I am on this site because I am fed up with Facebook and their leftist liberal position. I am a conservative, a Marine Corps Veteran who served in Vietnam. I love this country and I have endured everything that has been thrown at me for being a Vietnam Veteran. Vietnam Vets were hated for entering the service, for going to Vietnam and spit on when returning home. If we were able, we'd still fight for this country. It truly saddens me to see what the young people are doing in this country today. I blame the system and what is being taught to today's children. There is no other country in this planet where you can have the opportuinities that you have here. The indoctrination of our young to turn this nation into a Socialist State is against evrty fiber of my being. Socialism is based on false promises and Venezuela is a recent classic example of what Socilaism has done to a country. I am asking everyone to wake up and save America.