I wonder if Jill Bidet realizes she's not gonna be flotus for much more than a few months? Kinda like the old 50's show Queen for a Day.

It'll be interesting to see how the swamp handles this. Will Jill and her Bidet be given an old unused back room in the WH as living quarters for 3 plus years or will they be kicked to the curb?

I have this theory I've been working on so I'll run it by you all and see what your thoughts are.

I think the DNC, Globalists and Communist worldwide needed Trump out so bad they picked Biden to replace him without appreciating the severity of his deentia. Once they saw it though the figured they could just run the show from behind the scenes. But it's become apparent that wont work for lack of global support so now they need to quickly train Kamaltoe so they can replace Jill's Bidet with Hairy. She seems more than qualified to be their sock puppet and a willing participant at that.

The problem now is which one will cause more damage?The feable minded Bidet will inadvertantly cause at least one war but probably on a world scale like ww's I and II. Kamaltoe on the other hand will usher in a civil war 10 time as costly as our first one. All in the name of equality. (Well at least for the colored vote.) Obviously Bidet could cause the civil war and Hairy the world war but semantics...right?

I'm kinda stuck on a couple things though.
1) who will Hairy pick for her VP?
2) If she does cause a civil war or a world war will she survive or will America go through at least 3 if not 4 presidents in a single term. And finally...
3) Can the people of America show the Hairy/Bidet regime the same respect Qaddafi recieved from his minutes before his demise?