Charlie Jones


Creators of award winning premium spirits under the Kingdom Recommends Brand.

Premium Vodka UK

Are you looking for a premium vodka brand from the UK? Our premium vodka is six times distilled and charcoal filtered for a smooth exceptional taste The perfect base for a cocktail or to be enjoyed on its own.


Lychee Gin - Luscious Lychee

Spring, a time for new beginnings and reminiscing Our Lychee Gin delivers a fond childhood memory, and even more fantastic an amazing Gin You won’t be disappointed, if you try over ice with a raspberry.


Ginger Gin - Kingdom’s Ginger Spiced Gin

Here is the award-wining, hand-crafted Kingdom s Ginger Gin, lovingly created to warm your cockles This Navy Strength Ginger Spiced Gin pairs beautifully with apple, pear, orange, or mango juice.


Morello Cherry Gin - Cherry Gin

Are you looking for cherry gin? This delightful Morello Cherry Gin is like skipping through the park The perfect cocktail companion or simply on its own over ice Putting the Spring back in your step. https://kingdomrecommends....