BREAKING!! The lead author of peer reviewed research re-analyzing the Pfizer & Moderna trials on the mRNA vaccine, Joseph Fraiman calls for an IMMEDIATE HALT of the death shot ??

‘We have conclusive evidence that the vaccines are inducing sudden cardiac death’


Since everyone is still hell bent on "When the 2nd amendment was written...." or "When the constitution was written....."
When the constitution was written the life expectancy was 54 years old. Given that, maybe once you hit 55 you can no longer serve in any form of government, since after all, that was at the time it was written.

While I was listening to an episode from Hotep Jesus, he made a very good argument. He said that if the Left currently controls almost all of the government, media, tech, dictionaries and much more and if they are complaining about white supremacy still then the white supremacy is all on the Left as they control just about everything.

You can't be for inclusion while at the same time wanting to ban stuff.

You can't be for inclusion if you are wanting to force people to wear masks

Context. Joe Biden made a speech and said that he has 2 words for us "Made In America"

Came across this the other day, seems relevant.


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