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You can find the top of the best organic beauty products along with ingredient details exclusively at the Anahata Organic Online Store.

Trace minerals are provided by Sendha Namak, which also stabilises blood pressure, enhances digestion, relieves muscle cramps, and improves skin health.

Our organic Exfoliating Coffee Soap is Handmade soap bar which gently Cleanses and Polishes your Skin. It removes the skin's dead cells.

Kesara- is a Vedic ingredient that balances the Tridoshas and make skin tone smooth and natural. Kesara - Massage Oil helps relax, encourages sleep.

The Anahata Aroma Oil Diffusers are carved out of marble and are available in beautiful designs.

Anahata Keshamrit Conditioning Organic Shampoo

The Anahata Keshamrit Hair Cleanser & Scalp Cleanser is a traditional, hand-crushed blend of 23 unique ingredients.

Anti-Dandruff Haircare
A Step-By-Step Guide

Hibiscus Hair Oil