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Are you trying to find the top magnet printing company in Singapore? Custom designs can be made for your magnet on the thick 5mm wood that Josa Imaging produces. Your design will gleam with elegance thanks to the glossy, shiny finish on top.

Dimensions are 10 cm in length by 7 cm broad.

You can choose from several possibilities, such as: - A picture of your creation: - A picture of a special object to you or your family (such as a picture of your pet): Or maybe just a simple black-and-white picture you wish to put on it!

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Printing your own baggage tags and affixing them to your bags will guarantee that you always have your luggage with you and that you are aware of who to contact in the event that it goes stolen. In the event that your bag is lost, it is crucial to put a tag on it, and it's also a good idea to keep your contact information close by.

We offer certain features for luggage tag printing.

-stainless steel for extreme toughness
Size: 9 cm tall x 6 cm long; price: extremely affordable

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Are you looking for Singapore's best magnet printing company? The thick 5mm wood that Josa Imaging produces can be customised with any design for your magnet. Your design will sparkle with splendour because of the glossy shiny finishing on top.

Measurements: 7cm width x 10cm length.

You can choose from many options such as:

- An image of your creation,

- A photo of something related to you or your family members (e.g., a picture of your pet),

- Or just a plain old black and white image that you want to be printed on it!
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Customise Your Luggage Tag

Printing your own luggage tag to attach to your bags will ensure that you have your luggage with you at all times and that you know who to contact in case of a missing bag. It is important to have a tag on your bag in case it is lost and to have your contact information on hand in case of emergencies.

Qualities we are providing in Luggage tag printing
-stainless steel for ultra durability
-Size 9cm height x 6cm length
-very reasonable price

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Josa Imaging is your one-stop solution for all your corporate gifts in Singapore. We provide a wide range of specialized gifts for your business like printed mugs, t-shirts, and more at cheap rates. Contact us for more details.

Best Luggage Tag Printing Service

Custom luggage tags are useful in a variety of situations. You could run a travel company, work for an airline, or just need something cool to hand out at your next trade show. No matter what, the first step is making sure your luggage tags are one-of-a-kind!
It’s time to look for a personalized luggage tag printing service provider! You can make yours look great just by making it more personal. To know more visit our website now -

Get Our Customized Button Badge at an Affordable Price Now

Our badges come in various. You can use it for events of all kinds. With a safety pin behind, you can secure it properly without the worry of falling off. They are affordable and extremely durable as well and its the perfect corporate gifts to give in Singapore.
We are offering 5 badges at a very reasonable price now.
5 Badges (44mm) $2.10 each
5 Badges (58mm) $2.60 each
5 Badges (75mm) $3.10 each
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Renowned T-Shirt Printing company in Singapore

looking for a competent, reasonably priced, T-Shirt Printing company in Singapore that can handle all of your present printing requirements? Josa Imaging is your go-to source for customized T-shirt printing. Whatever your needs may be, we are ready to charm you with our extensive selection of printed goods and services. Simply let us know what you need, and we'll get the merchandise ready right away. To know more visit our website -

Cheapest T-Shirt Printing Service in Singapore

If you're considering printing a personalized t-shirt for friends, family, or coworkers, look no further than Josa Imaging. We are one of Singapore's top providers of custom corporate and casual t-shirts in the print industry. We work hard to provide t-shirts of the highest quality and make sure that our customers are happy to wear our custom-made t-shirts with our flawless printing service. We are well known for our Cheapest Printing T-shirt Printing in Singapore. To know more visit our website -

Cotton Canvas Tote Bag Printing - Visit Now

Create your own tote bag. canvas made of polyester and cotton. 40 cm in height, 36 cm in width, and 10 cm in breadth. Our Premium quality Cotton Canvas Tote bag Printing is perfect for use both personally and as a goodie bag at your events. Anything you desire can be printed as long as you can design. To Know more visit our website -