Frank Seymour


I'm retired US Navy, and retired Civil Service, living in the New Orleans area.

My fellow Americans, our White House is America’s most dangerous enemy! Biden has weaponized the Corrupt DOJ and FBI to work against us, the American people!

True Socialism can only be enforced by dictatorships or one party states, like N.Korea, China and Venezuela! Socialism stifles innovation and competition! It doesn’t work unless the corrupt government takes away the rights of the individuals! To stay in power, Socialist governments disarm their citizens! Just like the Biden, DOJ and FBI are trying to do to the American people!

The only way a command economy can run is if government seizes control of everything and eliminates personal freedoms!

The “open borders agenda” is about making it easier for government to turn America into a Socialist state!

When government owns everything, as in Socialist societies, individuals own nothing, our homes, cars, we own nothing, we have no pride in ownership of nothing!

America, it is time to vote straight GOP, or we will LOSE EVE

America, this should show/prove to ALL America, just how corrupt and one sided this ILLEGAL Biden government is and how Biden(Obama) are 100% destroying our nation, as our SOB, so-called representatives sit and watch as America is being torn apart and making China. the world leader, NOT America!

“Lots of Indictments of Trump, ‘Not a One’ on Hunter Biden!”

Megyn Kelly, made the above comment and how TRUE it really is! Biden, as the VP of anti-American Obama, on world-wide TV black-mailed the Ukraine government to stop investigating his son or they wouldn’t get the billion dollar loan they were promised!

The Biden family is riddled with corruption and this DOJ and FBI, all Biden appointees, are allowing this lawlessness to continue! Time to remove corruption from D.C.

America, here is what a billionaire, Mr. Bill Bonner, says about Argentina compared to the U.S. Listen America!

There’s nothing wrong with Argentina or its people. The problem is politics, which turned Argentina from one of the richest countries in the world to one of the most corrupt and poverty-stricken.
I see those exact same politics taking root in America too.

It doesn’t matter what tricks the White House, the U.S. Treasury, or the Federal Reserve are using, or how they spin it!
America is about to experience one of the greatest inflationary periods in world history.

The destruction of the U.S. currency, coupled with the rejection of the real source of our own wealth (our massive and cheap energy reserves), will result in what I call: “America’s Nightmare Winter.”

America, we all know what termites do, they attack a structure from within, hollowing it out, until it fails, collapsing under it’s own weight!

Biden’s a termite! The LEFT are termites and they are doing exactly the same thing to our Western Civilization, collapsing our government with their BULLSHIT and scaring the American people into submission with their pademics and other unbelievable, lawless and unConstitutional actions against us, the American people!

There is NO Democratic Party, they are PURE Socialist, all of them work to enslave us, the American people! Biden, driven by Obama is destroying our HOME!

My fellow Americans, this illegal, corrupt scumbag Biden is trying to KILL our money! If he succeeds, ALL cash, checks and cards will be replaced with a (CBDC), a programmable Central Bank Digital Currency, a programmable Payment Card!

If Biden gets this into law, under this scheme, citizens will only be allowed to purchase items if their social credit score is high enough — based on how compliant and obedient you/they are to the STATE!

The COVID plandemic showcased how the ruling class can SCARE the masses into submission, to the point where we gave up our rights and freedoms!

America, the bottom line is that the RULING CLASS, the NWO(New World Order) will control our money! We, the American people will LOSE our FREEDOMS, period! America will be dead!

America, with this massive track record, I can understand “WHY” Muslims are considered enemies of the U.S. and of nations throughout the world and are NOT trusted!

The Shoe bomber was a Muslim
The Beltway Snipers were Muslims
The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim
The Underwear Bomber was a Muslim
The U.S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims
The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims
The Bali Nightclub Bombers were Muslims
The London Subway Bombers were Muslims
The Moscow Theatre Attackers were Muslims
The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims
The Pan-Am Flight #93 Bombers were Muslims
The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims

Since we are limited to sending smooch informational one time, I’ll have to split this into two mailings!

There is no way Muslims should be TRUSTED with Nuclear weapons!

My fellow Americans, this is what it’s all about!

First, Biden is 100% illegally put in our White House and now he’s begging for of to allow him to keep on destroying our nation!

Joe Biden Urges Americans to Ignore Hunter’s Shady Foreign Businesses and Let Them Continue to Sell Out America

America, when is this scumbag finally going to get the JUSTICE he deserves?

America is in EXTREME trouble! We have a CORRUPT, ILLEGALLY elected President, who is destroying our nation from inside our White House! As Obama’s corrupt VP, Biden blackmailed the Ukraine government, to stop investigating his son! Biden has weaponized both the DOJ and FBI to do his/Obama’s bidding against any and all Trump supporters!

Biden was ILLEGALLY elected by 100% “voter fraud” and they have tried to hide the evidence from the American people! He is on world-wide TV blackmailing the Ukraine government with a billion dollar loan, to stop investigating his son! Bidn’s comment was, “I’ll be an SOB, they FIRED the man investigating his son” and they got their billion dollars!

America, we MUST VOTE straight GOP this coming election, or we will lose our country!

A picture is worth a thousand words, this one is PRICELESS! Never forget Obama was NOT a U.S. Citizen and these corrupt SOBs in DC allowed him into OUR White House, ILLEGALLY!

A picture is worth a thousand words, this one is PRICELESS! Never forget, Obama was NOT a U.S. Citizen and these corrupt SOBs in DC allowed him into our White House!

The blatant and tangible evidence against the Biden family is 100% f'ing REAL! Hell, Biden himself is on World-Wide TV blackmailing the Ukraine government to stop investigating Biden's son, Hunter, or they wouldn't get the billion dollars, the U.S. promised them!
That action alone should have put the illegal Biden in Prison, and here the illegal sob is sitting 100% illegally in our White House!
When is our Judicial system finally going to administer JUSTICE to these corrupt bastards? With all said and done, the NON-American SOB Obama and the Corrupt Clinton should be next in line for prosecution!
America, if the people do NOT start screaming about the blatant lawlessness of this ILLEGAL Biden, he will continue to get away with blatant lawless actions against America!

Republicans with great Courage! Rick Scott, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee are working to stop Chuck Schumer and his favorite Senator Mitch McConnell from ramming through a disastrous Continuing Resolution that would do nothing to Stop Inflation, Grow our Economy, or Restore the American Dream—it would only put Big Government First and give Manchin his terrible deal. We need a LONG-TERM Continuing Resolution, so we can deal with the real Emergency at hand, the Radical Left’s destruction of America, and once again, put AMERICA First. McConnell is so bad!

My fellow Americans, this anti-American scum McConnell is 100% against the American people and our Constitution! He works to hurt us rather than helping the GOP!

Michael Anton, former member of US National Security Council under Trump.

He, stated that agencies of national security pose a serious threat to the American Right as well as many other Americans.

Anton states conservatives ought to be more dubious of the so-called “security state.” Anton is referring to the federal organizations in charge of managing national security issues. National security organizations fall short in their responsibility to protect Americans, actively support endless foreign invasions, and are currently being used against their own citizens.

The FBI is not only unlawful, but they also present Middle Americans with existential dangers. More conservatives ought to adopt Anton’s perspective and begin opposing the national security state.

My fellow Americans, this Illegal, so-called, President Biden is selling out OUR nations “Oil Reserve” to our enemies, especially China and other enemies around the world! This is a blatant lawless action and the corrupt DOJ, FBI are totally ignoring Biden’s lawlessness!

America, these SOBs that are labelled as “Democrats” are NOT Democrats! They are ALL pushing SOCIALISM on the American people! These scumbags are ALL ignoring their Oaths of Office! They are working to destroy our Constitution, which they swore to “serve, honor and defend against all enemies, both foreign and domestic1” These scumbags are absolute “DOMESTIC ENEMIES” to us, the American people and our Constitution!

Come November, I suggest we ALL vote straight GOP, otherwise we will lose our country!

My fellow Americans, it is OK for this ILLEGAL scumbag, called President Biden to move illegal aliens to cities throughout our country in the middle of the night! However, it’s wrong for GOP governors to move illegal aliens to other cities in the middle of the day, to relieve the civil pressure off these border cities who are taking the full burden of the government allowing thousands upon thousands of illegals to just walk right on into our country! Biden is 100% ignoring our immigration laws and MUST be removed, IMPEACHED from office! Biden is blatantly breaking our laws and the corrupt DOJ and FBI are supporting Biden’s lawless actions!

America, it’s time to REMOVE not just the ILLEGAL scum Biden from office; but ALL of these SOCIALISTS who are breaking our laws!

America, what kind of nation would we live in if we couldn’t criticize politicians and elected leaders?

We’d be living in a nation like the Soviet Union, communist China, or North Korea. Totally unable to say or do anything against the government!
One of the greatest freedoms that we as Americans enjoy is the freedom of speech, including the freedom to speak out against leaders and policies we disagree with – all fully protected by the First Amendment.
But, as you know, the radical left is doing everything it can to trample those rights!

America, we MUST remove these scumbag Socialists from our government, or we will totally loser nation, our freedom!

My fellow Americans, I don’t know if this is TRUE or not:

China “Infecting” Vaccinated Americans!?

If it is TRUE, this Biden government is SELLING-OUT our country! Biden’s family’s business, via Hunter Biden and Joe’s brother needs to be front and center business for a Congressional Investigation!
As of now, China makes most of our medications! What would stop them from screwing with our medications!

America, we MUST break our ties with Communist China, they are America’s most dangerous enemy and this Biden gives them whatever they want!

Congress MUST stop Biden/Obama’s destroying of our nation, PERIOD!

My fellow Americans, if this is TRUE, which I believe it really is, it’s time to shutdown OUR BUYING from China! Either we start being America again, or we will ALL be under the boot of the Communist Chinese Party!


China is donating MASSIVE sums of money to influence U.S. universities with anti-American PROPAGANDA.

It’s no wonder our schools are so backwards.

We MUST take a stand against this corrupt Chinese interference in the lives of our students. Kids should be learning OUR history and be afforded the freedom of speech. Instead they are falling victim to a COMMUNIST agenda.

America, China is our REAL ENEMY and the corrupt, Biden regime is allowing China to buy up our farm land and to use our schools against us! ALL GOP in NOV.

America, this bastard Biden is doing everything he can, Obama’s direction, to destroy our nation!

Biden Changes Rule to Allow Migrants Entitlement Benefits!

With Trump was in office, he used the “public charge” rule to limit asylum seekers.

Joe Biden is ending that rule, now allowing illegals seeking asylum to tap into entitlement programs such as food stamps and Medicaid.

The new Biden rule opens the door for massive spending by illegals with no real means to care for themselves.

Trump used this to limit immigration, but Biden seems intent on making it as easy as possible for freeloaders to come to this country and stay.
America, Biden, run by Obama and their fellow scumbags are destroying our nation! We must stop them in November!

My fellow Americans, these are votes that put the ILLEGAL scumbag Biden in our White House and this is just one state!

Election Chief Faces Lawsuit Over 25k Dead Registrants!

Christian Adams won a victory in court recently when his case against Jocelyn Benson, the Democratic secretary of state in Michigan, was not dismissed.

Adams, the president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, sued Benson to force him purge 25,000 voters who were deceased from the state’s voting rolls. Benson tried to get the case dismissed, but a judge in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan denied that request.

25,000 dead registrants on the active rolls in Michigan, like 4,000 of them had been dead for 20 years. America, this is how the SOCIALISTS CHEAT and win!

My fellow Americans, we have 100% corrupt Direct of the DOJ, Merrick Garland and the corrupt FBI Director Christopher Ray, who both need to be removed from office! Their lawless actions prove we, the American people must scream for their “dismissal/resignations!” There is more than enough evidence to remove these two corrupt scumbags from office! Yet the GOP RINO leadership, is sitting on it’s ass allowing them to break our laws as they see fit!
The sorry-ass GOP leadership, RINO McConnell, refuses to do his job! We need the GOP to remove this RINO and replace the corrupt scumbag with a real American! If we don’t get a GOP that will do it’s job, we will LOSE OUR COUNTRY!

Elections aren’t working anymore.
There is no single election cycle or politician who will ever save you. The system can’t simply be reformed. Parasites such as the Deep State, the political class, the Federal Reserve have seized control of our government and the system is now ROTTEN to the core. 

The Mises Institute is fighting for our culture, government, and to dismantle Socialism!
The Mises Institute exists to educate both scholars and everyday Americans about the ideas of liberty and free market capitalism.

We must expose the truth and teach everyday Americans why we must… 
Defund the FBI
Abolish the Federal Reserve 
Cease endless wars (like Trump warned us about)
Fire every member of the IRS
America. look at “The Mines Institute” to save our nation, and our Freedoms!

My fellow Americans, Biden and family have already sold-out our country to Red China, via his son! We know Biden is partial to China more so than to the United States! Here we have Biden assigning a buddy, as the “New Green Energy Adviser” who has ties to the Chinese Communist Party Front Group!

President Joe Biden’s new senior adviser has maintained ties with a Chinese government influence operative for over 10 years, the Daily Caller News Foundation found.

Since at least 2009, Democratic powerbroker John Podesta, has cooperated with Tung Chee-hwa and his Chinese Communist Party-backed organization, the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), according to CUSEF’s annual reports.

Biden and Pedestal appear to be in bed with the Chinese Communist, our enemy!

My fellow REAL Americans, whether or not you like Trump, you, no one can deny Trump did great things for our nation and us the American people, he did make our country safer from our enemies. The Biden administration wiped-out all of Trump's accomplishments and has put America in the sights of our enemies!
A picture is worth a thousand words, this one is PRICELESS! Too bad it isn't TRUE, YET!

America, FOX News just had two scumbag Senators on about making various laws! They talked about what THEY, the SOB Senators, wanted to do and getting others in Congress to agree with them!rnrnThese BASTARD politicians talked about “WHAT THEY WANTED TO DO” and said NOTHING about what the American people, the people they are supposed to represent “WANT!”rnrnPardon my language, but these bastard politicians talk about what “THEY WANT TO DO” and agreeing with other scumbag politicians, so they get to do “WHAT THEY WANT” and to HELL with what we, the American people want! These bastard politicians only work for what the Congress/Government wants and to hell with what we, the American people want! Congress is all about what Congress wants, NOT “what we the people want!” They don't give a damn what we, the people want", only what they want!

America, this scumbag McConnell should be REMOVED from any Senate position! He’s married to a Chinese woman, who has family in the Chinese Communist Party! Talk about having a “Conflict of Interests”, appearance of unethical actions! This SOB McConnell MUST be removed from office!

Yet, Mitch McConnell tried to exile Donald Trump. But no one predicted what would happen next!

Mitch McConnell is trying to lose the Midterm elections on purpose.
After Donald Trump’s endorsed candidates won every single GOP Senate Primary, McConnell threw a temper tantrum about losing.

America, this scumbag McConnell is supposed to be the GOP leader; but he is working for the SOCIALISTS to control our nation! My thoughts is he’s a “TRAITOR!”

America, we all keep hearing about how these SOCIALISTS(ex-Democrats) keep raising millions, hell billions of dollars for their campaigns and the GOP morons keep screaming for more and more and more donations!

Where is ALL these millions of dollars going? TO BUY VOTES, hell yes, to a degree! I guess for advertisement to tell us more and more lies about what they AREN”T going to do for US, the American people! These SOB politicians just keep getting richer and richer at the cost of the American people!

America, it’s time to put a stop to these SOCIALISTIC bastards! They are hiring 87,000 gun totting IRS auditors to take even more of our money! We could use 87,000 more men and women inner military; but we don’t need these IRS SOBs!Biden/Obama must be stopped!

America, Obama was ILLEGALLY in our White house and these scumbags in this congress know it! They allowed the NON-American to be put into our White House!

Now, Illegal President Obama has called ALL Socialist to action to SAVE their anti-American critical Majorities:

Obama knows this is their chance to build the BIGGEST Democratic Majorities in history and SAVE Joe Biden’s ILLEGAL presidency.

My fellow Americans, this is ALL the more reason we, the real American people pull together and remove these SOCIALIST BASTARDS from OUR government and from our country! They aren’t Democrats! They are 100% anti-American, anti-Constitutional Socialist and they MUST be removed from office and our country!

America, I’ll bet these anti-American, scumbags we call representatives, do NOT have one valid excuse/reason to impeach Justice Thomas!

Radical members of The Squad demand Conservative Justice Clarence Thomas be IMPEACHED!

Where are the charges, these morons are using too impeach one of the best Justices on the bench? All we hear is they want to impeach him! What are the charges and where is the evidence?