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photo: The US Mint has released the newest coin - commemorating the success of the #JoeBiden #ECONOMY

Potential Coming in Mid #September (if the donations keep coming) #Saturday #Radio Show on my websites! "The Truth Hertz" #TheTruthHertz with yours truly!

Photo: Forget #Israel #Mossad & #SaudiArabia - THESE 3 MEN CAUSED & STAGED #911 #9112001 - 9-11 Inside Job - Bush-Klinton!

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Photo of the Day - #AOC No Commentary Needed - Self Explanatory!

Photo - when you give to the Swaggart Family, you pay for Momma Swaggart (almost 85) - #FrancisSwaggart Facelift so she can compete with Princess #NancyPelosi

Photo of the Day: Whoever made this, created a Masterpiece! Antichrist Joe Biden!
#Antichrist #JoeBiden ! - #AdolfHitler #JosephStalin #FJB

Photo of the Day - #ElonMusk is a fraud! HE HAS NOT YET RESTORED #DonaldTrump #AlexJones and Yours Truly's 2 accounts I had! Photo tells it as it is! (Nor has Elon restored others!) He is making big $$$$$$$ with his #electriccars thanks to #JoeBiden gas greed!

Photo of the Day - the PERFECT, Preserved, Inspired, Infallible, Inerrant #WordOfGod in #English - #kjv #kingjamesbible
#2Timothy 3:16
All #Scripture is given by inspiration of #God , and is profitable for #Doctrine , for reproof, for correction, for instruction in #righteousness

photo - PAY ATTENTION #America ! Kimberly Overton: Good morning! We have an urgent need here for a very sick baby in #Tennessee I’m trying to get all hands on deck for this. The lead on the transplant team at Vandy is denying this #Child , 11 months old, to be put on the #Transplant list due to his #Vaccination status. (this child not #COVID jabbed!) Anything at all that you can do to help spread the word would be appreciated. I reached out to Dr. McCullough, he is going to try to help as well. 🙏 I’m im contact with the mother and am putting together a CTA with all of the details, if you can help us elevate this story, it would be greatly appreciated. The mom is also willing to be interviewed if you would be able to have her own. I’m so saddened by the horrific state of our “healthcare” system. 😔


It has been brought to my attention that out of the almost 30 platforms I am on, 2 of them plan to shut down due to the #JoeBiden Tyrannical Government & Biden Inflation, Biden wants Big tech (Facebook, Instagram, Gettr, Twitter, MeWe, and some of the controlled oppositions) to squeeze the others out and a few others may be forced to follow suit. I appeal this to you all!

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