden's bizarre comment 'Name me one world leader who'd trade places with Xi Jinping' was not in his staff-prepared remarks
Biden says he wants to top fentanyl but has opened our borders wide to the Mexican cartels
Biden says 'We must finally hold social media companies accountable for the experiment they are running on our children for profit'
Will he say the same about child gender procedures?

Biden Admin Announces New FBI Headquarters Twice the Size of the Pentagon | Facts Matter

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? Watch: Marjorie Taylor Greene Has a Witty Surprise for Biden Ahead of SOTU


BREAKING! Ahead of #SOTU2023 , President Trump DESTROYS Biden's horrific policies and war against #FreeSpeech

"We will make our country better than ever before and we will always put AMERICA FIRST!"

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The State of Policing in America is: Not Sustainable

⚠️ 109% Increase in Officers Shot

⚠️ 46 Officers Shot This Year

⚠️ Officer Morale at All-Time Low

⚠️ Nationwide Police Staffing Shortages

⚠️ Rogue DAs Cutting Sweetheart Deals

⚠️ Activist Judges Releasing Violent Criminals

State of the Union

Installed treasonous President
Election system totally corrupted
Congress is a den of thieves
Fiat currency on brink of default approaching 32 trillion debt
Army of Illegal aliens flooding country / open undefended borders
constitution basically null and void
Media controlled by foreign entities and mega corporations
Brink of World War 3
Satanic trans/ pedo agenda flooding our children
Military and todays male youth feminized and pussified

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?? Confirmed strike on the Kharkov Aviation Factory and the adjacent buildings. Indications of Islander ballistic missile having been used.

Protesters, including several Michigan lawmakers, gathered at Pfizer’s Kalamazoo global supply facility today, organizing in response to a recent widely-viewed Project Veritas video purporting to show an employee of the pharmaceutical giant discussing COVID-19 research practices

BREAKING: Chinese spy balloon carried explosives to self-detonate, was 200 feet tall, weighed thousands of pounds, and its payload was the size of a jetliner


TURKEY/Syria - The following attached images show updated locations of recent earthquakes in the region. Earthquakes are occurring in both Turkey and Syria.

They are also happening in other locations throughout the world, but it is usual there are daily quakes across the globe. The situation in Turkey and Syria, however, is not usual

Sebastian Gorka: Donald Trump's "the person who can drain the swamp."

The percentage of U.S. consumers that lived paycheck to paycheck ( in December came in at 64%, according to the report. That figure equated to about 166 million and marked a 3% jump year-over-year. In December 2021, 61% were living that way, the report said.

The report, conducted in collaboration with PYMNTS, polled over 3,900 consumers in the U.S. The surveys took place Dec. 8 to Dec. 23.


Greg Kelly: Why blow off one of his key responsibilities, does he not care? Is Joe Biden somehow compromised?

Greg Kelly: 'Preposterous' Joe Biden may be compromised - YouTube

"Why blow off one of his key responsibilities, does he not care? Is Joe Biden somehow compromised?" Greg Kelly on Joe Biden's ties to China and more on NEWSM...

Some Chicago neighborhoods are more dangerous for young men than what U.S. troops faced in war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to a new study.

Now, researchers say they’ve found that some parts of Chicago are even deadlier for military-aged young men than what U.S. soldiers faced in war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The risk of a man 18 to 29 years old dying in a shooting in the most violent ZIP code in Chicago — 60624, a swath of the West Side that includes Garfield Park — was higher than the death rate for U.S. soldiers in the Afghanistan war or for soldiers in an Army combat brigade that fought in Iraq, according to a study published in the medical journal JAMA Network Open.

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6:49 PM - Day 2

Latest Update devastating Turkey earthquake:

2,921 killed

15,824 injured

Rules Committee Advances Bill to End Vaccine Requirement for Entering US

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CDC Caught Quietly Tracking People Who Didn't Get the Covid Jab

After years of warning that the track and trace database put in place with COVID measures would be abused to conduct undue surveillance on Americans, the "conspiracy theorists" have been proven right again.

'There is interest in being able to track people who are not immunized or only partially immunized'


Minnesota Democrats want voting rights restored to felons currently in prison

CBP officers at the Nogales POE seized approximately 489,600 fentanyl pills and 8.8 lbs cocaine discovered in 6 loads in the last 7 days.

Concealment methods included rocker panels, gas tank, bumper and 3 body carriers who had packages of fentanyl pills taped to their legs, Port Director Michael Humphries reports.

The fence is back up around the Capitol for SOTU because Biden knows walls work on the ground.

Joe Biden is more afraid of Americans visiting their Capitol than a Chinese Spy Balloon invading our air space that could have carried God only knows what.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called this evening to bring the army to a state of "full combat readiness"

Citizens continue to report disturbing calls on social media. Nearly 24 hours later, many settlements are still inaccessible due to damaged roads.

Despite the efforts of authorities and rescuers, they have yet to reach these affected areas, leaving residents to clear the rubble on their own. The full extent of the disaster is yet to be fully comprehended.

Additionally, the death toll from the Turkey earthquake has risen to 2,316 with 13,293 injured.

Rescue teams have yet to reach the affected area on Atatürk Caddesi in Antep/Islahiye's Müge Site following the earthquake.
Distressed family members are using social media to appeal for assistance in locating their relatives trapped beneath

The Iranian humanitarian aid delegation has successfully arrived in Syria following the earthquake, providing much-needed support to those affected by the disaster.

Rescue teams from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has successfully arrived in North Kurdistan & Turkey to provide support to those affected by the earthquake.

The Russian Emergency Ministry Council is gearing up to dispatch a team to Turkey & Northern Kurdistan to offer assistance in the aftermath of the earthquake.