Frank Seymour


I'm retired US Navy, and retired Civil Service, living in the New Orleans area.

America, Biden is talking about giving Social Security a 14.5% increase in ’23! This I would think is GREAT; BUT, the big BUT, what will this do to taxes and the longevity of our Social Security? Social Security is supposedly going to go broke some time in the not to distant future! Will this speed-up Social Securities destruction? Who is going to pay for this increase?

Friends, the ILLEGAL Biden is trying to BUY us off until these SOCIALIST scumbags take total control! If we the people, don’t get this ILLEGAL scum out of our White House, if we don’t remove these SOCIALISTS from our government, America will become a mirror image of Russia and China, or worse! Socialists will OWN everything, if we don’t stop them now! VOTE Tump/GOP!

My fellow Americans, this scumbag, corrupt and illegal Biden administration has tried everything that can be imagined, to try and keep Trump from running in ’24. In four years in office they couldn’t find anything to charge him with and in the two years plus out of office they couldn’t find anything!

Now, these anti-American Socialist scumbags, the J6 Committee Ponders Contempt Charges For Trump because he refused their invite!

America, after six plus years of being investigated by the corrupt FBI/DOJ, these scumbags have found ZERO/NOTHING to charge Trump with! It’s time they quit wasting our tax dollars on trying to fabricate charges on Trump and actually did something for us, the American people!

America, how much more of this illegal “abuse of power” by this ILLEGAL scumbag Biden are we, the American people going to tolerate/allow! It’s time for the sorry-ass Supreme Court allows evidence of the swing states proving Biden is illegally in our White House!

Now this scum is aborting pregnant illegal aliens!

The Biden Administration is Now Helping Pregnant, Underage Illegal Immigrants Get Abortions

This ILLEGAL Biden administration MUST be removed from OUR White House! NOW!!!!!

America, this ILLEGAL Biden’s BS policies are destroying our nation! When Biden shutdown our oil lines, he demanded we “BEG” foreign nations for oil! This one illegal action has sent food, gas prices soaring! Because of this action, diesel fuel is becoming critical, which means our stores will NOT be receiving their normal food and fuel deliveries! This means gas shortage and food shortage, which means Biden is working against us, the American people!

Without enough diesel fuel, that means trucks wouldn't be able to deliver food to grocery stores-and EMPTY SHELVES are all you'd see.

America, I suggest we support the GOP!

Republican Lawmakers Prop Up McConnell

The GOP needs to remove this TRAITOR, NOT support his backstabbing! This scumbag McConnell is married to a Chinese woman, who has family in the Communist Chinese Party! He is at best compromised and should NOT be in any position of power! This scumbag stabbed Trump in the back and again needs to be relieved as the senior GOP leader! He is the lead “RINO” SOB of the GOP and really needs to be removed from power!

Since taking office, Biden made destroying American domestic energy production and imposing the Green New Deal a top priority.

The latest socialist power grab occurred when Biden announced new rules to restrict methane emissions in the name of combatting so-called “climate change.”

The Biden administration on Friday announced plans to significantly tighten regulations against methane emissions from domestic oil and gas drilling.

The new measures were unveiled at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP27, in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, and are part of the administration’s broader commitments to the global community to tackle the climate crisis.

It’s OK for foreign nations to burn fuel oil but NOT here in OUR country! Biden is working against America!

Calendar Shows Buttigieg Regularly Meeting with Dark-money Groups

It was not that long ago that a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request showed that John Kerry was meeting with outside groups to craft policy, including associating and laughing with known “WANTED” terrorists!
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been doing the same thing.

What is the problem is when these groups are adding language to bills, virtually writing them.

“Buttigieg and the Biden administration’s priorities are completely out of touch with what the average family needs the most right now.”

One thing that has been consistent about this administration is that it is clearly focused on making donors happy and putting the welfare of the American people on the back burner.
Serious dark money is pouring into these groups, and they are helping to shape policy.
If Buttigieg’s office is doing anything near what Kerry was doing, we have a huge problem on our hands.

America, this really doesn’t matter, unless the entire world follows the same action! The oil ALL comes out of the ground and we ALL need it to survive!

Liberals say it’s worth it to pay sky-high prices at the pump to fight global warming. Do you agree?
YES - 2% —-paying more for gas will change the weather! This is PURE BS!!
NO - 98% —-affordable energy is critical to our economy! HOW TRUE!!!

America, this isn’t necessarily a good thing!

Social Security payments are also set to increase in 2023.
The cost of living adjustment (COLA) for Social Security payments in 2023 is 8.7%. On average, Social Security payments will go up by $140 starting in January.

Social Security was supposedly going to go broke in 2035, which will effect ALL of us! This will just make SS going broke FASTER!

America, here comes some more SOCIALIST corruption directed at stopping Trump! These SCUMBAGS don’t want Trump in office because he will ENFORCE our Constitution against these sorry-ass morons!

Bush and Obama are teaming up to ruin President Trump’s chances in 2024

But leftists are already doing everything they can to undermine Trump.
And Donald Trump is kicking it all off as he announced his 2024 plans!

Both former President Bush and Obama are “randomly” having speaking engagements pertaining to saving democracy and “disinformation.” 
George Bush is having his conference and speaking arrangement in Dallas on Wednesday and Obama is having his speech in New York on Thursday. 
This isn’t coincidental. Pure SOCIALIST CORRUPTION!

My fellow Americans, since President Trump has made his announcement, that he is going to run for president in 2024, let's ALL wait and see what this CORRUPT, ILLEGAL Biden government is going to do next! What other type of INVESTIGATION are they going to use to go after Trump this time? We can bet, they will come-up with another FABRICATED LIE/EXCUSE to investigate him again!
Biden and Clinton don’t want him in office because this time he will get these corrupt SOBs indicted and prosecuted!

America, these GREEN PEACE(Global Warming) scumbags are trying to destroy our nation!

This is pure BULLSHIT! Climate mormons are trying to destroy our nation and place every American in extreme danger with this all out so-called “Climate Control!” There is no way, these dumb-shits will not control “mother nature”! While having wind and solar power available isn’t a bad thing, it is pure stupidity to try and destroy/kill our petroleum industries, long before solar and wind technology is even ready to supply the power our nation must have to survive!

America, these GREEN PEACE(Global Warming) scumbags are trying to destroy our nation!

This is pure BULLSHIT! You climate mormons are trying to destroy our nation and place every American in extreme danger with this all out so-called “Climate Control!” There is no way, these dumb-shits will not control “mother nature”! While having wind and solar power available isn’t a bad thing, it is pure stupidity to try and destroy/kill our petroleum industries, long before solar and wind technology is even ready to supply the power our nation must have to survive!

America, 100% corruption from scumbag(RINO) John Kerry! I believe this is called TREASON! Kerry shaking hands and joking with a known terrorist!rnrnJohn Kerry on Video Shaking Hands with Wanted Terrorist! Kerry is dealing with a TRAITORrnrnHe’s attending the COP27 climate meeting with Biden! He shook hands with is accused narco-terrorist Nicolas Maduro. rn“This was not… planned or substantive in any way.”rnExactly what difference does that make?rnrnThere is currently a $15 million reward for information that leads to his arrest and capture on his head by our State Department.rnrnOur government is trying to take this man down, with a $15 million bounty on his head, and one of Joe Biden’s top advisers is shaking his hand and cracking jokes with him.rnJust imagine the outrage that would be if this happened during the Trump administration, or any Republican administration, for that matter.rnrnPure Government corruption on display!

My fellow Americans, I believe the good people of Pennsylvania have let our forefathers down! Some how, they have allowed this SOCIALIST/Communist Fetterman to become a U.S. Senator!

This individual can barely speak a whole sentence and fooled people to put him in our US Senate! This is sickening, not to mention that moms and dads voted for tis individual who will let criminals out of prison to hurt their families!

If I lived in their state, I’d be screaming for the votes to be validated/verified!
Remember, these aren’t Democrats, they are SOCIALISTS and cheat in our elections, simple as that, America!

America, a picture is worth a thousand words! This one does just that! Some people evidently want SOCIALISTS scum to make our laws, to allow the lawmakers to allow criminals out of prison, to commit more crimes!

America, only Socialist run states are still counting the election day “ballots”, WHY?

States with millions more voters, have already counted their votes and the Socialists are still counting!

These Socialists are only delaying their counting to give them more opportunity to CHEAT in our elections!
All 50 states need to have the same “voting rules”. A uniform method of collecting the votes and counting them! This way their CHEATING, like in the 2020 election can be stopped! The 5 swing states in the 2020 election have ben investigated and it’s been PROVEN Biden did NOT win! The corrupt DOJ/FBI refuse to allow the investigation results be taken to court, where we, the American people could see the REAL winner of the 2020 election! We need “voter integrity” period!

America, here is the GOP problem! These SOBs we call our so-called reps, in the GOP don’t work together! They aren’t working for us, the People! THey are working for themselves and their positions within this corrupt f’ing government!

Kevin McCarthy Announces Bid For House Speaker; Some Republicans Not On Board: Report. We need McCarthy! We need to have ALL RINOs removed from the GOP! They are anti-American and don't belong in the GOP!

We have the GOP RINO scumbags, who are actually Socialists! We have McConnell married to a Chinese woman with family in the Chinese Communist Party! He’s compromised and should not be in any position of leadership, plus he’s the head RINO SOB!

My fellow Americans, tomorrow our nation is going to change! Everything you and I believe in, everything we hold near and dear is on the line.

If we, the American people continue to allow these lying, corrupt scumbag Socialists/Communists to continue their destroying of our country, WE WILL LOSE EVERYTHING WE DO HOLD NEAR AND DEAR!

Every election cycle, liberals elevate campaigns to a whole new lower level. The amount of Dark Money that floods our elections needs to stop! Vote Republican!

America, this scum has got to be stopped and removed from OUR government!

One bombshell allegation is threatening to bring down the Biden crime family!

President Joe Biden has repeatedly denied that he had any knowledge of son, Hunter’s, shady foreign business deals. The evidence is growing that President Biden’s denials are not only a lie, but that he’s also complicit in the influence-peddling scheme run by Hunter that traded on his political position.

A conservative non-profit dropped a bombshell report that Joe Biden was “complicit in six alleged white-collar crimes,” according to evidence gathered from Hunter’s infamous laptop.

My fellow Americans, I'm NOT trying to be "rude", I just have the "nerve/balls" to say what cowards are AFRAID to say! If I do state something that is proven wrong, I will admit my error! This is something these corrupt SOCIALISTS/anti-American scumbags will NEVER do! They just continue to bold face lie on top of lies!

Obama is claiming the GOP is making up what they will do for us and country, while in FACT, it is these SOCIALISTS who are MAKING-UP what they say they will do! Don’t forget, everyone of these SOCIALISTs swore an Oath to protect, serve and honor the Constitution! Everyone of them has lied! They are working to destroy OUR Constitution!

America, I voted for the guy who gave up his wealth for OUR country!! NOT for the scumbag who has given-up our country for his own and families WEALTH!

If he runs, I will vote for him a third time! Look at what Trump has done FOR America, compared to what Biden has done TO America!

America, the swing states voting was investigated and it has been PROVEN, Biden did NOT win the 2020 election! The corrupt Biden DOJ/FBI refuse to allow this evidence to be entered/used. There is no doubt, the same massive “voter fraud” used in 2020 will be tried again in the 22 election! Anyone watch the video 2000 Mules? It will shock you the way massive votes were collected and counted!
The Socialists are doing everything illegal they can get away with, to keep power over the American people!

America, just a simple question… supposedly Pelosi’s husband was assaulted by a man breaking into their home.
My question is, “why is the glass of the broken door, outside the door o the cement?” If the man broke in, the glass should be inside the building on the rug or floor.
Just curious as too did he break in or out? I’m happy Mr. Pelosi will recover from his injuries.
America, our elections are NOT secure, these Socialists are lying and using massive VOTER FRAUD/Illegal alien voters, just as they did in the 2020 election!

My fellow Americans, I would think everyone is already aware of this lawlessness being jammed down our throats; but I’m just stating what I believe we, the PEOPLE, need to do, NOW! Remove Biden!
The illegally elected, corrupt so-called President of our country, his corrupt DOJ/FBI are 100% ignoring the massive invasion of our nation, through our Southern Border! The in-action of Biden, the DOJ and FBI to secure our Southern border, is 100% placing our entire nation in danger!
These Illegal aliens are being allowed into our country, to illegally build up the Socialist voter base! The corrupt 2020 election proves these Socialists will do anything to keep power over us and our country! There no longer is a Democratic Party, they are pure Socialists, working to have 100% total power over our nation! Nov 8th must stop these anti-American scumbags!

America, the Saudi Crown Prince admitted what any honest observer of President Biden’s clear mental decline has seen since he stepped foot in the White House.

Biden hoped the Saudis would boost Democrats politically by delaying a production cut before the Midterm elections, but they leaked their disdain for him to a major newspaper. This is the latest devastating rejection by the Saudis towards the Biden regime.

It was announced that the Saudis were seeking closer cooperation with Communist China.

Biden’s insulting the Saudis while running for President, they’re distancing themselves from the weak leadership of Biden.

Biden is not only a joke in the U.S. but to other American allies, as well.

Conservative Underground News will update news to this ongoing story.

My fellow Americans, listen to what this person says:

I’m a Former Teacher. Here’s How Your Children Are Getting Indoctrinated by Leftist Ideology!

Your children are being indoctrinated. The education system designed to teach them how to think critically has been weaponized by the radical left to push an anti-American agenda.

The young adults who today gleefully tear down statues of the Founding Fathers were incubated in our very own schools, groomed to burst from the education system and burn America down. It’s called CRT (Critical Race Theory)! Commonly known as “BRAINWASHING” of our children!

We must demand these teachers get back to teaching reading, writing and math and to HELL with this bullshit CRT garbage!