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It is a sad thing to see, the seduction that power has on a man. We see this in Joe Biden who has been naught but a politician. He has never run a business, never served in the armed forces, never held himself responsible for his own actions. Who knows where his actions have taken him. It isn't my place to guess, but downward appears to be his direction. Perhaps it always has been?

His wits are outmatched by his position of power; so hungrily sought after all these years. He is left with nothing but the speech of a caged man whose mind is not what it once might have been. He chose and coddled power through any measure, good or ill. This is what we see inside the fog of a mind over matched and never disciplined. A mind never to be ready for this position. Time to go Joe.

Am I still here on Mumble? I've been working learning servers and command line the last month and I plan on putting up two websites. One a Friendica and the other an Expression Engine. We'll see how that goes and I make no promises. I turned 74 last week and don't give a rat's hind quarters about it. I'm too busy to worry about getting old!

Getting old is a delight if one keeps their physical house in order. Don't sit around or let the mind doddle. Stay active and buzzing always! Enclosed is an image I shot of myself staying busy.

My how things have changed!

Today I turn 74 and to celebrate I am only going to urge everyone to read a little history of America since 1948: my birth year. From the perspective of a Vietnam vet there is now only about one half of America left. It has gone that far to the wrong side as our government has grown beyond efficiency and now weighs heavily on us all. What we are seeing on the left has been in the works since the early 1900s. A slow and steady drip of acid eating away our freedoms one by one.

It was before any of us were born that those on the left began tearing at the foundations of our educational institutions and growing a leftist state within our government. A bureaucracy so caustic that what we see now was made possible. We do have time and the next election has to be republican and not a Dem in Republican skin. I can only hope and count my rounds.

Joe Biden is not smart enough to care what he says. It is a sign of late onset A**H**ism.

For a couple of years I drew cartoons in pen and ink. A couple are posted here. Enjoy.

A huge shout out to those who found it in their hearts to follow this old vet. It is deeply appreciated but I admit I am not a big poster on social media. I only post when I feel I can contribute. Whether I am successful depends on who is listening. Either way, thank you.

I believe it is time to consider whether Republicans are being crafty with their silence or just dumb. If ever an opportunity has arisen for this party to wipe out the progressives in D.C. now is that time. The polls mean nothing because the Republicans are going to face cheating at the ballot box, mail in, and chicanery of tallies no matter what they do.

They need super majorities to have a chance. Will they get those? Not by staying hidden away hoping for change! Do these Republicans follow social media such as this one? I see more practical suggestions on these platforms than any of them have mentioned, ever! America needs to be pulled from the river of stupidity before she drowns and now is the time to throw her a rope! Where's Paul Revere when we need him? I know, he died centuries ago but his valor did not. Where is the American valor to strive and conquer?

Eleven Months ago I was awarded by God a new grandson. He is the child of my youngest of three who has become a sound engineer for big name rock bands and his wife who is a trainer of horses. Times were tough for them when the little one came along so my wife and I kept him here whenever it was needed.

I mention this as the little smile from this tiny lad is so heart warming that I forget Vietnam, broken bones and the struggles I have faced to get sober after years of PTSD.

At the same time this new comer alerts me to Gods book the Bible and what is planned in the near future when Jesus returns. I am marveling at the machine which is time and the universe as created to let that little smile come between me and all the harm this world is causing us. I wish you the peace I have found in a little smile.

Took some time to write this article this evening. A huge thanks to Tucker Carlson.

In recent months I have been reallocating my websites. As a writing addict I always look for those subjects which enthrall me which makes it easier to stay in tune. My two new websites are: and

Pseudosane depicts our political nonsense and A Croak depicts the reality of where we are in society as it appears to be breaking down. I do, of course, still keep up to date with as this is the truth as depicted in Scripture. Sum of Truth has almost 16,000 views so I know I am not alone in my faith. A lot of individuals are searching for answers and the only real answers are in the Bible. Drop in when your time permits. Comments are welcome.

Somehow, this old guy got the wrong password for Mumblit. I am rectifying my absence and want to thank those who have recently followed me here.

It is really getting interesting isn't it? You know, America in the doldrums of porgressivism. It is a little like an earthquake storm as the shaking comes from all directions and you hope the next one isn't THE ONE.

The last few days we've had over 11 quakes the largest a 4.85. That one we felt like a BAM and the house jolted. Lived here through all but the 1906 and am quite used to it though it does bug me when they wake me up at 1:30 in the morning. The Loma Prieta quake in 1989 was a really good one. I was just closing up shop when that one hit. My key to the door stayed still and the whole door moved up and down. The telephone poles were swaying and the road was bucking up and down and rolling like waves on the ocean. Had my youngest in my arms and kept him safe. Life is interesting isn't it?

A tongue in cheek article I wrote today concerning gun control. Let me know if you enjoy it.

Picture, if you will, An aging and decrepit Joe Biden in a little blue dress skipping down a Magnolia lined lane carrying America in a handbasket headed straight for hell. S**t

I wrote a quick article concerning the violence and Biden's anti-gun eulogy here:

While time still moves forward, I present a story in two parts, thus far published, and more is coming soon.

Merriam-Webster has this little thing they made a long time ago. For the Left, this is called a d-i-c-t-i-o-n-a-r-y. In that tome are definitions or what adults call "reason." To reason is not "the reason" it is, rather, a method of forming conclusions but not until you know all the facts. I know, it's hard but stick with me, leftist. Below is your starting point which will help you understand where you are on the ladder of understanding causality. Well, yes, it may make no sense now but follow me, I'll set you free.


(1): the power of comprehending, inferring, or thinking especially in orderly rational ways : intelligence
(2) : proper exercise of the mind
(3) : sanity
b : the sum of the intellectual powers

Each time I am forced to listen to Joe Biden I see not a mature adult but a plaintive child calling anyone he doesn't care for a bully. How did a person such as this fall so low and still get elected? The answer is: he and they who elected him are those who are also childish. Definition of a child: one who knows little but does a lot of pretending to make things suitable for their position of ignorance where ignorance is not having learned facts to bolster their assertions. Good luck in front of judgement.

The lack of maturity on the Left is staggeringly immense. They prove every second of every day that they have no adult abilities to cope, to reason, to cite factual matters. One could say that these on the Left are walking encyclopedias of misinformation about damn near everything.

This nation is shuddering under the weight of their ludicrous behavior and childish want of attention. It cannot stand. It is, in fact dying from within as their lies are being seen through and the only ones who don't get it are them. They're driving the wrong way on the freeway of life and know nothing about signage telling them this. Pathetic and dangerous for all of us.

It begins to feel like the Dems are using two playbooks. One is that of Trotsky and the other of good old Adolf. It is an interesting combination of mayhem and punishment.

The mayhem to keep the population off balance and the the punishment the cancel (or worse in the future) culture. Imprisonment for we who object is coming. Of that I am certain if this garbage isn't stopped. To keep us from kicking their sorry keesters out they are cheating on elections.

I hate to think about how we will react if this happens again but Katie bar the door!

I have published a large part of Chapter Two today. The story has its table of contents upper left on the front page at: I hope you enjoy my little tale. (pardon the expression!)

You knew this already but blacka nd white is also good. https://www.thegatewaypund...

I have a story you can catch in the telling. The first chapter is written and published in two parts. The story menu is at the top, left of the front page. It is about life the way I look at life. Actually, I think this is the way we all look at life. But, you tell me. There is a reason for aerozag as the name. I will fill you in on that as zags can sometimes mean you aren't coming home. "One Day" is the stories name.

An interesting link for you:

Elon Musk's Last Warning 2022 - "I Tried To Warn You The Last Few Years" (BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!) - YouTube

In this eye-opening and educational video, Elon Musk – an entrepreneur and business magnate gives his final warning about the rise of Artificial Intelligence...

We should all bear in mind that when God is not obeyed there is a void in humanity. Who is ready, willing, and able to fill that void? Bigger and slyer than Biden and having universal malevolence. Five letters beginning with "S."

This is our real enemy and those on the left are ignorant of what they do and who they actually obey.

"Preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.” I raised my right hand and swore this during my induction into the U.S. Navy in 1968. I was bound for Vietnam. Since then, every person in the government of any merit swore the same oath. I see General Flynn is suing everyone from the Justice Dept. to Obama. Deservedly so. All of these corrupt individuals swore that same oath. This alone should be enough to prosecute all of them. Let's get the train rolling, we have a lot of territory to cover and a short time to get there!

I said to my wife, on hearing that Biden was to be the new president, "Perhaps this is what the measure of people not knowing what the blue blazes they're doing in this country need." Four years of a complete and utter tool!

But, anyone with their heads not inserted elsewhere, already knew what Biden was. We all did so was it CNN, MSNBC or, more likely, thick headed skulls not understanding how to draw down their own zippers who are getting exactly what they deserved? Me thinks it is those with thick skulls who are ruminating and doing penance now. Fools should not be allowed to vote!

But, what's next is the question we should focus on now. It are what it are and so it will be until impeachment. I see a possibility of three impeachments coming. The line of succession. Biden Harris, Pelosi. Guess what? There's room for more!

If you have the time in the next few days, go to my website and read this which I wrote this morning. In this way you will get to know me should you choose to.

I went through my posts here and found them lacking in quantity. This is typical of me as I don't have a lot of answers. If I did I would be the King of America, but only if I could get a government grant.

I would like to suggest a movie that is titled apropos for our times: The Beatles-Help. Of course, A Hard Days Night might also fill the bill as that one is in black and white, my favorite photographic medium.

You should know that this America is worse now than you think. There is more wrong here now than ever in my 74 years and it has been a progressive devolution as more and more laws have been issued and, ironically, the Constitution has been bypassed.

Laws on restriction of our movements and laxity of border enforcement are going to create obstacles to right this ship. Our next president will have to make unprecedented moves to bring back the balance which has been slowly eroded over seven decades.

I posted before that this is not the same country I was born into. It is far more socialist than those born in the last fifty years realize. You grew up in and are used to what we now have and what we now have is not what the country used to be. It is time for change back.

When I was born Truman was president. I've seen a lot of men come and go in that office. Never have I been so soundly disappointed by a man who would be president than Joe Biden. Jimmy Carter was bad but pales in comparison to the detachment of man from country as Biden. But that's only the watermark of what underlies the countries ills.

The entirety of our bureaucracy is overlarge and unbalanced as to purpose. Every person for themselves along philosophical lines is not a team it is an imbalance. It is an anchor working against the tide of freedom. It must be pared down as Trump indicated and we all know.

Add to this the illegality of the current administration and it is a recipe for disaster. Border? What border? This is a tragedy but it can be repaired. Soon.