In response kenneth adair to his Mumbl

Agree, Killary Clinton should be charged like any other citizen would if we broke the laws she did.

Secret Service granted access. Didn’t inform trump. How can he be safe in this environment?

We knew the rubicon would involve trump. We just didn’t know how.

Former AG Matthew Whitaker Rips Mar-a-Lago Raid: 'This Is Something From Banana Republics'
This is a new low for this ridiculously politicized Justice Department.

JUST IN - U.S. CDC coordinated with Twitter, Facebook, and Google to censor users who questioned the COVID-19 vaccine, according to internal communications.

🔴 Stunning Amount of Oil Released by Biden to Be Shipped Abroad


Texas Sheriff: Open Border Is Transforming America to Marxist State

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AOC brags about how she stopped a bill designed to protect Supreme Court justices and their families the day after a radical leftist attempted to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh.

Bad Things Coming for Those Responsible? - Pfizer and Moderna CFOs Run for the Exits [VIDEO https://www.redvoicemedia....

Well, we knew it was the injection. Here’s confirmation.
The Expose (
New Study confirming COVID Vaccine causes Severe Autoimmune-Hepatitis is published days after W.H.O issued 'Global Alert' about new Severe Hepatitis among Children.....
A new scientific study published 21st April 2022, has concluded that Covid-19 vaccination can elicit a distinct T cell-dominant immune-....

Fires and Explosions: Destroy 20+ Food Processing Plants Moments After Biden Warns of Food Shortages

CDC extends airplane, public transit mask mandate

US Consulate in Shanghai Allows Employees to Leave

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🟡 INTEL: 00:15:47 12-04-2022
FRANCE: French journalist who accompanied French volunteer militants in Ukraine confirmed that U.S. soldiers coordinate foreign military in Ukraine. U.S. officers are in charge for training and enrolment of foreign ‘volunteers’ in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. NATO forces are deployed in Ukraine, including as foreign volunteers, as well as military instructors who came to the battlefields together with heavy military equipment. The NATO Army is already de facto fighting the Russian Army in Ukraine.

-- US Government Paid Mainstream Media Gigantic Bucks to Falsify Covid-19 ‘Vaccine’ Narrative

NWO Agenda | WGS 2022
CNN's Becky Anderson opening statements yesterday at the World Government Summit:
"And the title of this session. Are we ready for a new world order?"

Military Doctor’s Court Testimony: Ordered To Cover Up Huge Number of COVID Vaccine Injury Cases

"Safe and Effective" - The FDA Was Presented With Tens of Thousands of Adverse Events While Approving the COVID Jab

"These are tens of thousands of people hurt or missing... serious outcomes... This was private; they didn't tell us. They gave it to the FDA, and the FDA and Rochelle Walensky and Dr. Fauci, who's fleeing, told us all, 'It's safe and effective.' And now Jen Psaki is asking for money to do it to your child!"

Biden highlights new sanctions on Russia, more aid for Ukraine after meeting with NATO allies

Many state sheriffs, police departments, gun rights advocates and lawmakers said the legislation was needed to counter overreach from Biden’s administration.


BREAKING: After test-firing ICBM, North Korea says it is “fully ready for a long-standing confrontation with the U.S.” - Yonhap