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Violence Solves Everything was an RPG Podcast that was started in 2012 and went on hiatus in early 2014.

Here's a thread by another "person" saying not to colonize Japanese culture. One of the things you need to be able to show understanding of is Chinatowns if you want to use stuff from Japan. Oh and it claims to be a half-elf he/they/she.

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So we have an American being offended for and speaking on behalf of Japanese people about their culture being used as a fantasy setting. Oh and the tool's name starts Sailor Scout of all things.

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I might not be a fan of 5e but if you are I recommend you check out The Modern Adventurer's Guide to Guns & Gear.

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So apparently Matthew Colville thinks that wanting something to stay close to the source material is a form of fascism.

Thoughts on Rings of Power Season One - YouTube

In which I talk about what I liked and didn't like about the new Rings of Power show.

Troll Lord Games is currently running a kickstarter for 7th volume of their Mythos series, this time ancient China. There is currently only 5 days left to jump on this one and I recommend it as Castles and Crusades is a great D&D alternative.

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Here is another one of the complete nut jobs in the "TTRPG Community" that you should avoid. This one even claims: "I'm a ttrpg scholar who wrote an MA thesis on race and gender in early ttrpgs."


Avoid this creature that has both a twitter and youtube account where it constantly pushes its political agenda on the RPG hobby. Once it thinks it can get milage out of attacking you it will do so constantly and claim that it is living rent free in your head if you try to defend yourself in any way.


While I admit this is true for most games I first encountered when I was teaching my group in college Alternity.

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The original version of Alternity was/is a great game that will always have a special place with my group and my players are always up to play again.

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Apparently Chaosium recently released updated character sheets for the Call of Cthulhu RPG. The new character sheets have added a space for your Pronouns. Yes they did this to character sheets for the 1930s, 1920s, and even the Dark Ages. Well it's official Chaosium has lost its fucking mind.

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Given the increased interest in all things Cyberpunk by people due to the recent release of Cyberpunk Edgerunners on Netflix I was surprised (though given the current state of the hobby I should not have been) by the number of people talking about how to play those characters or that sort of game using D&D. I mean Edgerunners not only has Pondsmith's fucking name in the credits, it is also set in the same world as Cyberpunk 2077 which is the same world as the RPGs Cyberpunk 2013, Cyberpunk 2020, Cybergeneration, Cyberpunk V3.0, and Cyberpunk Red. So why shoehorn it into D&D when the RPG it was based on already fucking exists?

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I use to be (still am?) a big fan of Shadowrun, but lost some interest with the release of Shadowrun 4th ed but things continued along without much issue for me. Then came Shadowrun 6th edition which was a flaming dumpster fire of a ruleset with the worst editing I think I've ever seen in a game (and the actual rule changes were no better).rnrnSo I'm curious about any other Shadowrun fans out there. What are your opinions of the various editions?

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What fucking language is this shit written in? Let's see if we can translate this bullshit to actual English.

For gender fluid individuals, the expectation to share pronouns is a systemic violation. Is it so hard for privileged nongender fluid to pause when you'd like to refer to me so I can fill in the blank? How would I know which pronoun I want be identified with before I know the context of the sentence or situation?

Gods even using English this is still nonsensical bullshit.


I am going to try and mostly avoid making political statements because that is not what the podcast was/is about, but based on things I've been seeing on the internet and in the hobby recently (last several decades) I feel I need to make my position on something very clear.

Communists are capable of serving a very important function in fertilizer. They deserve nothing else.

Another question for the RPG fans out there. Am I the only one who is sick and tired of having game companies/owners/developers come out showing off their political views while calling everyone who may disagree an -ist, -ophobe, or Nazi?


A quick question for the GMs out there. How many of you have players who clean up after themselves? For example the group slaughters a den of goblins who breached a basement in town. Did they clean up the bodies or leave them to rot and spread disease?


I have been a big fan of Shadowrun 2nd and 3rd editions. I have not been able to get into newer SR for a few reasons. 4th I have issues with the merging of Decker and Rigger into the Hacker, the homogenization of the Shaman and Mage, and the proliferation or wireless everything (just doesn't feel cyberpunk). 5th edition I had issues with the editing, wireless everything, and the nanobot personality overwriting storyline. 6th ed core book was such a complete pile of unedited shit that I never looked past it.rnrnSo does anyone have a suggestion to scratch that Cyberpunk itch? And don't fucking suggest D&D 5e based anything.

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