10 advantages of making a real estate consortium
10 advantages of making a real estate consortium Jun 09

10 advantages of making a real estate consortium

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For many people, buying a home is no longer just a dream thanksto the consortium. This is one of the most practical options for acquiring
property for those who want to get out of rent and have no way of giving an
entry fee.
The sport has increasingly gained the head of Brazilians becauseof its facilities. According to the Brazilian Associationof Consortium Administrators (Abac), the number of members to the real estateconsortium grew 18% compared to the first quarter of last year.
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But what is so advantageous about making a homeconsortium? Check it out below:
1. No interest charges
This is one of the great differentials of the real estateconsortium. Interest is usually charged on credit terms in which the bank
lends money or when the customer delays payment. In the case of the
consortium, the letters of credit are paid for by the partners themselves and
not by the bank. Therefore, there is no interest charge in the real estate
consortium. Ah, just don't confuse interest with administration fee, which
is the amount charged by the consortium administrator to manage the agreements,
letters of credit, sweepstakes, etc.
2. No entry
This is another characteristic that makes the consortium one ofthe best options, as having a large amount to provide input often discourages
anyone who wants to buy a property. After all, our dream of buying our own
home does not always come with the moment when we have a large amount for the
3. Monthly fees that fit in your pocket
With a long-term planning model, it enables lower costplots. This makes it easier to pay the installments, doesn't it?
4. No surprises
When hiring the home consortium you know exactly how much youwill pay until the end, with no surprises of built-in interest or other
products that come up halfway.
5. To use in different ways
With your letter of credit, you can buy new or used, residentialor commercial property, and even renovate or purchase land.
6. Variety of credit
There are several plans to choose from, so that you can find theone that best suits your profile. The letter of credit can be in the final
value of the property or part of the value. This diversity allows you to
plan according to your budget
7. More flexibility
Customer analysis is usually faster and more flexible thanbuying other real estate models, making it easier for self-employed
professionals who have no fixed income and people with credit restrictions.
8. Less bureaucracy
With a more flexible analysis and a more comfortable paymentmodel, the home consortium has less bureaucracy and, consequently, more
9. Use FGTS to advance your purchase
You can use the FGTS to bid, amortize or settle theinstallments. Thus, you are able to anticipate your letter of credit.
10. Investment for the future
In addition to a great way to buy a property, the consortium isalso a safe investment for your future. In fact, in recent years it has
been a great competition for private pension, because with the profitability of
the rent you cover the portion of the consortium and still earn an extra
What to observe when hiring?
The real estate consortium is a good option for those who wantto have a home to call their own. But you need to be aware of the
conditions when hiring to avoid having a headache later, like these:
Make a secure deal!
Before closing any agreement, make sure that the consortiumadministrator is registered with the Central Bank. Also research the
company's reputation and look for references. The real estate consortium
is long-term planning, so it is imperative that you are with someone you can
Stay tuned to the terms
With the contract in hand, read the document carefully and clearall your doubts before signing. Also, do not pay anything without a formal
contract between the parties.
Just make commitments that you can afford
Also check if the conditions offered fit your profile, analyzingthe rates, requested amount, payment term and ways of contemplating the letter
of credit. It is important to remember that you must continue paying the
installments even after you have won.
Watch out for scams!
Unfortunately, there are many people who try to use someoneelse's dream to commit crimes. Always be wary of very tempting offers,
especially when they come with prepayment requests. Some scammers even use
large websites to offer consortium letters of credit already contemplated. The
sale of the letter is even legalized, however it is necessary to pay attention
to the suitability of the seller. Some consortia, such as Banco Inter, do
not mediate this type of sale.


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