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The 5 Common Mistakes People Make When Installing Commercial Solar Panels.

Everyone wants to save money on their electric bill, but few are meticulous when it comes to installing solar panels. Learn the 5 biggest mistakes that people make with commercial solar installation and avoid them.


Saving Money with Professional Solar Installers

Saving money and going green can be easier than ever with professional solar installers. With a team of certified and experienced technicians, Accord Electrical provides you with the best quality solar panel installation and maintenance services to help you save money and make your home or business more energy-efficient. Invest in solar installers today and start saving money while preserving the environment.


The Challenge of Community Support for Energy Transition

Fortunately, if you want to install a solar system in your home, you won’t need any community consultation. In fact, the only consultation you need is with Accord Electrical, and we’ll ensure you get the perfect solar package for your needs. Contact us today to find out more about slashing your energy bills with solar.


The Importance Of Proper Solar Panel Maintenance

To ensure that you’re solar panels are working properly & operating as efficiently as possible, you need to ensure that they’ll well maintained & looked after.


The New Green Star Home Standard Saving Homeowners Money

We’re committed to protecting the environment – now more than ever. Our new solar panel packages are designed to make it easy for you to affordably go green with a warranty that can save you money!

How Do Commercial Solar Panels Affect the Environment | Accord Electrical

So, you’ve heard that Commercial solar panels can help you save the environment, but how exactly do solar panels themselves affect the environment that we live in?


Sunshine Coast Solar & Electrical Services | Accord Electrical

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How Are Solar Panels Affected by Clouds?

Solar panels performance is greatly affected by overcast. Solar panels efficiency declines on cloudy days. Read on to know how output of solar panels changes by the presence of clouds.

Some myths busted about commercial solar panels

Undoubtedly, all renewable energy sources are beneficial. Still, solar energy emerges as the most valuable and will rule the world in the future era. To that end, the solar industry is working toward more sustainable ways to extract the materials needed to lessen the environmental impact. For more details on Commercial solar panels, Accord Electrical is here to help you.