o clarify on OSRS Gold the previous sentence
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o clarify on OSRS Gold the previous sentence

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I am aware that the activities 2 & 3 on the list will stay, and also understand the fact that Clan Wars does not necessarily need to be a wilderness-based game. The ability to fight each other for purposes of training could be moved to, for instance the famous Al Kharid duel arena. The mages could set up an interdimensional rift using the same magic as to make POHs (yes there's a story behind it:) and it would be all fine and dandy.

The possibility of stealing the creation could be possible considering that the revenants have now moved into the cave. The centre should have the mystic's tent.

Fist of Guthix is a bizarre creature. It's in low-level wilderness so you don’t have to bring anything. There is the possibility of teleporting to other members. While you may be injured, it's not unattainable to lose your stuff. Personally, I would not mind.

You know, I'm wondering whether Sir Amik Varze is really a knight. I know the White Knights (By Guthix I would prefer a different name, like the Kinshra have) are a political and military organisation however, they are a feudal organization (yes I know that RuneScape pays no heed whatsoever to how countries were run, or the size of the territory or even the size of the land... the world is far too small) a knight is right in the middle, while the king is at the top and only defeated by an Emperor.

Amik is a peer if he is the ruler of the king's horse. Burthorpe would then be a principality. However, I imagine the actual principality to be large and Burthorpe is just its capital.

As for the Kinshra they were expelled from Falador as well as on the mountain ranges. (I'm pretending there's a massive mountain range that divides Asgarnia/Misthalin and Wilderness... It is odd to have a single mountain on its' own.) I believe this is what makes Daquarius the leader of Kinshra, a marquess.
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