NEVER give in to Replacement Theology. The Church replacing Israel. It is a heresy that leads to another heresy. It will be then Replacement Marriage (same sex marriage) which will divide families and churches. It is this type of marriage brings in pornography, pedophilia, transgenderism and all sorts of things from the pit of Sodom and Gomorrah. God still have a remnant of Israel to be saved in the last days.

We are a nation that has for the last 60 plus years fostered domestic terrorism.

Joe Biden is showing is wrath against Americans by sending in violent illegals to do shootings as happened in Austin Tx.

A vile hateful retard President who is a dictator.

Its NO coincidence that President Biden will use the baby formula shortage to blackmail the Supreme Court to reverse court and keep Roe Vs. Wade in place. He wants the 50 years of legal Death Penalty operations on demand for all unborn babies as a medical choice. IF the Courts continue in this fashion then the President will cut off the baby formula supply and cause an epidemic of sick and malnourished babies to suffer in the United States as a tool of punishment.