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A beautiful Emerald Jewelry at wholesale price.
Emeralds are the birthstone of May. Emeralds have a beautiful green color. The endless beauty of emerald jewelry is everyone's favorite. The fresh green color also symbolized the color of life. The beautiful Emerald jewelry also represents constant love and beauty too. Emerald jewelry is a unique addition to your style. You can carry this stunning jewelry on every occasion. Emerald jewelry has longed for its captivating charm for ages.

Grab the best deal on Fluorite Jewelry in Gemexi.
Absolutely Fluorite is an enchanting gemstone. Fluorite finds in a wide range of hues including white, blue, black, orange, red, brown, purple, green, and many more. But the most famous color of this gemstone is purple. You can carry this stone in the form of a Ring, Pendant, or earrings. The striped and multicolor beads of Fluorite look great in form of bracelets. It looks beautiful in banded purple and white shades.

Malachite Loose Gemstone at an affordable price.
Malachite is a green-colored gemstone believed to be a part of the monolithic crystal system. Malachite has a silky luster that gives it a patterned surface. You can quickly identify the malachite by its rich green hues. Malachite derives its name from the Greek word malakos which means soft. A natural Malachite stone has some healing properties like it helps to heal from Broken Heart. It also keeps away wearer from negative energy. Gemexi has a wide range of Malachite gemstones at wholesale price.

Gem Carving Jewelry Collection at wholesale price.
The combination of art with jewelry is a perfect example of how to worlds collide to give the jewelry an exquisite and stunning look. Gem Carving Jewelry adds some sparkle and shine to your style. Each of our artisans works dedicatedly on every piece of jewelry to make them classy and that can enhance your overall look and personality.

Get a Gemstone Coin Jewelry Collection at wholesale price.
Gemexi presents the incredible world of Gemstone Coin Jewelry! You can buy this silver gemstone coin beauty in the form of a pendant, earrings, and other timeless beauty. If you have a classic choice in accessorizing so, Gemstone Coin Jewelry is a perfect choice for you. A Gemstone coin jewelry is a powerful presence for those who believe in meaningful and beguiling jewelry.

Get a Faceted Moonstone Jewelry Collection at wholesale price.
Do you want to add unique accessorize to your jewelry collection? Get the best range of moonstone jewelry from Gemexi. The uniqueness and delicacy of faceted moonstone jewelry pieces would take your fashion statement and appearance to the next level. We have a wide range of moonstone jewelry with Rainbow Obsidian Eye as the primary stone. You can style this jewelry with every attire on any occasion. Gemexi provides you with the best high-quality faceted moonstone jewelry pieces at affordable costs,

Opal Loose Gemstone Collection at wholesale price.
Opals are one of the best gemstones because of their exclusive colors. The origin of its name comes from the Sanskrit word Upala meaning jewel. You can find opals in multiple colors. You can also find opals in various precious as well as common stones. The market for loose opal gemstone is huge since it is available in so many forms. It has some physical benefits like it helps intensify or release emotions as required for the wearer. opal consider as of great as the 14th-anniversary gemstone.

A Chrysoprase Loose Gemstone Collection at wholesale price.
Chrysoprase is much like sand or quartz because it is mainly composed of silica. In hues, Chrysoprase gemstone has a green color, which looks a lot like Emerald. But they both are different because in it the color is due to the presence of chromium. It has some metaphysical properties like it help to control your emotions. You will not only control your emotions but will give you positive energy and love yourself better.

Get Southwestern Style Jewelry Collection at wholesale price.
When you think about Southwest jewelry immediately, you think about Perhaps deserts, beautiful cities, beach vibes, and cacti. Southwest jewelry is noticed for its uniqueness and designed jewelry. Every design of this jewelry is typically developed, and they symbolize the soul and heart of the southwestern. You can gift Southwest jewelry to your partner or loved one. Gemexi has a large collection of Southwest jewelry at wholesale price.

Find exclusive Beads Jewelry Collection at wholesale price.
If you want to flaunt your look and fashion sense everywhere, so why you don't style with awe-inspiring pieces of beads jewelry? Gemexi has a mind-blowing bead jewelry collection and it makes a unique addition to your jewelry box. Moreover, one of the best parts of beads 925 silver rings jewelry is the availability of a wide range of styles. You can choose the perfect piece of Beads’ Jewelry from our store. You can carry this jewelry on every occasion, whether it's a house party or meeting with a friend.

Dichroic Glass Jewelry Collection at the best price.
Dichroic glass jewelry is adorned because the foremost reason it exhibits such an enchanting and distinct color change that no other glass stone can display! this stone actually shows the two variants of colors by going through a color change to light conditions. The jewelry of dichroic glass is full of variety and design that matches your jewelry taste. This glass jewelry has the power to adorn anyone. You can discover all kinds of patterns easily it can be fancy, elegant, or classic.

A Kunzite Silver Jewelry at wholesale price.
kunzite is a pink color gemstone that looks beautiful and is loved by women all across the globe because of its enchanting pink color. This stone is valued for its capability of improving the connection between two people. Kunzite is also known for giving wearers love and happiness in their life. It provides healing effects in the female reproductive system, and menstrual cycles and also proves beneficial for handling various troubles related to puberty in females.

Get Aquamarine Jewelry Collection at wholesale price.
Aquamarine is a precious gemstone and it belongs to a beryl family. They have different color hues from blue to green-blue. If you are born in March, aquamarine is an official birthstone. The Aquamarine gemstones are hard and they have excellent transparency. At Gemexi, you will find the best collection of aquamarine jewelry like earrings, rings, or pendants. You can purchase from our online store.

Mojave Turquoise Jewelry at Wholesale Price
From minimalist Mojave Turquoise Earring to surreally designed Mojave Turquoise necklaces - at our store, we host a wide range of uniquely designed Mojave jewelry! The stunning Mojave Turquoise is found in a wide range of hues like purple, blue, green, and orange. The most famous choices are purple Mojave Turquoise and Mojave orange Turquoise. But, it's very difficult to pick one from them, specifically when you have stunning choices. At Gemexi, you get a wide range of Mojave Turquoise Jewelry at wholesale price.