kenneth adair


73 years old living in Calgary and huge Trump fan

In response kenneth adair to his Mumbl

This woman is so far out of her league, the only thing she says all the time is that this country is racist. A typical of a person out of her league. Blame, blame blame.

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In response kenneth adair to his Mumbl

would you expect anything else for MSNBC the democrat propaganda machine for the left, and many of the left has stopped watching them.

In response kenneth adair to his Mumbl

This guy is a first class idiot, if he was in a class room giving a speech the teacher would put him in the back of the room with a dunce cap on. What a moron, no leadership qualities. this is the worst thing the lame steam democrat propaganda machine has done to the citizens. First not vetting Obama, then not vetting Killary Clinton, and now not vetting this idiot. LETS GO BRANDON.

In response kenneth adair to his Mumbl

No problem, Just rent a Backhoe and the house is empty again.

In response kenneth adair to his Mumbl

It is proven in the 2016 election, Killary Clinton lost by a land slide, she got very little people to her rallies, all while President Trump got thousands. In the 2020 election Biden got at most 100 cars, President Trump got thousands at his rallies. Any one who thinks Biden won just can not do the math. Fixed machines, ballot harvesting got Biden in.

In response kenneth adair to his Mumbl

Heard she was getting engaged. Must give one Hellava a blow job, because she ain't too smart.

In response kenneth adair to his Mumbl

Obama, the race baiter and community organizer, never a president only praises a criminal, woman beater, resisting arrest, on drugs. That is what Obama is, blame, blame, blame and lets make a martyr out of a criminal.